July 3, 2020
Did You Know?

Since the outbreak of the pandemic in March and the subsequent wave of shutdown orders, NJHSA has provided 103 calls and webinars providing expert resources and support for 3,884 professionals and lay leaders to guide them through this crisis. Please encourage your colleagues and board members to join the NJHSA distribution list to receive invitations for ongoing COVID-19 offerings.
A Message in Honor of July 4th & Canada Day
National holidays often serve as milestone moments in our collective calendars which give us pause and ask us to acknowledge a sense of patriotic pride.

This year, July 4th in the United States and July 1st, Canada Day, while recognizing the historic roots of those countries, also come at a time when thoughts on the state of our countries requires us to generate greater appreciation for diversity, equity and inclusion to sustain our sense of pride in all people and for our countries.

These are indeed troubling days for our nations. As our world continues to find itself wrestling with the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, and countries are struggling to confront years of historic racism that have become internalized into the fabric of our culture, the member agencies of NJHSA continue to serve as front line responders to support the most vulnerable in our communities. Our agencies do so, guided by Jewish values, but also inspired by the founding principles of democracy, and freedom; values that are intended to inform the cultures of the United States, of Canada and of Israel. Our work is strengthened and inspired by our work with refugees and immigrants who choose to live in these countries and contribute to their strength and vitality. 

May we all find a personal path to help us experience national pride and a renewed optimism of the future of our countries, while ensuring the continued significance of the Jewish human service sector. 

Wishing those who celebrate a most happy and meaningful July 4th and Canada Day,
Judy Halper, Board Chair
Reuben D. Rotman, President & CEO
Your Input is Needed for International Survey on COVID-19 and Impact on Services for Persons with Disabilities

ACCSES , the YAI Organization , and the National Task Group on Intellectual Disabilities and Dementia Practices are collaborating on a national survey of provider organizations to determine what you and others are facing with respect to dealing with the requirement to continue to provide safe services for individuals with disabilities under the COVID-19 situation. We are asking for your help in providing critical information related to your experience and challenges with providing services during the current COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic to Access, a Network partner. We understand that this unique situation has left many of you without guidance and has raised many unanswered questions. This is a confidential survey, and responses will not be identified to any individual or organization. Learn more and please participate here by July 17th .
JVS Boston and the Boston Center For Adult Education Join Together For A Future of Economic Opportunity

JVS Boston and the Boston Center for Adult Education (BCAE) are joining together to support economic opportunity for Boston area low-income workers, immigrants and others with obstacles to economic success. By combining BCAE and JVS, the legacy, Board talent, and resources of BCAE will enable JVS to expand its capacity to provide high-quality, innovative adult education, training and employment services to thousands of Massachusetts’ residents well into the future. At a time when economic and racial inequities are painfully evident to all, this partnership of two venerable Boston organizations brings light and hope to a challenging landscape. Learn more here .
NJHSA Compensation Survey Executive
Summary Report

NJHSA is pleased to share the Executive Summary Report of the 2019 Compensation Survey. The results are based on 2019 salary and benefits data. The full, detailed report was sent to the agencies that provided data for the Survey.  
NJHSA Center for Innovation and Research Announces Plans for Year Two of the NJHSA Jewish Poverty Challenge

To accommodate the rapid pace of service responses developed by NJHSA member agencies in a short amount of time and the critical need to innovate, the Network’s Center for Innovation and Research has modified the NJHSA Jewish Poverty Challenge program in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Having administered an Intensive Incubation Program in Year One with support provided to three member agency teams (JFS Columbus, JFCS of Greater Philadelphia and JFS Detroit, JVS Human Services Detroit and Yad Ezra), the Jewish Poverty Challenge will be restructured in Year Two to provide assistance to a much larger number of NJHSA member agencies. Learn more including how you can participate here .

COVID-19 Agency Highlights & Intro to Year Two of the
NJHSA Jewish Poverty Challenge
Wednesday, July 8th | 1pm ET | REGISTER
The Israel Trauma Coalition Webinar Series

Coping with COVID Trauma: Practical Tools for the Clinicians
Tuesday, July 7th | 1pm ET | REGISTER
Join Alan Cohen, Israel Trauma Coalition expert in stress, trauma treatment and biofeedback. Alan Cohen is a research coordinator with The Community Stress Prevention Center. In this session, we will review principles and tools for coping with long term stress, remote counseling, and shared reality. Together we will explore practical skills on psycho-social interventions, including cognitive emotional and physical coping tools. 
Coping with COVID Trauma: Supporting the Elderly
Tuesday, July 14th | 1pm ET | REGISTER
Working Successfully with Your Communities’
Orthodox Institutions
Thursday, July 9th| 1pm ET |   REGISTER

Join your colleagues from across the Network to discuss working cooperatively and constructively with your communities’ Orthodox institutions as well as chesed committees of other denominations, if applicable.
Central Amazon Business Account Launches for PPE

Jewish Together, via JFNA, and Amazon Business are launched a new purchasing program. All agencies registered via JFNA/Jewish Together should make all Amazon purchases through this new, central Amazon Business account, which will provide access to a range of benefits, including:
  • Protected access to COVID-19 supplies;
  • Special invoicing and payment terms;
  • Additional flexibility on purchasing chains and bulk orders
  • Tax-exempt shopping for qualifying agencies
  • And more!
Please reserve time on your calendar for one of the two webinars listed below for an introduction to Amazon Business, as well as details about the COVID-19 protected supply portal. This webinar will be recorded, as well, for your convenience.·  

English for Advancement Program: A New Way of Delivering ESOL

Mobile Food Pantry

A Call to Action: Strategies for Jewish Human Service Agencies to Support and Strengthen Refugees and Asylum Seekers
English for Advancement Program: A New Way of Delivering ESOL
NJHSA Pillar Innovation Award Winner
Presented by JVS Boston
Tuesday, July 7th | 1pm ET | REGISTER

JVS Boston developed and implemented an innovative way of delivering and measuring adult education classes that moves English Language learners into the labor market. English for Advancement (EFA) differs from traditional adult education in almost every way possible: model, implementation, assessment, curriculum, staffing, metrics, financing, employer relationships, and outcomes measurement. This new approach aligns with what adult learners want and what employers need, with the added bonus of improving the economy by increasing the tax base. JVS Boston successfully used an innovative financing tool, Pay for Success, to implement this approach to adult education. This successful model can now serve as a pilot for embedding outcomes based contracting into core adult education funding and utilizing adult education to give students exactly what they want: increased access to the labor market.
Mobile Food Pantry
NJHSA Pillar Innovation Award Winner  
Presented by JFCS Mercer County
Wednesday, July 15th | 1pm ET | REGISTER

JFCS Mercer County has offered a "Healthy Choice" Kosher brick and mortar food pantry at their location on Alexander Road for the past twenty years, allowing economically disenfranchised, food insecure clients to shop and select their food. In 2018, JFCS expanded the reach of their food pantry by taking it "on the road" and creating Healthy@Home, a program for low-income, homebound seniors. Healthy@Home supplements hot Kosher meals delivered by volunteers to the homes of isolated, homebound, low-income seniors, with fresh produce, refrigerated fresh and frozen foods, and specialty food items based on dietary needs and allergies. Several of these clients had previously been food pantry clients and as they have aged in place, are now homebound. The program was developed in response to those survey comments that spoke of limited mobility to walk grocery aisles, carry bags up several flights of stairs, and an inability to prepare and cook foods.
A Call to Action: Strategies for Jewish Human Service Agencies to Support and Strengthen Refugees and Asylum Seekers
Wednesday, July 22nd | 1pm ET | REGISTER

The global refugee crisis is at an all time high. Public sentiment for refugees, immigrants and asylum seekers is polarized. And 2020-21 will, one way or another, present dramatic new opportunities for faith based agencies, like the members of our Network, to think globally while acting locally on this issue. Presenters will offer concrete strategies for our membership, as faith-based human service agencies, to
collaborate, mobilize and become engaged as leaders in their communities providing critical education, advocacy and service delivery.

Using the City of Dallas as an example, Rabbi Nancy Kasten, community educator, volunteer, activist and Co-Chair, Faith Forward Dallas will frame our conversation by sharing the ways in which the faith community of Dallas has come together to increase their impact as refugee advocates and as service providers. Rabbi Kasten will then facilitate a conversation to highlight the NJHSA response with Mark Hetfield, Elise Herzig, and Cathy Barker.

Access registration links for affinity groups calls and webinars and resources (including COVID) in the Members Only section of the NJHSA website.
  1. Visit the Members Only section https://www.networkjhsa.org/members-only
  2. Login. Please email Megan for logins. 
  3. Select the page Calls & Webinars for registration links or the Resource Library for materials.

International Jewish Human Service Responses to COVID-19 

When Sheltering in Place is Not Safe: The Impact of COVID-19 on Domestic Victims

Headway - The 3-in-one model for
Poverty Alleviation
International Jewish Human Service Responses to COVID-19 
Wednesday, July 15th | 11am ET |  REGISTER

Hear from representatives of Jewish human service agencies from the US, Canada, Israel and several European nations as they share their perspectives on providing community services while managing the complex and changing dynamic of COVID-19.
When Sheltering in Place is Not Safe: The Impact of COVID-19 on Domestic Victims
Tuesday, July 21st | 4pm ET | REGISTER

This webinar will focus on domestic abuse victims and how COVID-19 has impacted them and their children. Sheltering in place has not been easy for victims of domestic abuse as their homes are not a safe place and the additional stressors of the pandemic have increased abuse and victimization. We will explore these issues and discuss how clinicians are impacted.
Headway - The 3-in-one model for Poverty Alleviation
Presented by Yedidut Toronto  
Hosted by the Emergency Financial Assistance & Case Management Professionals Affinity Group
Thursday, July 23rd | 1pm ET | REGISTER

In this webinar, Headway ​ leadership and trainers will share their multidimensional model that fosters financial autonomy and healthy family dynamics in impoverished families. The webinar will present the working tools and training program for Headway case managers that have proven to address the needs of 1000s of families in Israel. For any questions, contact Gila Ashkenazy
Partnering With Election Officials for
Voter Registration Success 
Thursday, July 16th | 2pm ET | REGISTER

Do you know your local election experts? Over the years, some of our most successful voter registration events have involved collaboration with --and learning from-- local election officials. With COVID-19 throwing voter registration and voting for a loop this year, accessing the expertise of America’s local election officials has never been more important! Participate in this inaugural webinar of the National Voter Registration Day 2020 season, where we'll be organizing a primer for National Voter Registration Day participants on how to work with local election officials for a successful voter registration event on September 22nd and beyond. 
Jewish Organizations and Synagogues Say
Black Lives Matter

More than 400 Jewish organizations have joined together to say with one voice that the #BlackLivesMatter movement is the current day Civil Rights movement in the US, and it is our best chance at equity and justice. As attacks on the movement mount from politicians and political movements who seek to build a country that's only for themselves and people like them, trying to divide us against each other and make us afraid while they hoard power, supporting the Black-led movement is the way towards a liberatory future. The best way we can fight back is with unity.   Read the letter here .
HIAS Statement on Proposed Changes to the U.S. Asylum System

HIAS just released an action alert in response to the recently released, proposed regulations that would truly dismantle the U.S. asylum system. The Network is encouraging as many people and organizations as possible to submit comments explaining why these rules are so deeply objectionable and why we instead support a fair and humane asylum system that is based on the rule of law. All comments must be submitted by July 15th
MAZON Praises New Report About Food Insecurity Among LGBT Older Adults

Equipped with insights from this new report , we are proud to join @MAZONusa in calling on policymakers to ensure that #nutrition programs do not discriminate against #LGBT older adults. #EndHunger
Serve the Moment

Want to spend a summer putting your passions into action? The Jewish Service Alliance presents Serve the Moment . Serve the Moment Corps Members will spend 32 hours/week elevating their professional skills and accelerating their personal growth through virtual and in-person service with trusted partners. Serve the Moment Corps Members will volunteer while learning and reflecting with their peers through trainings led by national leaders in the field. There will be an intentional focus on social inequities, systemic injustices (racial, food, and education), and addressing urgent needs through meaningful service rooted in Jewish values. Apply today or nominate an individual in your community. Serve the Moment’s Summer Service Corps will take place from July 8th to August 7th.
Introduction to COA Webinars

Join the Council on Accreditation (COA) for a 30-minute overview of its process and standards. The webinars are helpful for organizations who are considering accreditation for the first time or for staff that are new to an accredited organization and want a brief overview. The upcoming dates for the free webinar are:
  • Tuesday, July 14th | 4pm ET | REGISTER
  • Thursday, July 30th | 12pm ET | REGISTER
JPRO Online: In It Together
Peer Discussion Groups for Jewish Community Professionals Who Have Been Laid Off or Furloughed

Cultivate resilience and tend to your mental and emotional well being with weekly wellness programs presented by NJHSA, JPRO Network, and the Institute for Jewish Spirituality. Jewish communities in the US and Canada are powered by 80,000 or so incredible people who are leading the way through this challenging and uncertain time. We’re not going to make it through on adrenaline alone so let’s be in it together, for the long haul, (however long the haul is). ALL those who consider themselves Jewish community professionals are encouraged to participate, regardless of your religion and your job title. Learn more here .

Wednesday, July 8th
  • CEO/COO Check In Chat| 4pm ET
Monday, July 13th
  • COO Affinity Group Call | 3:30pm ET | REGISTER
Tuesday, July 14th 
  • Human Resource Professionals Group Call | 1pm ET
  • Pop Up Discussion on Jewish Free Burial Programs | 2:30pm ET
Wednesday, July 15th
  • CEO/COO Check In Chats | 11am ET & 4pm ET
Thursday, July 16th
  • Clinical Service Professionals Group Call | 1pm ET
Monday, July 20th
  • Small Agency Executives Group Call | 1pm ET
Tuesday, July 21st
  • Development Professionals Group Call | 1pm ET
  • Older Adult Service Professionals Group Call | 2:30pm ET
Wednesday, July 22nd
  • CEO/COO Check In Chats | 11am ET & 4pm ET
Thursday, July 23rd
  • Emergency Financial Assistance & Case Management Professionals Group Call | 2pm ET
Wednesday, July 29th
  • Volunteer Professionals Group Call | 1:30pm ET
  • Programming & Educational Outreach Professionals Group Calls | 3pm ET
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