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Trauma, Burnout and Reopening: How Do We Recover with Intention?

Opening Plenary with Betsy Stone

Betsy will help attendees navigate through difficult questions including
  • What has it done in our brains, to our bodies?
  • What will happen to us as we begin to return to a life with other people?
  • What have we lost and what do we want to keep?
  • How has 2020/1 diminished our trust in other people and our institutions?
  • How do we recover?

Read her latest piece published in eJP,
Responsive. Resilient. Reimagining Together!
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Participate in a premium designed, interactive virtual experience that provides lots of opportunities for you to connect with other attendees in small break out rooms, in chats, and throughout the conference around topics of importance to the Jewish human service sector. Together, we are always better.
We can’t wait to come together in 2021! 
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US Member Agency Surveys
NJHSA Survey on COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution/Access: US Member Agencies
As the roll out of the vaccine continues to make its way throughout the Country, we have heard from several agencies about concerns with access in particular for older adult clients who are homebound and/or for clients with disabilities. 
To understand the full impact of national need, please take a moment to respond to a few brief questions.
Internal Inventory of Mental Health & Wellness Services Supporting Children, Adolescents Young Adults and their Parents

NJHSA in partnership with the Jewish Teen Education and Engagement Funder Collaborative and JFNA, is leading the Resiliency Roundtable initiative to bridge the gap between Jewish education and engagement work and to address the mental health and wellness needs of the Jewish community. This project plans to train up to 1,000 professionals who engage with Jewish youth (ages 12-22), so that they are more aware of mental health concerns and are better able to connect individuals and families to needed services. Learn more here.
Report of the Nominating Sub-Committee
Approved by the NJHSA Board of Directors,
February 8, 2021
Proposed Slate for 2021/2022
In accordance with its By-Laws, the Network of Jewish Human Service Agencies is pleased to announce the proposed slate for the 2021-2022 NJHSA Board of Directors. The slate will be voted on for approval at the Network’s Annual Meeting scheduled for Tuesday, April 20th at 11am ET during the 2021 Virtual Conference - Responsive. Resilient. Reimagining Together!

Each member agency in good standing receives one vote. Voting will be conducted online using the voting feature of the conference platform. Click here to view the slate.
JDC Eshel's 5-Year Strategic Plan for Optimal Aging
March 9th | 1pm ET

JDC Eshel's 5-Year (2021-2025) Strategic Plan for Optimal Aging is based on fifty years of activity in the field of aging in Israel, conducted in collaboration with the government, local authorities and civil society. The cornerstones of this strategic plan is an ability to operate using a single agreed-upon compass, to bridge language gaps, to pool resources and to combine forces within the older adult industry in Israel. Learn more and register here.
NJHSA C-Suite Grief Group

NJHSA is partnering with Neshama: Association of Jewish Chaplains (NAJC) to provide a grief support group for our C-Suite executives. It’s a lot to always be strong for your staff, your clients, your family and yourself during this unprecedented time.

For 6 Tuesdays from noon to 1pm EST, starting March 2nd, we will be offering a DROP IN grief support group where you can talk with your peers and find strength and comfort within your NJHSA C-suite community. Learn more here.
2021 Leading Edge Employee
Experience Survey

NJHSA is excited to invite North American agencies to participate in the 2021 Leading Edge Employee Experience Survey, which will be offered at the end of April 2021. Learn more here. The purpose of the survey is to give you insight into your employees' experiences at work, and to provide you with information and tools to help your agency become an even better place to work. The survey focuses on a wide range of topics including employee experience with their teams, leadership, and internal communication, among others. You will receive access to detailed reports that fully protect the confidentiality of your employees while revealing important themes about your workplace culture..

View the NJHSA Calendar for a complete list of calls and webinars.

Visit the Calls & Webinars page in the Members Only section for registration links.

All presentations are recorded. Video and audio recordings as well as presentations and additional resources can be found on in the Resource Library in the Members Only section.
Your Life Reimagined

Helping job seekers analyze their professional path and arm themselves with tools to execute desired change. Learn to:
  • Visual your ideal workday while focusing on positive change.
  • Examine career exploration tools to find work aligned with your vision.
  • Learn how to capture your new ideas and make them stick!
Join JF&CS Atlanta on March 4th at 7pm via Zoom. Learn more here.
2021 Brings More Opportunities for Recovery Meditations

Building on the success of JAAN's first co-hosted event with IJS, both organizations are pleased to offer quarterly recovery-focused online meditations throughout 2021.
Open to everyone, these free guided meditation sits blend Jewish mindfulness and recovery in a safe, remote setting. Join us and build your meditation practice for the year.

Join IJS and JAAN starting on
Friday, March 5th at 12:30pm ET
JFCS Minneapolis Hosts Virtual Screening Of ‘Living Art’ For JDAIM

JFCS Minneapolis invites everyone to watch a free film screening of 'Living Art' to recognize and commemorate Jewish Disability Awareness, Acceptance and Inclusion Month (JDAIM). Register and view the film trailer-- you won't want to miss this inspiring and uplifting event!
ReelAbilities: Houston Film & Arts Festival 
February 14th-April 11th

This is a FREE city-wide film and arts festival sponsored by JFS Houston, dedicated to presenting films, art exhibitions, performances, and speakers which celebrate the lives, stories, and talents of people with disabilities. Everything is designed to educate the Houston area community and help change perceptions about individuals with varying levels of abilities. Learn more here.
The refugee crisis may be out of the headlines, but it hasn’t gone away. There are now over 26 million refugees around the world – the most ever in history. We must act now. With the new administration, we now have an opportunity to make an impact. Join JVS Boston for a discussion on tailoring resettlement efforts to the unique skills of individual refugees. Learn more and register here.
Refugee Shabbat 2021
March 5th-6th

HIAS's Refugee Shabbat is a moment for congregations, organizations, and individuals in the United States and around the world to dedicate a Shabbat experience to refugees and asylum seekers.

Your community’s participation in Refugee Shabbat can be as multifaceted as you would like.
Whether you sign up to participate on behalf of your organization or as an individual hosting an event in your home, there are a number of options for what your Refugee Shabbat could look like. Learn more here.

Working for a Jewish human service agency is a highly rewarding career.

A listing of open positions at member agencies can be found HERE.

Member agencies are welcome to post career opportunities with the Network as a benefit of membership. Positions will be posted for 90 days.
Want to post your available jobs on CareerHubs too? Learn more here.

Non-members may post positions for 60 days for a fee. Contact Megan Manelli for more information.
Raise the Qualifying Age for ABLE Accounts and Expand Access for Millions
Since 2014, The ABLE (Achieving a Better Life Experience) Act has allowed people with disabilities up to age 26 to establish tax-advantaged savings and investment plans called ABLE Accounts which allow them to pay for the high costs of disability expenses – like therapies, modified vehicles, and medications. But to be eligible for an ABLE account a person must have acquired their disability prior to age 26. This age cap unfairly excludes many individuals who become disabled later in life, including many people with spinal cord injuries, Lou Gehrig’s disease and multiple sclerosis.

By extending the age of disability acquisition to 46, The Able Age Adjustment Act would expand the pool of applicants by eight million individuals, ensuring millions more people with disabilities are able to bear the high costs of their disability-related expenses and lead more independent lives.

Extend the eligibility for an ABLE account by increasing the age of disability acquisition from age 26 to 46 when the bill is reintroduced in the 117th Congress.
The 2021 Disability Rights Policy Agenda
Monday, February 22nd, 7pm ET

While disability issues have become more mainstream in our culture, we still have a long way to go to achieve full equality — especially in light of the disproportionate impact both coronavirus and the recession have had on our communities. Join a robust discussion on the “state of disability rights policy” with nonprofit and congressional leaders in the field of disability policy. Learn more here.
Effective Advocacy for Inclusive Policy
Tuesday, February 23rd, 3pm ET

"Disability rights are civil rights" is a unifying rallying call. Just as the fight for Jewish equality could not be fought by Jews alone, the drive for disability rights must be waged in coalition. Disability rights champions in Congress and in civil society will talk about strategies to cultivate new allies and reach across communities, movements and sectors – all of which have a stake in our success. Learn more here.
The FCC is looking for community partners to help share information about the program with low-income Americans who may be eligible for this benefit. To learn more and register as a community partner, click here. JFNA’s Strategic Health Resource Center also will alert NJHSA members when this program formally opens.
New FCC Funding Coming Soon to Expand Broadband Access to Low Income Americans

In the same relief package, Congress also appropriated $3.2 billion for the Emergency Broadband Benefit Program, a new program to be run by the FCC to help low-income Americans acquire costly digital devices and internet service. The benefit, which reportedly will be made available in March, will provide a discount of up to $50 per month towards broadband service for eligible households (and up to $75 per month for those on Tribal lands), as well as a one-time discount to purchase a laptop, desktop, or tablet from participating providers. Those who are eligible include individuals receiving federal/state/tribal benefits such as SNAP, Medicaid, Supplemental Security Income, free or reduced school lunches, and Pell Grants, as well as those who can document a substantial loss of income and who are unemployed and more.
JFNA’s Strategic Health Resource Center will alert NJHSA members when the FCC reopens the program to new applicants.
New FCC Funding Coming Soon to Support Additional Telehealth Expansion

In the recently enacted Consolidated Appropriations Act enacted last December, Congress provided $250 million in new funding for the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to reimburse healthcare providers for expenses they incurred in making the shift to telehealth during the COVID-19 pandemic. The CARES Act initially provided $200 million for this initiative, which ran out last July. The new infusion of $250 million will allow the FCC to issue new grants to more recipients. The Jewish Federation of North America’s (JFNA) Strategic Health Resource Center shared information about this opportunity with NJHSA members last year and a number of Jewish hospitals, nursing homes, and family agencies received funding under this program. Click here to see the earlier grant recipients. Click here for an overview of the program.
Virtual. Worldwide. Free.
May 4 - 9, 2021
Liberation75 is a not-for-profit event dedicated to commemorating the 75th anniversary of liberation from the Holocaust. We mark this important anniversary by remembering the victims, honoring the survivors, showcasing the future of Holocaust education and remembrance, reflecting on antisemitism in the world, celebrating the role of the liberators and committing to protecting freedom, diversity, human rights and inclusion. Learn more here.
Caregiving and the Black Family
February 24th | 12pm ET
In conjunction with February as Black History Month (BHM), the Aging Life Care Association (ALCA) continues its discussion around diversity issues in 2021, with a free, public panel discussion on Caregiving and the Black Family. Join the panel of experts as they discuss the traditional caregiving roles many BIPOC families shoulder. Learn more here.

Last year, we scrambled to celebrate Passover in a completely new way. This year, we have time to create beautiful and meaningful Passover seddarim that reflect our values and our experiences of the past year.
Join ECJC for an interactive session with practical tools, technological tips and creative insights to help you host a Passover seder that engages the entire family and community. Learn more here.

Join NJHSA’s Member Agency ONLY affinity groups. There are more than 20 professional groups that meet over Zoom video conferencing where participants have the opportunity to connect, learn, share and support each other. Whether it be to resolve specific agency challenges or define larger Network projects, the affinity groups bring like professionals together on a regular basis.

Contact Lisa Loraine Smith, to learn more about the groups or visit the Affinity & Facebook Groups page in the Members Only section of the NJHSA website.
Cigna Foundation - Healthier Kids For Our Future

The Foundation is inviting nonprofits working to create greater access to mental health services to apply for funding. Phase I focused on reducing childhood hunger and improving nutrition, awarding more than $4.5 million in grants to-date. In Phase II, the program will add an additional focus area, addressing the mental health and well-being of children. Nonprofits working to improve childhood hunger can still apply as well. The Foundation is looking to partner with school systems and surrounding communities – including clinicians, local and national nonprofits – to supplement existing programming for children to help close gaps both within and outside the school environment. Programming requirements should include: food insecurity, hunger or nutrition education programs; mental health programs with a focus on loneliness, anxiety, depression and suicide prevention. Grants will be considered for school-based or non-school-based programming, and summertime programs. Deadline: 26 February 2021. More information.  
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