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2019 - Issue 2
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  • ROUSH CleanTech Update: Year-round Appreciation with NOx-reducing Propane Buses
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Critical Issues Seminar: Highlights
On April 4, NJPGA held the Annual Critical Issues Seminar at Maggiano's Little Italy in Cherry Hill. NJPGA was thrilled to have Chris Rotondo of US DOT FMSCA - New Jersey and Mike Caldarera of NPGA join us and share their important insights.

Chris Rotondo of US DOT FMCSA - New Jersey illustrated the critical need for propane transporting businesses to have systems in place to ensure preventative maintenance, or otherwise risk Civil or Criminal charges.

Additionally, Chris pointed out:
  • Currently the United States is short approximately 14,000 drivers. Apprenticeship and entry level driver training is important. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has announced they will soon conduct a three-year pilot program to study the feasibility, benefits, and safety impacts of allowing 18-20 year-old drivers to operate commercial motor vehicles (CMVs) in interstate commerce.  For more information see the FMCSA website at:  www.fmcsa.dot.gov

  • The propane industry must improve advertising, self-promotion, coalition building, advocacy, and targeted training and introduction to the industry for 18-21 year olds.

  • In December, Electronic Logging Devices (ELDs) will be the law of the land, with enforcement scheduled to begin in February 2020. Prior to ELD enforcement, companies need to have policies in place related to personal conveyance.

  • When a system alerts drivers of issues, they are responsible for addressing those issues.

  • The number of commercial vehicle crashes had been declining, but increased in 2018, with approximately 5005 fatalities in 2018.The national average for the cost of a crash is $71,800.

  • Starting in December 2019, all pre-employment drug tests will be in a Drug Clearinghouse system. The Federal Motor Carrier Administration (FMCSA) is establishing the Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) Drug and Alcohol Clearinghouse (Clearinghouse). This new database will contain information pertaining to violations of the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) controlled substances (drug) and alcohol testing program for holders of CDLs. The Clearinghouse rule requires FMCSA-regulated employers, Medical Review Officers (MROs), Substance Abuse Professionals (SAPs), consortia/third party administrators (C/TPAs), and other service agents to report to the Clearinghouse information related to violations of the drug and alcohol regulations in 49 Code of Federal Regulations, parts 40 and 382 by current and prospective employees.

  • Reminder that International Road check will once again be the first week of June this year, DOT will be focusing on HM cargo tanks, unsafe driving and steering components.

  • The FMCSA continues to welcome all comments on how private/public partnerships can improve safety and the efficiency of the industry. FMCSA Administrator Martinez has been traveling to various states and discussing ways we can work together to improve commercial vehicle safety and the economy.  
Mike Caldarera of the National Propane Gas Association (NPGA) presented regarding the role of NPGA in promoting increased cohesion within the propane industry on the federal and state levels. He noted the current NPGA legislative agenda, which will be the focus of Propane Days, includes the following :
  1. Extending the Alternative Fuel Tax Credits.
  2. Seeking co-sponsorship for the DRIVE Safe Act, which would establish an apprenticeship program for 18-21 year old drivers for all industry segments.
  3. Carbon labeling, which would provide comparable and verifiable information on the carbon footprint/environmental impact of residential appliances.
  4. Jones Act Reform in which the industry would seek a waiver rather than full repeal.
Propane Days will be taking place June 2-5, with the primary lobbying day being Tuesday June 4. The agenda includes the morning issues briefing and a Congressional reception from 5-7pm.  Click here to register .
Mike also highlighted a  Propane Days 365  toolkit on the NPGA website, which is a useful resource that includes issue briefs, webinar slides, and guidance documents for Congressional site visits.
Finally, he noted other issues for which NPGA has been advocating, including:
  • A Federal Housing Association (FHA) stipulation that FHA loans are contingent on the distance of propane storage tanks. NPGA has advised that the standard separation distances used by propane industry are specified in NFPA 58.

  • Addressing a Department of Labor regulation regarding eligibility for overtime pay for certain types of employees, seeking to lower the threshold from $47,000 to $30,000.  

  • Working with the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) regarding site security plans for propane storage facilities with >60,000 pounds of propane. NPGA engaged a consulting firm to research realistic impacts of blast radius, and will go back to DHS with a more realistic approach.

NJPGA is grateful for the fabulous presentations given by these speakers, and we look forward to seeing even more members at our upcoming October and December meetings! Details coming soon!
We need your ideas & value your input!

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Coming This Fall!
October 22-23 in Atlantic City
NJ School Boards Association 
Workshop 2019

For the third year, NJPGA in association with Blue Bird, Hoover & ROUSH will host a booth and provide presentations to promote the use of propane school buses in New Jersey at the Annual NJSBA Workshop.

Volunteers are critical to the success of the booth!
Promote propane school buses to key decision makers: Board of Ed members, Superintendents, School District Business Managers, and more!
Interested? Send an email to njpga@hq4u.com !

Many thanks to PERC for supporting this important program!
PERC is now using Google search results
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From Roush CleanTech:
Year-round Appreciation with NOx-reducing Propane Buses

Each spring, students, parents and communities celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week. Let’s thank all of the teachers who work tirelessly to educate and nurture our kids. Teacher’s deserve more than a week of praise and thanks, as this is one of the most undervalued professions in the country today.
One way that to thank them throughout the year is by cleaning up the air around their schools and community. School districts can do this by replacing their aging diesel buses with cleaner-burning ones, like those fueled by propane autogas. In fact, if every school district replaced older, dirtier diesel school buses with propane autogas buses, the associated cost savings from fuel and maintenance would allow the nation to hire an additional 23,000 teachers, which represents a significant chunk of the currently estimated 100,000 teacher shortfall.
And, now there are even more nitrogen oxide-reducing choices. Recently, ROUSH CleanTech developed the first-ever high-volume production CNG Type-C school bus engine certified to California Air Resources Board’s optional low NOx emissions standard of 0.02 grams per brake horsepower-hour (g/bhp-hr). Like the company’s ultra-low NOx propane engines, these CNG engines are 90 percent cleaner than the Environmental Protection Agency’s most stringent heavy-duty engine standard of 0.2 g/bhp-hr.
Why all the hype around decreasing NOx emissions? They are a group of gases known to contribute to acid rain, smog and other air quality issues. According to the EPA, exposure to NOx exhaust can cause negative health effects, including eye, nose, throat and lung irritations, headaches and fatigue.
Want to learn more about alternative-fuel school buses and their impact on school districts? Read more in a recent case study, The Total Cost of Ownership for Propane School Buses .
To learn more about ROUSH CleanTech’s alternative-fuel vehicle technology that powers school buses and Ford commercial vehicles, please visit www.roushcleantech.com .
Blue Bird CNG school bus equipped with ROUSH CleanTech CNG fuel system
Todd Mouw is president of ROUSH CleanTech, an industry leader of alternative fuel vehicle technology. Mouw has more than two decades of experience in the automotive and high-tech industries. As former president of the NTEA Green Truck Association, Mouw helped set standards in the green trucking industry. To learn more, visit ROUSHcleantech.com.
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