February 2016
Issue #14
Frost Valley Healthy Family Retreat
Family, Fun and Lifelong Healthy Tips

Zip lining across the sky is generally not an activity associated with city life. So when Frost Valley YMCA teamed up with the New Jersey Partnership for Healthy Kids (NJPHK) to host its first Healthy Family Retreat in November 2015, more than 80 individuals joined the adventure. Read More   
Soccer Academy A Win-Win for Children
and New Brunswick
Youth Coach Captain Mike Bobadilla doesn't hold back in expressing his passion about the Soccer Academy he leads in New Brunswick. Back in 2000, a friend asked him to assist him with a summer youth soccer team and, since that time, it's been a major part of his DNA. Read More
Spotlight on Campbell Soup Company, NJPHK's Culture of Health Champion

Campbell Soup Company and Kim Fortunato received the first NJPHK "Culture of Health Champion" award in the business category during the Building a Culture of Health in New Jersey Conference in December 2015. 
Facts About Childhood Obesity
New research suggests that being healthy at a young age may be one way to prevent hypertension later in life. The  study , completed by researchers from Stanford University and published in JAMA Internal Medicine, found teenagers with high body mass index (BMI) and low physical activity were more likely to develop high blood pressure as adults.
About Us
New Jersey Partnership for Healthy Kids is a statewide program of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation with technical assistance and direction provided by the New Jersey YMCA State Alliance . The primary goal is to convene, connect and empower community partnerships across the state to implement environmental and policy changing strategies that prevent childhood obesity and create healthier communities. To learn more about NJPHK, go to 

February is Heart Month
Heart disease is the leading cause of death for both men and women. Read More
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