NJPhA Immunizing Pharmacist
Vaccine Team
We've created an immunizing pharmacist network in anticipation of the roll out of the COVID-19 vaccine. The stakes are high and the numbers are big to achieve the plan New Jersey has initiated. Pharmacists, as trusted healthcare providers, are uniquely positioned to lend a hand. If you are a pharmacist who trained and licensed to immunize in New Jersey and is willing to work temporarily to help immunize in the state of New Jersey, please complete the sign up below.
By voluntarily providing your information, you are agreeing to have your name, city, and phone number shared with other pharmacists, immunization setting (i.e.: county clinics), and practice sites across New Jersey Pharmacists Association member network requesting assistance. Positions or assignments offered to participants may be volunteer or paid at the discretion of the practice site or immunization setting. All participants must hold a current NJ license in good standing and maintain an immunization license through the NJBOP.

**Note: NJPhA is compiling a list to assist the pharmacy community at large as a resource. Verification of licensure or registration and coordination of immunizing staff and work schedules are the sole responsibility of the practice site.
Immunization Staffing Requests
If you are interested in utilizing this resource, please reach out to Samantha Miller at smiller@njpharma.org for further instructions. The staffing resource page is updated daily based on new signup. We ask that this resource is kept within the practice site requesting usage. Thank you for your service on the front lines during this time.
NJPhA COVID-19 Resource Page
The New Jersey Pharmacists Association is working diligently to ensure we provide the most up-to-date and useful information for our members and our community at large. Please utilize the resources below to ensure you and your patients are best prepared for the continually changing status of COVID-19. Please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions or concerns you may have. We've created a COVID-19 resource page that will be monitored and updated as new information becomes available. Please follow the link below and share with your colleagues and patients as you see fit.

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