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April 2018

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13th Annual NJSA Executive Leadership Conference Was Another Outstanding Success
Our thanks to all the industry partners who sponsored and supported the event.

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What Does Social Recruiting Have to Do With Making Coffee?
Coffee and I go way back. Over the years, I've learned a few tricks on how to make my coffee taste better. There are many parts to the process; however, I've found that the type of coffee beans I use and how I choose to filter the brew greatly affects the outcome.
  • I've found that, while you may not always have control over the types of beans you get, you can choose how to filter them for a brew you like. How does this relate to recruiting?
Learn more...

Trouble on the Rise: Gen Z is Changing the Face of Recruitment

Most of the members of the iGeneration are just entering the workforce, leaving recruiters with the conundrum of how to attract and manage them. Here are some ways the Gen Z are posing challenges to recruitment and how employers can address those challenges. Read more...

Diversity, Fresh Interview Techniques, Data, and AI Rank Among Latest Recruiting Trends

The world of recruiting has advanced way beyond handshakes, phone calls and haggling over salaries. Today's candidates want an end-to-end experience that carries into the onboarding process and beyond. As recruiters find themselves spending more time with each candidate, new technologies are springing up to handle the more mundane parts of the process. "The Global Recruiting Trends 2018" report from LinkedIn identifies four areas that are hot right now in corporate recruiting.  

6 Frequently Asked Questions by Small and Start-Up Staffing Companies

The American Staffing Association noted that temporary and contract staffing sales totaled $150 billion in 2016 - an increase of 1.8% over 2015. As the industry continues to see steady increases and growth, more and more start-ups and small temp agencies are beginning to enter the market. Learn more...

Types of Pre-Employment Testing You Might Conduct

Before hiring an employee, your client might want to conduct pre-employment testing. An employment test can reveal whether a candidate is right for the job.
As a recruiter, you might be responsible for administering pre-employment testing. There are a variety of pre-employment assessment tests. The test or tests you and your client conduct will depend on the open position. Read more...
2018 Calendar of Events

May 24, 2018 Webinar: Unemployment Retention
12:00-12:45 pm
Sponsored by Staffing the Universe
June 5, 2018 Webinar: WOTC for Staffing Firms
12:00-1:00 pm
Sponsored by TC Services USA