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November 2017

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Automation In The Workplace: How Will It Impact The Staffing Industry?

Workplace automation has gained a great deal of mind share among business leaders in the last several years. A recent study by the University of Oxford, found that 47% of all U.S. jobs in were at risk of being fully automated over the next 20 years. Their research specifically cited jobs in transportation, logistics, and office and administrative support, as being at "high risk" of automation. Read more...

Are You Ready? Five Key Questions To Ask Yourself Before You Sell Your Business

Business owners have worked hard to create, maintain and grow their companies, and know that someday they will need to be ready to take the next step. Selling a business is a complex process.  It is important to understand the intricacies involved in order to reduce (or avoid) surprises along the way. Before considering a sale, business owners should be able to answer five key questions to gauge their readiness. Learn more...

Understanding And Addressing Sexual Harassment In The Workplace

In light of the recent wave of sexual harassment allegations in the news, this is a good opportunity to revisit sexual harassment in the workplace as it involves staffing firms.  Indeed, just a few weeks ago on November 1, 2017, the federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) filed a sexual harassment lawsuit against a staffing firm, EEOC v. Anchor Staffing, Inc., 17-cv-07899, (N.D. Ill. 2017). Learn more...

Is 'On-Call' Scheduling On The Way Out?

He's a college student who works part-time at a clothing store in the mall. He depends on his earnings to cover his tuition and textbooks, but his work schedule is unpredictable. Often, he's told to call in before a shift to see if he's needed, only to learn that he isn't-- and won't be paid for the hours he'd planned to be on the job.
She's a single mom who works in a fast-food restaurant and tries to juggle work and parenting duties. Last-minute shift changes leave her scrambling for child care if she is unexpectedly called in or short on funds if her employer doesn't need her. 

Wake Up The Dogs! 4 Reasons To Be Proactive About Staffing Customer Service

Whoever said: "let sleeping dogs lie" knew very little about delivering amazing customer service. Sleeping dogs (i.e., your customers) may be quiet, but that doesn't mean they're thrilled with your staffing firm - or even satisfied!

Unhappy customers may never say a word to you because they:
* find confrontation stressful;
* worry that complaining will make them look bad; or
* blame themselves for customer service issues.

Instead, they may remain as silent as a sleeping dog - and simply take their business elsewhere.  Learn more...