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October 2017

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Tired of Cold Calling Prospective Clients? What to Do Instead

Are you sick of cold calling prospects? Does it feel like a lot of work for very little payoff? Are even your best efforts to connect with clients met with radio silence? Learn more...

Hiring For Now vs. Forever: Filling A Need

Not every employee is a forever employee. Some hires are perfect for different times in the organization. The key is to hire the right employee for each business phase. Read more...

Does Content Marketing Work For Recruiting Candidates?

In one of our recent sales calls our team was asked the question: "Do you see many job seekers reading articles and other information frequently enough to benefit from the time it takes to keep our blog updated?" The short, and immediate, answer was "YES!" But, here is why it makes so much sense... Learn more...

Staffing Firms Report Steady Wage Growth, Tight Labor Markets

Staffing firms and other contacts generally reported steady wage growth and tight labor markets in certain areas and for certain occupations in September through early October, according to the Federal Reserve's Beige Book report released Wednesday. The Beige Book, a collection of observations from the 12 federal regional banks, provides a snapshot of current economic conditions. Read more...