January 2020


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Hello from the online newsletter from North Judson United Methodist Church!!!  If you are new... welcome! We also welcome any comments or suggestions.  If you have any problems viewing or printing your newsletter, please call the church office at 574-896-5927.  Hope you find the January newsletter interesting and informative.


Church Office Hours:

Monday, Wednesday, Thursday

   2:00-5:00 p.m.




 There is just something about the start of a new year that creates a new paragraph in our minds.   Fundamentally there is very little difference between December 30 th of one year and January 2 nd of the next, but for us it truly does feel like the turn of a new page.   For that reason we tend to make goals or find things that will help give guidance and direction to that New Year.  For the past several years I have been intentional in setting reading goals for a new year.  John Wesley used to recommend that his preachers read five hours a day.  This speaks to the importance placed on learning, and I affirm the importance of reading.To read more  click here


    Head Usher: 9:00 a.m. Dave Altman

                                       11:00 a.m. George Thompson   
                                        9:00 Scripture Reader                           11:00 Scripture Reader
                       January 5        Barbara McLaughlin                            Janet Begley
                  January 12      Ed Stalbaum                                       Carol Grubbs
                                          January 19      Mary Perren                                        Sandi Harlamert


                                          January 26      Candice Schilz                                    George Thompson

             Communion Servers (January 5):   9:00 - Rick & Kathy Ward, Steve Lee & Pastor Sean
                                                                   11:00 - Kathy Vorm & Pastor Sean   


Sunday Worship Services:


 9:00 a.m.

Sunday School 10:00 a.m.

Contemporary 11:00 a.m.

To view and/or print out the January calendar please click here 

(when you get to the calendar, click on the arrows to move to the correct month)

January Mission of the Month -
United Methodist Children's Home

In the month of January, 100% of your donations will be sent to United Methodist Children's Home in Lebanon, Indiana.

Date of Special Offering:
 January 5, 2020

Dear Friends in Mission,

Thank you for the following donations:

World Hunger         $66.00
Red Bird Mission    $100.00
UMCOR                  $10.00

Grace and Peace,
Roland Fernandes, General Treasurer

     Little Lights Preschool
We will resume classes on Tuesday, January 7!
Happy New Year!!



 Let the Community of Faith proclaim the promise of Eternal Life to Darryl Bohac, husband of Peggy Bohac, who passed away in early December 2019.



                              REC'D IN NOV.        REC'D TO DATE
OFFERING             $12,936.43                  $158,002.35
OTHER INCOME       $201.64                    $11,965.87
TOTAL                     $13,138.07                  $169,968.22

MISSION OF THE MONTH        $91.00
DISCRETIONARY FUND            $35.77

9:00 A.M.                       65     
11:00 A.M.                     47      
AVG. COMBINED     112                                   108
SUNDAY SCHOOL     46                                     36
***A hard copy of the 2020 budget is available upon request in the church office.
  FROM THE FOOD PANTRY ... Matthew 25: 37 & 40; (37) ..."Lord, when did we see you hungry and feed you...?" (40)..."I tell you the truth, whatever you did, for one of the least of these brothers of mine, you did for me."


 We would like to thank all who pledged on Stewardship Sunday.  So far we have 31 financial pledges, totaling $87,080.00 for 2020.  If you have not yet pledged, there are pledge cards in the Narthex that can be placed in the offering plate or mailed to the church.  Also, we thank all of you for your generous giving for the year 2019.  Have a Blessed New Year!!!


Poinsettias 2019
Given by Etha Kallin in memory of Ingmar & Paul Kallin.
Given by Paul & Carola Forsythe in memory of E. Eugene & Violet Marks and Cora Forsythe.
Given by Dale & Vicki Sturgell in memory of Ken & Patty Ford, Kenny Ford and Sandy Smith, and in honor of Family.
Given by Mary Perren in memory of Fran Perren
Given by Donna Jordan in memory of Ed & Jean Button and Jordan Trusty.
Given by Vivian Hendricks in memory of her parents.
Given by The Gardner Family in memory of Bob & Betty Gardner, Cyndi Kuehl and Bob Griese.
Given by Cheryl Orkis & Family in memory of Beloved Family and Friends.
Given by Barbara McLaughlin in memory of Marvin McLaughlin, Claud & Olive McLaughlin, and Olin & Merrill Leonard.
Given by Wanda Smolek in memory of Henry Hansen and in honor of Laura Hansen.
Given by George Thompson in memory of Mr. & Mrs. Leo Thompson, Barbara Martin, Pamela Williams, Mike Thompson, and Brian Thompson.
Given by Violet M. Ono & The Ono Family in memory of George H. Ono, John "Jack" & Margaret Robinson and Harry & Eva Ono.
Given by Lauretta Somerville in memory of Sharron Somerville-Zimmerman.
Given by The Phil Brown Family in memory of Jack & Beverly Brown, Cecil & LaVergne Brown and Walter & Lois Spenner.
Given by Dave & Lyn Altman and Family in memory of Marvin McLaughlin, Paul & Donna Altman and Jeanette Altman, and in honor of Barbara McLaughlin.
Given by Randy Jackett (husband) in memory of Lauren M. Jackett (wife).
Given by Marilyn & Larry Wickert in memory of Marietta & Clifford Applegate and August Wickert, and in honor of Elaine Wickert.
Given by Cindy & Steve Mathis in memory of Robert Lewis, Robert & Hazel Mathis and Jeff Mathis, and in honor of Jo Ann Lewis.
Given by Clyde Flory in honor of Jesus Christ, his Lord & Savior.
Given by Suzanne & Family in honor of Elaine & Keith Ezra.
Given by their children & grandchildren in memory of Ed & Betty Tatgenhorst.
Given by Joyce Verhagen in memory of Roger Verhagen.
Given by Mike & Amy Mosher and Family in memory of Roger Verhagen and Wayne Mosher, and in honor of Joyce Verhagen and Shirley Mosher.
Given by their families in memory of Kermit & Maxine Weddell and Gary Wayne Ludlow.
Given by Rick & Kathy Ward in honor of Rick's parents, Art & Shirley Ward.



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