I hope you enjoyed our coverage at the Architectural Digest Design Show. There is always something new to delight and inspire, and this year is no exception!
I find that 2019 has actually started off with all sorts of excitement for the kitchen and bath industry, and part of that is due to our society’s general comfort with “smart” devices. Technology used to be voodoo to me. A sort of black magic I was not sure I could trust but always held my fascination. The new breed of cloud-based technology and the new breed of “technologist” complete with industry standards have brought this magic a long way toward acceptance as the new norm. Innovations like voice control paired with appliances make the kitchen a more exciting place. Technology is not only luxury but can be a game changer for those with different types of challenges, and we are just getting started with designing in benefits for those with disabilities or living in place by partnering with technology designers.
Being familiar with the options that specifically relate to the kitchen is especially important. Just over a week ago, our Chapter Meeting was hosted by Thermador , and we talked quite a bit about going back to the future with some more down-to-earth tech talk. I find that this topic is one we must embrace and learn to incorporate into our daily business practice, and we look forward to sharing the recap with you next month!