June 2021
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Jim's Journal June 2021
This post is taken from Carey Nieuwhof with my editorial comments. I simply couldn’t say it any better than he has written this.

As we begin the summer of 2021 and we get closer to a post-COVID season, how is your church positioned for reaching new people in the years ahead?

Over 5000 church leaders recently completed the Church Outreach Assessment, and the data is in. The results were a little surprising, with some signs of hope as well as some significant areas for growth.

The good news is that churches are making some strides toward reaching more people with the hope of the Gospel.

The tougher news is that there are also some challenges ahead.

Here’s the tension: most church leaders want to see their church reach more people. Yet the data shows that many leaders find themselves leading a church that’s not positioned to do so.

Here is the finding I want to focus on:
Showing Little Commitment to Evangelism and Discipleship
Of all the findings in the Church Outreach Assessment, this was the most shocking to me. 22% of pastors disagree with the statement that evangelism is highly important to their church. And 16% of church leaders disagree with the statement that discipleship is highly important to their church.

I think most of us would have imagined that almost all church leaders would agree that evangelism and discipleship are both highly important.

But one in five church leaders say evangelism doesn’t matter, and one in six say discipleship isn’t highly important.

If you’re not committed to evangelism or discipleship, what exactly are you committed to as a church?

Without a deep commitment to evangelism and discipleship, any church will be off-mission. PERIOD. Growing churches will be passionate about both, and seek to do both well. I pray that our NKBA pastors, staff, and churches will renew themselves to a renewed commitment to evangelism and discipleship…anything else is simply missing the mark on accomplishing the mission of Christ.

One way you can begin…the Gospel to Every Home. Many of our churches have already committed to praying over their communities and intentionally reaching out to them. There is no better time than this summer! It’s not too late, simply contact me and I will help you get started! We have data of your community, maps, and resources to get your church involved!

I hope that all our churches rally around this effort…and again, making EVANGELISM and DISCIPLESHIP (which are interwoven) our CLEAR PRIORITY.

It is a joy to serve in such a great season!

Your Lead Follower,
Jim Woolums
Johnny Hunt
at the ARK Encounter

August 3, 2021

This one-day, Leadership IQ event is a gathering of North Central Region Kentucky Baptist pastors, staff members & spouses for inspiration, growth and fellowship. The event includes lunch, one hour of evangelism equipping with Johnny Hunt and fun at the ARK Encounter.
Equipping Topic: “The Passion, Practice and Plan of an Evangelistic Church Leader.”

Schedule: 12:00 PM – 1:00 PM (EST)* - LUNCH with greeting from an ARK Encounter Representative
1:00 PM – 2:00 PM - Evangelism equipping with Johnny Hunt
2:00 PM – 8:00 PM - Participants are free to enjoy the ARK Encounter including the 40 Days and 40 Nights of Christian Music
*You are free to arrive early to explore the ARK and enjoy the morning session of 40 Days and Nights of Christian Music. For more information about 40 Days and Nights event click here: https://answersingenesis.org/outreach/event/40-days-40-nights/
Ark Hours of Operation: 9:00 AM – 8:00 PM

Cost: $20 per person – includes lunch, equipping with Johnny Hunt and access to the ARK. The FIRST 275 people to register will receive a scholarship which waives the $20 fee. Parking is $10 for standard vehicles or $15 for oversized vehicles and paid upon entry.

For more information and to register for this event click here
EQUIP Church Leader Training

Thursday, August 19, 6:30 - 9:00 p.m.
First Baptist Church Walton

Do your church leaders need to be equipped in this transition out of COVID? Our EQUIP tour is traveling to 10 locations around the state in August and September. Learn more about EQUIP and register for a location near you today at the Kentucky Baptist Convention website, or click here.
NKBA Mission Reports
Here are the reports being presented at the Spring Meeting of the NKBA.
Moore Activity Center
Summer Mission Opportunities:
Changers Kids @ the Moore Activity Center – Kentucky WMU. June 26th from 9:30am-2:30pm.
If you would like to register, go to www.kywmu.org/changerskids.html

Community Events
Looking for churches/groups to connect with us to help reach out to our community. This night would include food, games, crafts… Our purpose is to come together and share God’s Love with those that attend this event. These events are planned at different times throughout the year. The earlier you connect with us, the easier to get things scheduled. Don’t miss out on this great ministry opportunity. 

Kid’s Nights/Youth Nights
Are you looking for a way to help us connect with our children and youth? We would love to invite you to connect with us individually or as a group to plan out various ministry events. This can be a one day or week long event. You might event decide to stay connected with us in this area year round. Connect with us soon so we can get these events planned.

Thank you so very much for your on-going partnership with the MAC. 
I love each of you, 
Amy Wilhelmus

Contact Amy Wilhelmus, Moore Activity Center (macmissions.com) at [email protected] or 859-261-2300, for more information or to schedule to help!
HOPE Ministries, FBC Covington

Our HOPE Ministry operates on Mondays from 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 P.M We serve hot lunches to the homeless population. We can always use the following items: packs of salad dressing (such as: Ranch, French and Italian dressing for salads) Hot Sauce, can gravy (Chicken or Beef), aluminum foil, cooking oil, spices (such as: salt, pepper. garlic and onion powder, Containers with libs for soup and chili ,3 Compartment Hinged Lid Containers, sugar, cans of tomato soup and chicken soup. Chafer fuel, plastic forks and spoons, plastic grocery bags. Cookies home made or store bought and bottles water.

You can drop off any items between 9:00 a.m. and 10:30 a.m. on Mondays. You can call us at 859-581-6553 when you are on your way. We will appreciate any and all donations.

Thank You,
Pastor Adam Crews
FBC Covington, Ninth Street
Baptist Campus Ministry at NKU
Our KBC Vision
Created by churches, for churches, to help churches reach students with the Gospel.
Our NKU Vision
To Know Christ and to make Him known on our campus.
Highlights from Spring 2021
  • Over 300 Gospel conversations were had by BCM students and staff this year.
  • 3 students were saved in the same week this semester!
  • Hebron Baptist’s outreach to Gateway students continues and I am in talks with another NKBA church to launch a new ministry at Thomas More in the Fall.
  • BCM will have 3 interns in the Fall and our associate director, Matt Wallin will be returning for his 4th year
Ways to Help
  • Bring on a Campus Ministry Intern (CMI) who will help your church reach the students in your area. We are able to train this intern to be self-funding through ministry partner development.
  • Start a ministry from your church to a local, unengaged campus. The KBC will support you to bring on a Campus Ministry Leader (CML) who will be a staff member for your church and lead your college ministry.
  • Help provide scholarships for students to attend conferences and mission trips.
  • Financial support. This will enable us to continue reaching lost students at NKU and our other local campuses.
Josh Skipper
Regional Campus Minister
SBC Annual Meeting
June 15 -16
Nashville, TN