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Photo Courtesy of Mother Hubbard's Custom Cabinetry 

4th Quarter 2014
Issue No. 3.
2015-2016 Chapter
Election Results
Chapter Representative - Ruth Ann Lohrenz, CKD
President - elizaBeth A. Marcocci, CKD
VP Programs - Beth Ann Triantafyllou, CKD, CBD
VP Membership - Brian K. Miller, CKD, CBD
VP Professional Development - Ronald M. Hedges, CMKBD
VP Communication - Lisa A. O'Brien
VP Gov. Relations - Shaun Welch, CID, LEED APR, IESNA  
VP Aacademic Relations - Deedee Schaffer, AKBD
Treasurer - Kimberly S. Morrison, ASID, IIDA, CKD, CBD
Secretary - Carey T. Jacobsen, AKBD 
Help your chapter!
Consider volunteering for a committee and get involved!  Contact any of the above committee chairs for more info.    
We are also looking for experienced, senior chapter members to serve on a Mentorship committee.  If you have an abundance of experience and knowledge and/or have been a chapter officer, contact Chapter President elizaBeth Marcocci at elizabethdesigns@comcast.net
for more details. 
NKBA Connect Blog was launched on June 9th (nkba.org/nkbaconnect).  It provides members with a digital publishing hub for kitchen and bath design, inspiration and business and industry news. New blogs will be published approximately twice a week keeping the content fresh and conversations flowing. It will be a mix of original content and curated member-generated content.
Home Improvement Consumer Protection Act 
Under current law, any home improvement project performed by a registered contractor with a total cash price exceeding $500 is subject to the contractual provisions of the Home Improvement Consumer Protection Act (HICPA).

This threshold requires contractors to draft legally-binding contracts in accordance with HICPA for projects that are often minor or routine in nature. An error in drafting the contract can render the entire agreement invalid and unenforceable. These contractual requirements subject the contractor to costly legal fees, diminishing the contractor's profitability. These contractors often have no choice but to pass these legal fees on to the consumer in the form of higher prices. 

Learn more about this legislation that will amend the HICPA to raise the monetary threshold for home improvement work from $500 to $2,500. Visit http://www.attorneygeneral.gov/hic.aspx for more information.
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October 14, 2014 -
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November 18, 2014 -
Fromm Electric
5010 Linglestown Road, Harrisburg
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January 20-22, 2015
Las Vegas, NV
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Can you guess the total number of grandchildren belonging to the board members of the NKBA Susquehanna Valley Chapter?

Attend the October Meeting to find out the answer! 
Member Spotlight

Showcasing Susquehanna Valley chapter
members and their success!

Name: John Petrie
Company: Mother Hubbard's Custom Cabinetry
Awards: 2014 NKBA President

NKBA: John, you're halfway through as the NKBA's 2014 President. What has been your most memorable moment so far?
John Petrie: Well I have been blessed with many memorable moments this year as I have had the privilege to attend many of our chapters throughout the US, preside as President over the first Design and Construction Week at KBIS 2014, and visit with NKBA members internationally in Germany and Italy. But honestly the most memorable was our chapter meeting in January at the Hotel Hershey, where I was truly honored to induct our Susquehanna Valley Chapter board of directors as well as be inducted as the 2014 NKBA President.
NKBA: When you found out you were selected to be the NKBA's 2014 president, where were you and how did you react?
JP: The NKBA Board of Directors meets in person every fall (November). At that meeting the nominating committee interviews the executive committee candidates and recommends to the board the slate of officers for the following year. The year that I was nominated to be President, we met in Denver, Colorado. Needless to say, yes, I was a mile high after the vote!

NKBA: What is one thing you learned as the NKBA president that you would like to see implemented in our chapter next year?
JP: The one thing that stands out the most, is that those chapters that are successful, were holding interesting, informative meetings at locations other than the standard hotel. The meetings were fun, at locations that drew NKBA members and provided great educational opportunities. The Susquehanna Valley Chapter has been doing this for some time and I think with great success! I would encourage the chapter to keep it up, and keep looking for locations outside the box, while continuing to provide great learning content. 

NKBA: After achieving such a prestigious position, where do you see yourself in 2015?
JP: I will be privileged to serve one additional year on the NKBA Board of Directors as Immediate Past President.  The NKBA has a lot of great things happening, some of which I can't share just yet, but will continue to develop so I look forward to helping see these items through to completion. BUT after that, I hope to spend some time traveling with my wife. I've seen a lot of great places visiting some of our 70 NKBA chapters and I hope to be able to go back to some and spend a bit more time.

NKBA: How about a less serious question. The NKBA president travels quite a bit. Which airline is your favorite?
JP: I love Southwest Airlines, when I can fly with them. The stewardess are friendly and humorous. If I can't fly SW, I fly United.

NKBA: What are you most excited about at KBIS 2015?
JP: KBIS 2015 will be BIGGER, BETTER and BOLDER! Honestly, this year's show will be fantastic, with so much more to see and opportunities to learn. We have many new and returning exhibitors. I know, you'll need to plan your time wisely in order to be able to see ALL that you want. We have KBIS NeXT and ICFF at KBIS, two new additions to this years show. At night, NKBA will be back at XS, and Tryst to celebrate our Design Contest winners, and then celebrate all of our successes through the year at two of Vegas' hottest night clubs. I hope to be able to celebrate our successes with many of you there.
NKBA: What advice do you have for other NKBA members?
JP: The NKBA has so many things to offer our members, but they need to get involved and take advantage of the benefits. The association is here to help its members, providing networking opportunities at local chapter meetings, local educational opportunities, NKBA University, providing 8 different learning paths to help its members further their careers, and KBIS, providing the industry leading conference as well as product to see and learn about from our exhibitors. So take the next step, get involved at the local level, take classes at NKBA U, and attend KBIS 2015. You won't be sorry you made the investment.

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