ALL NEW Dual Seal Waterproof
  • IP68 rated and salt spray tested per Mil-STD-810G.
  • Double protection with internal o-ring and external rubber washer.
  • Additional panel seal protection provided by waterproof boot built into base of toggle.
  • Sleek design with polished, chrome-plated actuator.
Dual protection with internal o-ring and external rubber washer, sealing the switch to achieve IP68 of IEC60529 Standards (dust tight and water protected against immersion for as long as 30 minutes, in 1.5 meters of water).

Additional panel seal security against wet environments provided by waterproof boot at base of toggle.

Fluid actuation delivered in smooth, sturdy tactile feel.

Sleek design incorporates functionality with polished, chrome-plated actuator paired with waterproof boot.

Superb quality and construction design prohibit entry of foreign particles that may otherwise compromise lever operation.
Momentary Pushbuttons
  • Optional caps in different colors to vary appearance as needed.
  • Low operating force for ease of actuation.
  • Rear panel bushing mount with compact behind panel dimension.
  • Internal antijamming feature to protect the contacts from damage due to excessive force on the plunger.
  • Self-cleaning contacts make FB models highly reliable.
  • Low cost device of rugged one-piece bushing and housing construction.
  • Reliability of construction with an internal guide to maintain contact alignment.
  • FB15ANEP and SB4011NO models have epoxy sealed terminals.
Low & Medium Security Keylocks
  • 12mm diameter bushing for easy panel cutout preparation and
  • high density mounting.
  • Epoxy sealed terminals prevent entry of flux and other contaminants.
  • Short behind panel dimension - only 1.063” (27.0mm).
  • High dielectric strength of 1,500 volts between contacts and case.
  • Detent mechanism gives crisp, positive action for accurate switch setting.
  • Dust resistant interior construction protects contacts.

Process Sealed Subminiature Toggles
  • Subminiature size saves space on PC boards.
  • Specifically developed for logic-level applications.
  • Totally sealed body construction prevents contact contamination and allows time- and money-saving automated soldering and cleaning.
  • Award-winning STC contact mechanism with benefits unavailable in conventional mechanisms: smoother, positive detent actuation, increased contact stability and unparalleled logic-level reliability. (Additional STC details in Terms & Acronyms; see Supplement contents.)
  • Molded-in, epoxy sealed or ultrasonically welded terminals lock out flux, solvents, and other contaminants.
  • .100” x .100” (2.54mm x 2.54mm) terminal spacing conforms to standard PC board grid spacing.
  • Toggle option in antistatic material available for dissipating electrostatic discharges.
  • Matching indicators available

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NKK Switches  designs, produces and sells the industry's most extensive selection of electromechanical switches, setting the standard for quality, stability and reliability in switch solutions.  NKK  provides a full suite of customizable solutions that includes design, programming and value-added support by combining flexibility, expertise and a commitment to our partners' success.

For over half a century,  NKK Switches has been a leader in the design and manufacturing of miniature and illuminated switches. The company was founded in 1951 by Shigeo Ohashi, who had the vision to design and produce high-quality, highly reliable industrial switches. NKK's commitment to quality, excellence and innovation is apparent when reviewing the 500+ patents and numerous quality and innovation awards it holds.
In 1981,  NKK Switches established NKK Switches of America, Inc., its North American headquarters, in Scottsdale, Arizona. Situated strategically to support the Americas,  NKK  strives to adhere to its philosophy of "excellence through innovation and customer service" in all respects.
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