NLADA 2021 Annual Conference: Redefining Justice

Don’t forget to register for next week’s 2021 NLADA Annual Conference: Redefining Justice by this Friday. CAC members may be particularly interested in the session on Federal Support of State, Local & Tribal Public Defense on Wednesday, November 10 from 1:45-3:15pm ET where we will explore the ways that the private bar has supported the public defense community and what else they can do, including by joining the CAC’s most recent campaign in support of H.R. 1408, Ensuring Quality Access to Legal (EQUAL) Defense Act. The session is co-sponsored by the CAC and the NLADA Insurance Program.

As a benefit of CAC membership, your company receives a complimentary conference registration. We hope you will take advantage of that to attend sessions, workshops, discussions, awards presentations, and social activities. If you are interested in attending please contact Aileen Moffatt at