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December 2020
How Video Changes the Conversation

While some courts have used video conferencing technology for years, the ongoing COVID-19 public health crisis necessitated the physical closing of court buildings and the widespread adoption of video in almost every jurisdiction in the country. Numerous decision-makers are now considering video as a permanent fixture in the courtroom. This potential shift is concerning, perhaps particularly in criminal cases, as the limited research on the effect of video conferencing in courtrooms suggests that accused individuals are judged more harshly over video, and academic scholarship on video communication in other contexts shows that it is not possible for video to achieve the same level of effective communication as in-person interactions.

This report explores several important aspects of the debate surrounding the long term use of videoconferencing for justice proceedings including: the importance of non-verbal cues to in-person communication, how non-verbal cues change over video, common personal and interpersonal factors influencing perception and more. The report also includes case studies on its effectiveness. Access the report here.
Recommendations to the Biden-Harris Administration

NLADA released a set of recommended actions the Biden-Harris Administration could take within its first 100 days that would help address the current racial discrimination and injustice in the criminal legal system. The document outlines how the White House, Department of Justice and other federal agencies can both establish new policies and reverse harmful actions by the previous administration in the following ways:

  • Include Civil Legal Aid and Public Defense Perspectives in Justice System Policymaking
  • Promote the Right to Counsel in Civil and Criminal Matters
  • Increase Federal Resources for the Provision of Civil Legal Aid and Public Defense
  • Lift Rules and Limitations on Federal Programs and Funds that Harm Access to Justice
  • Fix the Department of Education-administered Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program

You can view the recommended actions here.
NLADA Special Meeting Of Members
Save the Date! 

Please join us for a Special Meeting of Members on December 18, 2020 at 4:30 p.m. ET. 
There will be a film screening of "Strands of Justice: The History of Civil Legal Aid in the United States" immediately following the meeting. 
Thank You For Attending the 2020 Virtual Annual Conference!

Thank you to everyone who joined us online November 10-13 for the 2020 Virtual Annual Conference. More than 600 people attended the week of educational and inspirational presentations.

At the Opening Plenary, a special thank you goes to Judith Browne Dianis for participating in the informative and inspirational fireside chat. At the closing plenary, a special thank you goes out to Nicole Austin-Hillery for delivering a powerful keynote and reminding us exactly how important we all are to this global justice movement.

Congratulations to our Annual Conference Award winners - thank you all for your commitment to access to justice for all! And last, but not least, a hearty thank you to all of the attendees, presenters, exhibitors and sponsors!

How States Can Save Lives Behind Bars

NLADA president & CEO Jo-Ann Wallace co-authored an opinion article with Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security director, Tom Inglesby.
The article, titled "COVID-19 still rages in America's prisons. Here's how states can save lives behind bars" and published in USA Today, lays out several ways that states can prevent an increasing number of deaths and further COVID-19 outbreaks in jails and prison populations. Read the opinion piece here.
Support Inspiring Legal Trailblazers
As we come to the end of 2020, when you support NLADA you are supporting the work of legal heroes responding to the legal needs of individuals and communities in crisis. These crises have been amplified by the COVID-19 pandemic, creating distress and housing insecurity for families all across this county. Please, if you take the time today to express your support by helping those who help families to be able to stay in their homes, your donations will be matched 1:1 by Mutual of America. And don’t forget, this is a great opportunity to turn your generosity into a monthly recurring donation to carry your support of inspiring legal trailblazers into 2021! 

2021 Lifelong Learning Opportunities

Here are all of the learning opportunities we have in store for you next year. Click here to see 2021's lifelong learning opportunities.

Start your year off right with the 2021 Appellate Defender Training, happening January 25-29. Click here to learn more and register for ADT.

And be on the lookout for emails regarding the 2021 Equal Justice Conference. Registration for the nation's premiere civil legal aid event is opening soon!
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