NLADA is proud to stand with all veterans, and in particular those in need of legal services but with little or no ability to pay for quality legal representation. Unfortunately, for many of our veterans, legal problems arise due to poverty, mental health issues, disability, and homelessness, among other challenges. 

NLADA and our legal aid and public defense program members provide essential help to veterans facing life-altering circumstances. For instance, a few years ago, the floor collapsed under the weight of a huge backlog of veterans disability claims in North Carolina. NLADA’s Corporate Advisory Committee, our staff, and our North Carolina partners launched a pilot project to address this program, which resulted in the formation of the North Carolina Veterans Pro Bono Network (VPBN). VPBN cleared the backlog and now aims to provide representation to all of the state’s low-income and disabled veterans, service members, and their families.

These men and women face a wide variety of challenges here at home. Imagine – 

  • a terminally ill veteran needing to set up guardianship so that he knows his children will have a loving home;
  • a veteran and his wife facing foreclosure due to a problem tenant not paying rent while they were away caring for a dying parent; 
  • a veteran in hospice care, barely able to speak on the phone due to multiple strokes, being pursued for a debt created by hospital billing error; and,
  • men and women in treatment for combat related depression and trauma, now fighting for the right to see their children and be part of the future their sacrifices made possible. 
111111111111111111111111111111 *Courtesy of North Carolina Bar Association Foundation

Our goal is to use this successful model as the basis for similar pro bono projects addressing the needs of veterans and others across the country.

NLADA is the only national organization representing the civil legal aid, public defense, and client communities, and accordingly we bring a uniquely balanced perspective to eliminating barriers to justice. For more than 100 years, our skilled and deeply experienced staff have provided leadership in seeking holistic solutions to complex issues – such as those often presented by our veterans. 

Your contribution, of any size, helps us expand access to counsel for veterans and others who need legal help. Thank you for your generous support.