We recently received a short-term mission team to put some final touches on one of the new school buildings. The team of 9 people were able to complete their mission and spend time with the NLCH kids and staff, all while following the necessary protocols.

Team members Kenny & Dorothy Kennedy commented, "Making the trip with the COVID protocols was different, but not a hindrance. Though we maintained proper distance from the kids and staff, the heartfelt connections were not covered up by the masks. The joy in their eyes made the hoops we jumped through to get there worth it. Our takeaway from this trip is, 'no matter what's going on in the world, the love in this place drowns it all out.' Don't let a mask or a few feet of distance stop you from making a trip here if at all possible."

Bret Austin added, "COVID has caused all of us to refocus and change how we live. This really hit home when I saw all the kids with masks. It was such a blessing to interact with the kids and see how happy they are to welcome us each time. I can say these trips have made me a better person.

For more information about serving on a short-term team, contact teams@nlai.org.