Q: From your current perspective, what was one of the best things about growing up at NLCH?
A: Each one said, in some way, that the loving, caring, supportive relationships were the best part of growing up at NLCH. Additionally, the majority mentioned two other things. First, how the unconditional love and consistent focus on biblical principles and discipleship resulted in their own, deep faith in Jesus. Second, they understand and are grateful for the strong education they received and how it has allowed them to find employment and operate intelligently in the world.

Q: From your current perspective, what was one of the hardest things about growing up at NLCH?
A: The circumstances and resulting consequences that brought them to NLCH were most often mentioned as the hardest thing about living at NLCH. This included no longer seeing other family members (parents, siblings, aunts, uncles, and grandparents) and when siblings who were at NLCH with them would leave.

Q: Who is one person from NLCH with whom you still have a very good and close relationship?
A: Each of these five individuals continues to have close, strong, and important relationships with others who grew up with them at NLCH. I also found it very interesting that all of them still have relationships, talk to, and like to visit kids still living at NLCH. They all have particular kids who live at NLCH now in whom they see themselves in one way or another, and they want to be one of those loving, supportive relationships that they had when they were little.

Q: What had the most positive, long-lasting influence on your life from your time living at NLCH?
A: It's nearly impossible to summarize their amazing answers. Please check out the full interview here! I will just share this thought from Estela. “At NLCH, they taught me values, such as punctuality, love for work, to strive every day, and to love and help others. They guided me in the steps of Jesus and taught me to obey him. I am the person I am today thanks to my time at NLCH. I live a quiet, simple, content life; I work in a good place and I am an honest and responsible person. I love God and I always want to be faithful to his commands.” And this from Gladys, “I know that God brought me here with a special purpose for my life because I was educated here, I met my husband, we started our family that I always wanted while living and working here. I am so grateful to have met Jesus here, and I know that if I had not come to this place my life would have been different.”

Thank you, Lord, for how you have worked, are working, and will work through NLAI to bring about your purposes. And thank you, our faithful supporters, for being a part of this important, life-changing work.