NLAI Ministry Update | September 2021
Clinic offers affordable and dignified care in Villa Nueva
The New Life Medical Clinic began in 1998 after Hurricane Mitch hit Central America. We hired a doctor with the plan to be open for 6 weeks...that was 23 years ago! Today, our clinic continues to offer affordable and dignified care in our community.

I invite you to read below (and click the button for a full PDF) to learn more about the clinic through this interview with our director, Wendy Wheeler, and one of our doctors, Dr. Ross Valdez.

Kendon Wheeler, NLAI President
Q&A with Wendy Wheeler and Dr. Ross
Q: Help us to know some basics about the clinic. What services are offered and what types of illnesses are most commonly seen?
  • Wendy: Throughout the week, we have a doctor and dentist attending to patients. We also have an on-call surgeon. The budget-friendly pharmacy is open five days a week and our lab is open six mornings a week.
  • Dr. Ross: We offer care for illnesses, diseases, and injuries, prenatal care, diabetic care, and everything in between for patients of all ages!

Q: How has the pandemic affected the clinic?
  • Dr. Ross: We always want to serve more patients, but among the poor there is a lack of both trust and money to take advantage of our services, even at our discounted prices. In a strange way, the pandemic has helped increase medical consultations at our clinic. We really thank God for this silver lining in a terrible situation. We are also excited that our lab is now a COVID testing site. This service will be invaluable in our community.
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