Announcing GBMP Round Two

NLDP is excited to announce we will be kicking off a second round of our Graduate Board Match Program! T he Graduate Board Match Program, or GBMP, is a program designed to match the interests of our graduates with the needs of non-profit organizations. The purpose of GBMP is to match graduates looking to implement the leadership skills they learned in NLDP with organizations in need of more quality Board leaders.

Currently, 27% of NLDP's 229 graduates serve on the Boards of one or more non-profit organizations. GBMP's Round Two wi ll provide more graduates the opportunity to serve on a non-profit Board. The evening of Thursday, February 20th, we will gather NLDP graduates who have been on or currently serve on a Board to share their experiences with individuals interested in committing their time and passions to a Board.

We are beginning to recruit non-profits who need Board members as well as NLDP graduates interested in serving on a non-profit Board. Contact Julia at   to fill out an interest form!

Please note the evening session for graduates has been rescheduled and will now be Thursday, Feb. 20th from 6-8pm at Trinity Commons.
Introducing Cohort XIII

After interviewing nearly all 89 applicants for NLDP's Cohort XIII, 24 engaged community leaders were selected to participate. Cohort XIII has grown through six sessions thus far, expanding their knowledge in group processes, community change and the past and present state of Cleveland, to list a few topics.

The participants serve their individual communities and neighborhoods every day with approximately half of Cohort XIII focusing their work on the entire city. Their passion, drive and commitment to their community work is inspirational. Stay tuned to hear more about Cohort XIII's progress in NLDP and their future successes!
NLDP's Spectacular Graduate Events Committee

The members of NLDP's Graduate Events Committee are hard at work planning the next event for our graduates: a winter event titled "NLDP Graduates Mingling with Purpose." This event will take place Saturday, Jan. 11th at 5pm at Near West Theatre in the Detroit-Shoreway neighborhood. This amazing event will kick off "A Year of Service" for the NLDP grads. The Committee hopes to plan three events each year that will include something related to service as another way to provide assistance to organizations serving Cleveland.

The ongoing mission for NLDP's Graduate Events Committee is to plan events for all NLDP graduates to encourage "one big cohort." Each of our twelve graduated cohorts have their own relationships with each other. The Committee is tasked with providing a space for the graduates to mingle with other cohorts.

The Graduate Events Committee planned and executed a successful Paint Party in May and is working fervently to plan a fun and engaging Winter event for the graduates. NLDP can't wait to see how it turns out!

*please note the time has changed to 5-7:30pm
"Strength doesn't come from what you can do. It comes from overcoming the things you once thought you couldn't." - Rikki Rogers
Graduate Spotlight: Where Are They Now?

I recently had the honor of meeting the "OG" (Original) NLDP participants, otherwise known as NLDP graduates Cohorts I-III. Part of my job as Graduate Support Manager is to meet with graduates on a regular basis to learn more about where they're at in their leadership roles and to discuss what they might need from NLDP as they move forward in their careers and community work. I recently began the process of meeting with the graduates, starting with the very first cohorts.

I found these first three cohorts were - and still are - so eager to learn. They chose to participate in a program with no reviews, little feedback and little to no graduates. They were - and again, still are - incredibly invested in their leadership journeys and community work. These graduates still have a vision for Cleveland and are working every day to make it a better place for generations to come.

They introduced me to restaurants in their neighborhoods and gave me tours of their communities; some even showed me the physical locations of their projects! I even had the unique opportunity to meet with two graduates in one day, husband and wife living in and serving Cudell, beginning my visits with Cohort IV a bit early!

I spent intentional time with a dozen NLDP graduates and had the unique opportunity to see Cleveland through their eyes. I hope seeing how connected to the community these individuals still are will inspire you as much as it has inspired me!

Julia Ferra
Graduate Support Manager, NLDP
NLDP's New Spots: Co-Working Space and Coaching Office Are Up and Running!

The NLDP office is seeing a lot of foot traffic! The Coaching Office and Co-Working Cubicles have been working well for our graduates and Cohort XIII participants. The cubicles offer a quiet space to get work done while the office provides a safe and accessible space for coaches and coachees to meet.

We offer our graduates and program participants free Wi-Fi, parking and coffee plus access to printing/copying services. The NLDP office is centrally located in the MidTown neighborhood, offering graduates and program participants easy access plus the opportunity to explore the up-and-coming neighborhood.

We want to help our graduates and participants in their leadership journeys - we hope this service accomplishes that while helping them succeed in their community work!

Graduates + Program Participants: reserve a Co-Working Cubicle here or contact your coach to meet in the Coaching Office!
“The difference between a master and a beginner is that the master has failed more times than the beginner has even tried.” - Unknown 
MidTown on the Move

Placemaking is continuing in MidTown! The neighborhood has introduced a few new neighborhood markers to further establish MidTown's identity and place in Cleveland.

As you drive through the community, keep an eye out for the new bike racks, monument signs, wayfinding and utility boxes. The bike racks are yellow, orange and red and the utility boxes feature the artistic work of local Asian artists.

The neighborhood will see a greater level of artistic expression coming summer of 2020. POW! WOW!, an international mural arts festival, is coming to MidTown in early June of next year. About 10-20 small, medium and large scale murals will be implemented by local, national and international artists over the week-long festival. Learn more here!

Thanks for the photos, MidTown Cleveland!
Graduate Shout Outs
Special congratulations to...

Kirby Suntala, Cohort XI, for starting a new job at The Cleveland Foundation.

Chrishawndra Matthews, Cohort X, for being featured in the National Healthy Start Association's August Newsletter.

Delesia Robinson, Cohort IX, for being featured in FreshWater.

Tonya Perkins-Stoudermire, Cohort IX, for working with the Cuyahoga Land Bank to open Bessie's Place II.

Maria Campanelli, Cohort X, for receiving USGBC Platinum LEED certification for the Children's Museum of Cleveland.

Waverly Willis, Cohort XII, for receiving the Old Brooklyn Founders Award from Old Brooklyn Community Development Corporation.

Rhonda McLean, Cohort IV, for being named the Ward 8 Resident of the Year at the Fifth District Community Relations Awards Ceremony.
Did You Know NLDP Has a YouTube Channel?

Have you seen our YouTube channel? The videos on our channel help share our story and display the amazing work NLDP graduates are doing in Cleveland. They tell the stories of hard work and dedication; of leaders making big change in their communities despite the obstacles they face every day.

Visit our YouTube channel to learn about some of the amazing projects and people NLDP has been honored to know. The graduate videos are funded by NLDP's Graduate Support Grant Program and are filmed by the wonderful Obed Shelton.

Check it out here !
Carmella Takes The Race... Congratulations!

Carmella Williams, NLDP Graduate Cohort X, was elected to the Shaker Heights City Council! Carmella is co-President of Moreland on the Move Community Association (MOMCA) and has lived in Shaker Heights for 20 years. Carmella's vision is "to help connect and involve more residents in the decisions that affect them and engage them in creating solutions to Shaker's challenges." Congrats, Carmella!

Read more about Carmella and her campaign here !
"Listen to your life. All moments are key moments."
- Frederick Buechner
Due to the Winter Newsletter being distributed this month, we will not be sending a Graduate Alert in December or January. However, we still want to celebrate our grads who have birthdays. Graduates: be on the lookout for another birthday card in January!
Thank You to Those Who Helped NLDP Recruit for Cohort XIII!

The following organizations helped NLDP with our recruitment for Cohort XIII. NLDP remains appreciative to these organizations for their efforts and would not have found the amazing people that make up Cohort XIII without their help!

Thank you for helping NLDP and for all of the tremendous work you do to make Cleveland a better place for its current and future residents.
The Neighborhood Leadership Development Program is a Program of the Jack, Joseph and Morton Mandel Foundation.