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Time to open
Our state is beginning to reopen the economy. For startup guides, latest Executive Orders, tools and resources visit the NLEA Website COVID page . Other great sources of info include your local chamber of commerce, Downtown Development Authority/Main Street, and your local trade organization.
As manufacturing begins to ramp back up in our area, manufacturing companies are also implementing safety protocols to keep the work force and work place safe. Protocols such as safe distancing, masks, disinfecting of work areas, access to buildings, health screening, etc. are some of the myriad of things being done to insure a safe work space.

Pictured is a welder at Industrial Magnetics (Boyne City) with a special mask (breathing equipment).
Island Airways continues to provide flight service to and from Beaver Island. As the longest running airmail carrier (since 1945) in the continental United States, they still deliver the Island’s mail six mornings per week. As the contracted carrier of FedEx and UPS they also deliver parcels Monday-Friday.

Safety is a top priority at Island Airways. During these new, challenging times they have implemented many new policies and procedures as seen in the photos.
Walking the Walk - Cooperation/Collaboration
You can “talk the talk”… but can you “walk the walk?”… I’m proud to say in our region YES!
Partnerships, Cooperation and Collaboration sometimes seem like “buzz words”. These past two months have been an outstanding example of how our area organizations take this approach seriously and not only “talk the talk”… they “walk the walk”. Everybody has been unselfish and working hard for the good of all.

 A couple examples:

On a larger regional scale (NW Michigan and NE Michigan) over 30 organizations from 21 counties in the tip of the mitt have worked together on region-wide strategies. NW Reg. 2 is being led by Networks Northwest and NE Reg. 3 is led by Northeast MI Council of Governments . On a more local level in the NLEA service area local business organization partners have been doing a super job working with the businesses in their communities.
Every Tuesday a large Zoom meeting occurs with representatives from area Chambers, DDA’s, Main Street programs and the NLEA. There are typically 18-20 on the video call each week where we discuss and share ideas and information, where to find supplies, how people are preparing to re-open, etc. Hats off to this dedicated group [pictured].
Tuesday N. MI collaboration meeting
We’re seeing this approach on a local community level as well where business, government, health and medical organizations work hand in hand (at a safe distance of course!).

These are tough times… but every day provides shining examples of what a great place we live; made great by the super people and organizations in our area. Thank you all!
Community Messaging
Many communities are developing common messaging to welcome visitors back in a safe manner once businesses begin to open up.

Below is an example developed in Charlevoix. The City, Main Street, Chamber, Visitors Bureau, Munson Charlevoix Hospital and Charlevoix County Health Department all worked together to develop a simple, positive, yet direct message. It helps remind everyone, and also communicates that everyone is on the same page.
Charlevoix Establishes First Ever "Housing Conservancy"
Housing North has launched a new program to preserve and expand year-round housing opportunities - and has implemented its first project in the program, in partnership with the City of Charlevoix and local funders. In Charlevoix, workers struggle to find year-round housing, and as a result, businesses then struggle to find workers. Housing North and the City of Charlevoix have been exploring new tools to meet this need by providing for a local “housing conservancy” program here. The new program provides funding for people to voluntarily record a deed restriction on an existing or newly purchased residential property that will permanently assure long-term resident housing.
Meet the interns!
As with every summer, our two college interns have arrived! While things are a bit different than originally envisioned, they are ready to hit the ground running, or more accurately Zooming! Emma Vondra and Kelsey Robinson will focus on communications. Get to know them below, you'll be hearing more from them throughout the summer.
Emma Vondra NLEA intern
Emma Vondra is heading into her 4th year at Central Michigan University where she is a double major in Communications and Cultural and Global Studies, with a concentration in human geography. Having been born and raised in northern Michigan, Emma is most excited to use and develop her communication skills while focusing on the area and the people she loves and knows so well. 
Kelsey Robinson NLEA intern
Kelsey Robinson just finished her sophomore year at Central Michigan University, where she is studying Communication with a minor in multi-media management and design. Kelsey lives on a small family-owned winery in Bayshore!
COVID-19 Helpful Resources
Click here for a short list of resources and information for businesses and communities during the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) outbreak. NLEA will continue to update this information as more resources become available. Things evolve quickly, if you have questions please call our office at 231-582-6482 or email us at  and we will direct you promptly. 

We encourage you to contact and visit the websites of your local Chambers of Commerce, Downtown Development Authorities (DDAs), and Main Street organizations for the most updated information pertaining to your community. 
Get Inspired by These Videos
Here are some videos to inspire and entertain. If you have one or see something inspirational, send it our way so we can share!
Matthew McConaughey Green Light
Family band performs "Call me Al"
"I need a haircut" quarantine parody
Have a safe, happy Memorial Day weekend. Thank you to all who served!

Our "home offices" will be closed as our staff honors the holiday on Monday, May 25.
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