Read how these local companies are inspiring positive action and learn where you can purchase PPE for your employees below.
More Companies Helping in Crisis
Earlier this month we featured a few regional companies that changed their production lines to make face masks, medical gowns, and hand sanitizer, all to help fight COVID-19. If your company innovated products or services during COVID-19 let us know about it! Email
Great Lakes Energy was in need of PPE (masks) and were unable to locate a source. Thanks to fellow NLEA Board member Robin Stanley (CFO – IMI, Boyne City) a connection was made between Great Lakes Energy and the Jordan Valley Amish Community. The result… the Amish Community made 748 masks! The masks are of high quality, are reversible, attach around the ears and have wire inside so then can be secured around the nose. 

"We are extremely grateful for the wonderful face masks make by the Amish Community for GLE employees," states Bill Scott, CEO (and NLEA Board Chair). "We distributed them to all of our employees and board of directors."
Jordan Amish create face masks
Mackinaw City Chamber of Commerce purchased a bulk order of sanitizer from Gypsy Vodka in Petoskey in order to sell smaller quantities to businesses and help get the supplies in the hands of the community. They saw this is as a cool way to support a Northern Michigan business and help us all get our hands on the product we need.
MC Chamber collaborates for sanitzer
Truestream secured the necessary equipment and several locations throughout Emmet and Charlevoix county service areas to be able to provide FREE Wi-Fi access for continued learning and video conferencing, all while empowering us to practice safe social distancing from the comfort of our vehicles.

This farm located outside of Mancelona Michigan has partnered with 6 other local farmers and producers to offer an online farmers market. Customers can go online throughout the week and order from the different farm vendors to pick up their items on the designated day. Order pick up day is on Saturdays between 12:00-5:00 pm at the Danu Hof Farm Store located at 3775 Doerr Rd. Mancelona. Farmers and producers come early Saturday mornings and fill all of the order bags and then customers can come and pick up their bag offering safe contactless pick up.  

PPE Resources for Safely Reopening
Here are some resources for purchasing Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) for the screening and safety of staff while safely reopening for customers. If you know of any additional resources please share!

Hand Sanitizer

Face Shields

Medical Gowns
Snapshot of Covid-19 Impact on Area Manufacturers
By Buck Love / Director of Business Retention
contingency plan chart
In a January 8, 2020 NLEA Newsletter article, I offered the following article, “ Are you prepared for the Unthinkable? ” I referenced an industry expert source on Business Contingency Planning to start a conversation and plant the seed for companies without such a plan to begin the process. As business disruptions go, the Covid-19 Pandemic will be remembered, discussed, written about, cursed and pointed to as what life was like “before and after” for a very long time to come.

As part of the NLEA Emergency Response effort NLEA began to reach out to all our area manufacturing and key industry employers. The responses ranged from very little impact to a total company shut down. The greatest impact is for auto related manufacturers except for those who have transitioned to making PPE face shields for local medical facilities. On the other end of the spectrum, any shelf stable food producer (think canned applesauce or fruit) or related supplier (think robotic packaging manufacturer) has seen an increased demand for their products.

COVID-19 Helpful Resources
The NLEA developed a simple “overview” of the safety rules from OSHA and the Health Dept. that businesses should know. ( click here for NLEA Business Opening Guidelines Power Point ). We are beginning to see “re-opening” guides from various sources, most are very in-depth.

Click here for a short list of resources and information for businesses and communities during the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) outbreak. NLEA will continue to update this information as more resources become available. Each individual program has contact information, however, if you would like guidance from NLEA, please call our office at 231.582.6482 or email us at  and we will respond promptly. 

We encourage you to contact and visit the websites of your local Chambers of Commerce, Downtown Development Authorities (DDAs), and Main Street organizations for the most updated information pertaining to your community. 

We strongly encourage businesses to call or visit the websites of their local financial institutions as their FIRST step for assistance. Most financial institutions are working on new options and policies for assistance during COVID-19. Again, if you would like guidance from NLEA, please call our office at 231.582.6482 or email us at  and we will respond promptly. 
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