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This Saturday, October 14, voters within the North Lafourche Conservation, 
Levee and Drainage District (NLLD) will consider an ad valorem tax renewal, 
at a reduced rate of 6 mills, with a term extended to 30 years, dedicated to the continued construction and maintenance of levees and drainage projects 
in our community at an accelerated rate. 


Bayou Industrial Group

Thibodaux Chamber of Commerce
Facts about the NLLD tax renewal and reduction:
Bayou Onion Project
REDUCES Costs to Taxpayers

The 6-mill proposed NLLD property tax renewal is a REDUCTION from the current property tax rate of 7 mills, which has been in place for the past 20 years. It would reduce the individual annual tax burden of taxpayers in the District, while strengthening flood protection and potentially helping to reduce flood insurance rates.

Lockport to Larose D2
Renewal SECURES Protection 

The proposed 6-mill property tax RENEWAL would begin in 2019 and expire in 30 years, generating an estimated $2.1 million a year for North Lafourche levee and drainage projects.  A 30-year timeframe will allow NLLD to bond out the tax revenue at a more favorable interest rate and then build more projects at a faster pace. 
South Thibodaux Drainage
DEDICATED to Levees and Drainage

Since 2011, the NLLD has completed 25 levee and drainage projects and currently has 8 projects under construction, like South Thibodaux Drainage Improvements. The 6-mill reduced tax renewal is dedicated to construction and maintenance of levees and drainage systems, allowing NLLD to continue its progress in protecting lives, property and our way of life. 

Vote this Saturday, October 14

For more information about the property tax renewal & reduction or to learn more about NLLD completed and current projects, visit:

North Lafourche Conservation, Levee and Drainage District