January 5, 2022 Vol. 1


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CO-City suspends Cabin Tap House's license following deadly shooting

The Department of Excise and Licenses has suspended The Cabin Tap House's license following a deadly shooting New Year's Day.

It happened near 19th and Blake streets sometime after midnight Saturday morning.

Police say three men and a woman were shot as New Year's celebrations were occurring at bars and clubs in the area.

Two people, a man and a woman, were pronounced dead at the scene. Two other men were transported to the hospital in an unknown condition

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Iowa Restaurant Association wants to change state’s alcohol distribution law

The Iowa Restaurant Association wants to make changes to the state’s alcohol distribution laws. Iowa restaurants have very specific laws to follow when it comes to buying the alcohol they serve to customers.

”Here at Chophouse we have probably 10-15 suppliers that we purchase from because it’s so monopolized in a way that we have to go to a certain supplier to purchase certain products,” explained Ryan Avila-Burillo, Owner of Chophouse Downtown in Cedar Rapids.

Restaurants statewide, like Chophouse Downtown, are only allowed to buy beer from distributors, keeping them from being able to restock on any brews at area retail stores.

”We can’t shop around and look for the best deals,” Avila-Burillo said.

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Covid Brings America’s Beer-vs.-Liquor Rivalry to a Head

Jim Koch, founder of Sam Adams maker Boston Beer Co. , wrote to fellow brewers in April with a warning: Act now, or prepare to lose billions in sales to liquor makers. Mr. Koch over months had watched distillers mount various state campaigns to cut taxes and expand distribution of canned cocktails. He had also viewed a video of a liquor executive urging his industry in March to grab market share from brewers by using canned cocktails to appeal to young drinkers in places usually dominated by beer. Covid-19 has brought America’s long-running beer-vs.-liquor rivalry to a head. Brewers are struggling to retain their dwindling edge, while spirits makers see a chance to further their ascension by burnishing liquor’s reputation and using canned cocktails as a new beer rival, while pushing to loosen restrictions.

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Bootleg alcohol death toll hits 88 in Turkey

Bootleg drinks are popular in the country where alcoholic beverage prices have skyrocketed in the last decade. On Monday, the Ministry of Treasury and Finance announced a 47.4% rise in special consumption tax imposed on alcoholic drinks and tobacco products.

Taking advantage of the situation, bootleg alcohol producers often turn to cheaper but deadlier substances for production.

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TABC joins investigation of deadly head-on crash killing 5 Amarillo family members

The Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission is now investigating the deadly crash killing five Amarillo family members just before Christmas.

lawsuit has been filed against multiple parties, including a bar which served a man accused of the crash. The attorney who is representing the family members of the five victims who died from the crash at St. Francis is now suing the operator of Rumor’s Bar. While driving drunk is illegal, so is over serving drinks to a patron.

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US non-alcoholic beverage brands join together to spur industry forward: 'We're going to see a continual and accelerated evolution of products'

A collection of alcohol alternative brands have created the Adult Non-Alcoholic Beverage Association (ANBA) in the US: noting ‘one of the largest cultural shifts in decades’ as American consumers become increasingly interested in mindful drinking. The new association's president, Marcos Salazar, highlights how its innovative members are redefining the concept of going out for a drink.

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Liquor sellers push to lower alcohol serving age in Michigan to 17

As restaurants and bars struggle for staff, the pool of bartenders, servers and liquor sellers could increase with an effort to lower the minimum age requirement to sell and serve alcohol.

The proposed change would lower the age for serving or selling alcohol from 18 to 17, while the legal age for drinking would remain 21.

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New regulations could mandate vehicle tech to prevent drunk driving

There’s been much talk about the infrastructure bill being fought over in Washington. There is a provision in the infrastructure law seeking to mandate all vehicles integrate technology to help prevent drunk driving in the near future. If the law moves forward with provisions in place, automotive manufacturers would be required to incorporate technology to stop vehicle owners from driving while under the influence of alcohol (via NPR).

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