Connirae and Tamara Andreas have played a seminal role in the development of NLP (NeuroLinguistic Programming), along with Connirae's husband, Steve, and their son, Mark.

I'd like to share a video that Tamara published within the past few days.
Core Transformation Process
Connirae developed the Core Transformation Process and she and Tamara wrote the book, Core Transformation. I learned CT from Tamara and Mark 2 years ago this month, right at the beginning of the lockdown. It is one of the most profound and rewarding processes I have learned since becaming a hypnotist in 1996.

What is Core Transformation?

It is a gentle step-by-step process that transforms feelings, behaviors, and patterns of thinking that we don't like in ourselves. CT generates a profound sense of ongoing well-being, wholeness, and presence.

Facilitating CT is such a joyous experience for me when clients reach that state.

Some of CT's uses are physical, ie nausea, some are emotional, ie anxiety, some are mental, ie improving your golf game, and some are spiritual, ie experiencing bliss.

Here is a video that Tamara presented that is targeted to professionals who want to learn CT. It will be available for a few weeks. I am sharing it because she goes into depth, explaining what CT is and why it works and she also leads the listener through the first few steps of the process - which, itself, can bring you a major shift in consciousness. Listen and participate HERE. (I love being facilitated through the CT process myself. During this group video experience, I chose to work on a deep fear that I've recently encountered and I ended up feeling 'settled' within myself, which feels SO much more calm, reassuring and comfortable. Ahhhh. Fight or Flight avoided, thank you very much.)

If you wish to experience a complete CT session, your investment for the 2 hour session is $249.00. You will also learn how to self-facilitate the beginning stages that Tamara shares, so that you will have this skill available for the many different life challenges that you face.

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Past Life Regression Seminar

Date: Wed Mar 9 at 7:00 - 8:30 pm ET
Tickets: $37

How would a past life journey benefit you?
You could gain insight into many present life issues and relationships 
by exploring your past lives.
You could uncover the origin of current fears or current talents.
You could gain understanding about current relationships and patterns in your life.
These types of discoveries promote healing and growth on so many different levels.  
Enjoy a guided group hypnosis regression session.

BONUS: Free mp3: Past Life Regression
The seminar is online on Zoom.
Preregister and pay HERE. Indicate you are registering for: Regression.
After payment is received, your Zoom link and materials will be
emailed to you.
The seminar will be recorded. If you are unable to attend, you can register and receive the replay for later listening.

Questions? Contact your facilitator: 
Kathryn McGlynn, Certified Hypnotist, AKA The Time Traveler 

What One Woman Learned from Past Life Regression

HERE is an interesting regression experience that transformed the life of Dr Brian Weiss' daughter in an instant.
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Workplace Hypnosis

For many years, I presented hypnosis seminars in private workplaces for large and small corporations in the Boston/New England area.
Now, I present virtually.
Would your company benefit from a hypnotic stress management seminar or a time management seminar? Or a seminar to help improve sleep? There are so many possibilities.

Contact me if you know this would be useful for your company.

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"Sometimes the most evolved souls take the most challenging paths."

~ Dr Brain Weiss, Past Life Regression and Reincarnation therapist
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