Eugene Cornelius Jr., Associate Deputy Administrator for the US Small Business Administration will Address the National Minority Business Council's 34th Annual Awards Luncheon


New York, NY (February 21, 2014) - Eugene Cornelius Jr., Associate Deputy Administrator for the US Small Business Administration will address the National Minority Business Council's (NMBC) 34th Annual Awards Luncheon on Thursday, February 27, 2014 at the Marriott Marquis Hotel in midtown New York. Mr. Cornelius will share with attendees the mission of the SBA's Many Faces, One Dream (MFOD) Economic Empowerment Tour for LGBT Communities of Color as well as the SBA's goals to assist the NMBC to perpetuate its new direction with the formulation of the NMBC Global  Entrepreneurship Center.


"The LGBT small business community is helping us create an economy built to last. That is why we are proud to partner with the National Minority Business Council - says Eugene Cornelius Jr., Deputy Associate Administrator for Field Operations at the U.S. Small Business Administration. "Equipped with the necessary resources and tools, LGBT small business owners and entrepreneurs will have access to a wealth of knowledge, opportunity, and economic growth. Bring us your dreams and wishes; we will make them come true and take your place on the stage of equity." Many Faces, One Dream uplifts the achievements of LGBT African-Americans by adding to the rich legacy of industrious entrepreneurs and business leaders by assuring that SBA services reach this extremely resourceful demographic of American people.


The landmark MFOD Tour is history in the making; branded by many as a gateway to success for LGBT business owners who seek to improve and expand. The MFOD tour will make stops in 13 cities throughout the country. Remaining cities include Chicago, Houston, Fort Lauderdale, Miami, Indianapolis, Orleans, Newark, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, and Washington D.C.; having already completed stops in Atlanta, Detroit, and New York. 


The NMBC's Entrepreneurship Center is located in The Paramount Plaza Building, 1633 Broadway, New York, NY.  Center members are provided office space and amenities to support and enhance the success and profitability of the small business community through the provision of high-quality services, programs, advocacy, and networking support for the women-and-minority-owned business enterprise (MWBE) community.


This years annual awards luncheon honorees include: Malgorzata Skarzynski, Owner, Adam's European Contracting Inc.; Michael Jones-Bey, Director, Consolidated Edison; Husam Ahmad, Chairman & Co Founder HAKS; Sherman Carrington, VP and Director of Engineering PC, Haider Engineering PC; Penda Aiken, Client Services Manager, Penda Aiken, Inc.; Crystal McKenzie, President & CEO, Crystal McKenzie, Inc.; Rosalie Edson, President, Meadows Office Furniture; La-Verna J. Fountain, VP Construction Business Services, Columbia University MWBE Mentorship Program; Bonnie Wong, President, Asian Women in Business; Emily Doubilet & Jessica Holsey, President, Susty Party; Victor Lewis, President & Managing Director, VICRAE, INC.; William Mingione, Vice President, Drexel Hamilton; Anthony Lolli, Founder & CEO, Rapid Realty, LLC; and Nayan Parikh, President & CEO, Ashnu International, Inc.


Individual and group tickets are available online at www.nmbc.org Click on the paypal link to pay or contact Mr. John F. Robinson, NMBC President& CEO at 347-289-7620.


National Minority Business Council (NMBC)
Founded in 1972 as a full-service, non-profit (501)(c)(3) corporation, the organization is dedicated to providing business assistance, educational opportunities, seminars, purchasing listings and related services to hundreds of businesses throughout the tri-state area and across the nation. The strength of the organization resides in its membership of successful entrepreneurs who are committed to their business and to the NMBC's continuing goal of expanding opportunities available to small, minority and women business owners. The Council's leaders, whose combined experiences spans score of years of fostering and nurturing businesses, provide the highest assurance that the NMBC will continue to address the needs and goals of its constituents.



The 2-day conference is the opportunity for LGBT people of color to exchange business-to-business products and services information. Participants learn about the various certifications available and how to do business with the local, state and federal government. MFOD will feature financial services and certification agents to support small business development, a Small Business Marketplace where LGBT-owned businesses will have access to the resources and tools needed to grow and sustain their enterprise. For more information, visit www.manyfacesonedream.com 



The SBA and SCORE, a nonprofit association dedicated to helping grow the small business market will provide one-on-one counseling for entrepreneurs and small businesses. Participants will select one of two tracks: "Starting Your Business" and "Taking Your Business to the Next Level." In the first track, training will be provided on the key elements of a business plan, loans, marketing, and SBA's program and services. The second track will be geared toward New York City's LGBT entrepreneurs that would like to expand and grow their business.