Reported and Edited by Jeff Tamblyn, Chair of NMM 2019
NMM Exploring Virtual
Meeting Opportunity
Video webcast planned to run parallel to onsite event, will be funded by crowd-sourcing
Today, National Media Market is pleased to announce that, due to many requests, we're exploring holding a virtual meeting online, in parallel with our in-person Market this coming October.

Budget challenges at many libraries have made funding for conference travel difficult, so we're talking to webcasting vendors in Austin and elsewhere about making this happen. It's an exciting, new direction for the Market and after reviewing the plan with our board members, I'm eager to see it happen.

Even though we're expecting a larger on-site attendance than last year, the response to our marketing and the widespread need for greater specialized knowledge and purchasing opportunities leads us to conclude that a virtual meeting is worthwhile. It'll also provide the ability to reach librarians at a much greater distance, such as the UK and Australia.

Because this is the first time for us to try it, we're going to use a crowdfunding platform such as Kickstarter or Indigogo in order ensure that we don't overestimate the demand. Under the terms of 'tipping point' crowdfunding, prospective attendees can sign up for the virtual meeting and enter payment information, but they won't be charged unless the reservations reach a number that'll support the event. This eliminates the risk to the Market and the attendees.

Details will be announced in the next couple of weeks or the next monthly newsletter. Corporations and others who wish to help fund the effort with larger donations will be recognized as NMM sponsors, with all the accompanying benefits.

The virtual offering is expected to include video webcasts of our Digital Summit 4.1, the first meeting of the ALVT User Group, the complete day of Market Mania, and all our PD sessions. The way we've imagined it so far, one ticket will get you the entire 4-day event. Single-day access will also be available.

There's no way it'll be as good as being there, because of not having the personal contact with colleagues and vendors, the Market's famous social events, and the coolness of a place like Austin. But if you absolutely can't make it, this virtual meeting will be the next-best thing.

Questions? Comments? I'd love to hear from you. Chair@nmm.net
More ad space is available in our newsletters and on our website! Learn more: call or text 913 219 6533 or email chair@nmm.net
ALVT webinar to be sponsored
by Infobase/Films Media Group
We're thrilled to announce a webinar coming in late February or early March to demo our ALVT website and let people know more about this innovative new project started last year. The webinar will be sponsored by and facilitated by Infobase, a longtime affiliate, vendor, supporter and friend of NMM. As always, we're grateful to have their help.

In case you haven't heard us crowing about it yet, ALVT stands for Academic Libraries Video Trust, a cloud-based content repository for files digitized from VHS or other obsolete media. There's also a database of titles that've been researched to see whether they're currently available in viable formats. ALVT was started with the knowledge that libraries across the country have tens of thousands of titles purchased on VHS that can no longer be obtained in newer formats. ALVT leverages preservation and replacement exceptions for reproduction by libraries established by U.S. copyright law (17 U.S. Code § 108) that allow for duplication of content that is damaged, deteriorating, lost, or stolen, or is in an obsolete format. The project is now fully operational, thanks in large part to a $10,000.00 gift by the late media librarian deg farrelly .

The upcoming webinar will show interested librarians how ALVT works, address the relevant copyright issues, and provide further information about membership. Those who are interested can visit the site and contact us at copyright@nmm.net or chair@nmm.net.

ALVT, which offers 4 levels of institutional membership , has a group of Founding Benefactors (contributing $10,000 each) that include American University, the University of Delaware, the University of North Texas, Hofstra University, Duke University, and University of California at Berkeley. Basic membership can be obtained annually for as little as $500 , and favorable terms are available for consortial groups.

Thanks to this project, which was started by Sarah McCleskey, Head of Resource & Collection Services for Hofstra University Library, libraries can now share the time and expense of researching titles, and digitizing VHS content. In the works are plans to add closed captions to the submitted content, at no additional charge to institutional members.

Watch for our official day-and-time announcement so you can reserve your place! It's free to attend, but attendance is limited.
Dweeb Prepares to Act Cool for Scouting Austin This Week
It would be an understatement to say I'm pretty jazzed about my upcoming trip to Austin this week. My assignment is to check out the town in preparation for NMM. It's a tough job for someone like me, since I'm not the hippest guy on the block. But someone has to try the legendary restaurants and bars, sample the dozens and dozens of craft breweries, visit the awesome venues, dance like no one's watching (most people turn away when they see me dance) and try to crawl back to Kansas City on Sunday in time to watch the AFC Championship game (Go Chiefs!)

But I think I'm up for it. I mean, I visited my doctor for a checkup, I've been doing a lot of deep breathing (this may be unrelated), and I bought some new walking-around-somplace-cool shoes so everyone will know I'm hip. In order to fit into the music scene, I made a CD of my songs to pass out to strangers (I don't play anything except the kazoo, but it's Rachmaninoff — I figure he's universally loved).

Best of all, you'll have the opportunity to follow along and comment on this great adventure, as I post updates on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. I hope you'll join me as I interact with Market personalities such as Julie Whang (Tugg EDU) and Uri Kolodney (University of Texas). There'll be loads of other cool stuff, like a trip to the Austin Public Library. (I know you're interested.)

Here's where you can follow my progress and get a preview of this year's NMM:
(Above photo by Geoff Duncan)
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