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Jason Hill talks about his weathering and distressing techniques followed by a video tutorial on how to do it yourself!
This video takes a look at all of the major styles of passenger rail cars currently being used in the United States for Amtrak and commuter rail service. This is part 2 of a discussion on different types of passenger cars. First, '"Train Talk" takes a look at cars used in Amtrak Intercity and Long Distance service and then, they talk about a variety of different commuter cars.
Master Model Railroader® Kathy Millatt shows us how to model a river and waterfall using some interesting non-traditional materials. She says, "Pouring an unknown product all over a diorama is perhaps a bit mad but it worked with only a few problems..." Watch as Kathy creates this water scene on a diorama which has now been added to her home layout!
Dave Abeles takes you on a walking tour of his HO scale model railroad, The Onondaga Cutoff, built for operations and based on Conrail's Chicago Line near Syracuse, NY in 1994.  Join Dave as he walks down to the layout and describes the route from east to west, and then watch train TV-9 navigate the railroad on its way west to Chicago.
In this video Ron will tell you why and how to stop cleaning your track on your model railroad layout. There had been much debate and many videos about track cleaning and what to use to clean track. Ron will show you a way to clean and treat your track that will virtually eliminate the need for repeated, intensive cleaning.

This is a collection of video clinics that were broadcast in place of several in-person NMRA Division, Region, or National conventions that couldn't be attended due to the Covid19 pandemic. Some of these videos had been pre-recorded while others had been done Live during each several-hours-long online broadcast appearing on both Facebook and YouTube. This was done as a way to continue to communicate with our members while the pandemic still prevented us from holding face-to-face meetings!

The members involved in putting this collection together were truly a world-wide group of NMRA members from the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada and the USA acting in coordination to bring us this collection of video presentations. While quality is not always guaranteed in some of these presentations, please remember that the volunteers who have organized these video events, and the members who made the videos that had appeared within them, are not paid professional videographers!
While this year's in-person convention had been canceled, the Santa Clara "Rails By The Bay" convention team is organizing a professionally-produced online National Convention that you can be a part of during the week of July 6-10, 2021!
Here are some basics on Distributed Motive Power. What it is and how it helps railroads move much longer trains.
This is the full installation process to install the Model Train Technology NANO LED board into this VERY small N scale Caboose. This is the short caboose so it's too short for the company's standard caboose board. Joe Lewis uses their LED "Chip" to light the cupola and a cut section of our Dome Board to light the car. He shows the installation of the their Fiber Optic Dongle and N Scale Lantern. And finally, he shows the full installation process of their Floating Brass to connect the wheels to the board. Joe made very few edits so he apologizes for the length - you can always skip ahead. [After Joe reviewed his video he noticed the back wheel had been off the track!]
In this layout design miniseries we design an entire 3 deck layout based on a prototype. Follow us as we first look at the town of Cochrane, then plan an entire Railroad around this town and finally we design a N scale layout that incorporates all of these elements and fits in a 1 car Garage. 

Follow along as Peter Borcherds continues the build of his N scale model railroad. In this episode he will show you the electronics that control his yard boards, including the block detectors, accessory decoders and power management.
In 1967, the railroad industry announced a new era of automation when they adopted the world's first barcodes. But within a few years they completely abandoned the system, and barcodes went on to revolutionize the grocery industry instead. What happened?
The Division Business Car column appears in even-numbered months in NMRA Magazine. It's loaded with great modeling ideas, plus useful information that can help make your Division, Region or 100% NMRA Club even better. The information comes from articles published in Region, Division, and club newsletters. The best of these articles are posted on the NMRA website. You can read the entire archive, from as far back as 2011 right up to the latest posting, by clicking here.
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