July / August 2017

NMRA 2017 Orlando...FINAL CALL!
During journalism classes, students were told to always answer five important questions:  Who, Where, When, What and Why.   So here are the answers to these important questions:

Who should come to the convention?  Everyone is invited!  Orlando is a city built for modelers and their families.  There's so much to do this year that sleeping is optional! 

Where is the 82nd National Model Railroad Association's Convention going to be?  The convention will be held at the Rosen Plaza Hotel, 9700 International Drive, Orlando, FL  32819.  International Drive has easy access from I-4 using either the Beach Line Expressway or the Sand Lake exits.  The National Train Show will be held next door at the Orange County Convention Center -- it's only 850 short steps away!

When will the convention be held?  July 30-August 5, 2018.  As an added bonus you can catch the last day of the National Train Show on August 6.

What will happen at the convention?  Model railroading at its best!  We have nearly 200 clinics presented by manufacturers, model train magazine staffers, master modelers, and fellow hobbyists.  The convention will also have "Modeling with the Masters" sessions, evening dinner nights, an ice cream social, prototype tours, layout tours, general interest and non-rail tours, and the pool!  For more information on all that there is to do, go to the convention website at www.nmra2017Orlando.org.

Why?  It's going to be fun!  Orlando is fun!  Model railroading is fun!  Learning about our hobby is fun!   We have a great convention waiting for you!

What are you waiting for?  It's not too late for you to come to the convention!  In fact, you can still register!  There are 189 flights into Orlando International Airport, and just about as many into Tampa International.  Register for the convention at the NMRA Company Store website at www.nmrastores.com .  You can also call NMRA Headquarters to register, (423) 892-2846.  And we can even register you on-site at the convention.  It couldn't be easier!

See you in Orlando!

New features you'll find at the Orlando Silent Auction
The Silent Auction for NMRA 2017 Orlando is now open to accept entries for items you wish to auction.  As the article in NMRA Magazine stated, the auction has new, expanded features including:
  • 24/7 access to the electronic Auction Catalog
  • Your listing will include both traditional Silent Auction and "Buy It Now" options
  • You will be able to upload photos of your items, making it easier for buyers to see what you are offering
  • As a registered convention attendee, you also will be able to place a first bid on an item before the convention even begins
  • Your listed items will have more exposure and, hopefully, quicker sales. It's a win-win among railroaders.
  • As an attending Seller, you not only can list your items, but you also will benefit from a 4% discount off our commission rate, provided that you bring the paperwork with you that you printed at home
  • Buyers will be able to browse the Auction Catalog before and at the Convention from any electronic device.
All items listed in the auction will have a minimum starting bid of $3.00 and incremental increases of at least $1.00. If you have smaller items or low cost items, group and package them accordingly. Besides the starting bid, items can be listed with a "Reserve Amount" and the "Buy It Now" mentioned above.

You can find the auction website here http://NMRASilentAuction.SunshineRegion.org You will need to register and create an account to enter items.

If you are only interested in purchasing items, you can browse the Auction Catalog without registering. Just visit the website above, click on "Auction Catalog" and then click on "Browse Auction Catalog."  If you want to make a first bid on an item, you will need to create an account even if you don't want to sell any items.
We still need volunteers for our new NMRA Turntable

NMRA Marketing Consultant

By now you've seen our latest digital publication, the monthly  NMRA Turntable.  This first issue was put together by a very small group of volunteers to help it get off the ground.

But we'd love more help.  We're looking for dedicated volunteers to regularly scour the Web each month and find great modeling related articles, blog posts, podcasts, videos, clinics, events, etc.  that we can add to our monthly  NMRA Turntable.  It's an easy job! Just summarize what you found and send us the link.  You're on the Web anyway, so why not get "Volunteer" points for it? 

It'll take no time at all, and you don't even have to leave your house!  Plus you'll be doing your fellow NMRA members a great service!
Please email me at  marketing@nmra.org, if you're interested. Thank you!

Updates to the RP-7 Series

By  Didrik Voss, MMR
Standards and Conformance Dept. Manager

Updates to RP-7 series have been posted to the NMRA web site,   www.nmra.org

T hese updates are as follows:

RP-7 Track Centers and Obstacle Clearances - general discussion of RP-7 series
RP-7.1 Tangent Track Centers and Clearance Diagrams
RP-7.2 Curved Track Centers
RP-7.3 Curved Track Obstacle Clearances
RP-7.4 Interurban Track Centers and Obstacle Clearances
RP-7.5 Modifying Tangent Clearance Diagrams for Curved Tracks
RP-7.6 Using the NMRA Curved Track Center and Obstacle Clearance Assistant
TN-7 Track Center and Obstacle Clearance Methodology 
Please direct your comments and suggestions to Didrik Voss, Manager, S&C Dept., before the NMRA BOD meeting on July 28, 2017.

Gerry Leone, MMR, HLM, and  Chuck Diljak
The NMRA eBulletin is an official bi-monthly production of the National Model Railroad Association, Inc. Publishing Department (Don Phillips, Manager). Its purpose is to keep every NMRA member informed about organization news and events.  If you know of an NMRA member who is not receiving this mailing, please direct them to here to update their email address.  If you no longer wish to receive these mailings, please don't mark them as SPAM.  Instead, click the Safe Unsubscribe link at the bottom of this page. ©2017 National Model Railroad Association, Inc., P.O. Box 1328, Soddy Daisy TN 37384.

A few words from the President

Exciting news on the Gallery Exhibit and Library!
It's been a long process but I'm happy to announce that the long-promised Gallery Exhibit ("Exhibit") and Kalmbach Memorial Library ("Library") move are finally underway.  The Exhibit was first proposed over a decade ago.  Benchmark Publications' publisher and MMR Bob Brown once said: "To attract people to our hobby, you must show them what we do."  We know from the success of Train Shows and the World's Greatest Hobby campaign, such public exhibits work well and inform and excite the public about our hobby.
Implementation delays were due to a problem that involved CSRM's parent agency, the California Department of Parks and Recreation.  Apparently, DPR, for noble reasons, did not spend all of its appropriations, retaining those funds in a reserve account but not reporting that to the Legislature.  The resulting "scandal" ended up in a widespread change in management.
Fortunately, the new managers were as interested and committed to the Exhibit as were their predecessors, and after much patience and entreaties, CSRM management worked out all of the obstacles preventing final approval and in late June, we finally received the long-promised agreement authorizing the Exhibit.  The BOD approved this agreement in an unanimous electronic vote.
The agreement could not be more fair nor inclusive.  I am happy to report all of the elements I have described or represented over the years are included.  There is no cost to NMRA for the space provided and utilities/outside maintenance will be performed by CSRM.  We will be responsible for interior maintenance, which we prefer.  We will own the exhibit, which can be moved and used later in a permanent Museum.  Although they no longer do so, CSRM has agreed to administer our Library and as promised will:
"... allow members of the NMRA to have access not only to the NMRA collection but also to the CSRM Library and collections within that library under the Library's current policies and procedures."  (Para 3C)
To ensure access, we have agreed to fund a partial position at the same cost as our former librarian, to ensure good access for our members and handle any attendant Exhibit maintenance.  CSRM has also pledged to negotiate:
"the extent and nature of any solicitation messages or graphics, which can be displayed to explain to the public the purpose of the gallery Exhibit and the future plans of the NMRA toward a permanent museum. The Parties also anticipate CSRM's Museum Store may carry merchandise items related to the gallery Exhibit.  Such items could include, but are not limited to, publications, graphics, books or products which might be of interest to the public." (Para 6)
We are also able to use any CSRM artifacts as part of the exhibit and storage space will be provided us to refresh the Exhibit as needed.  Truly, the parties agreed that it is of mutual benefit to establish this Exhibit "...which will provide educational and interpretive visitor services, and complement CSRM's existing Small wonders 'The Magic of Toy Trains' exhibit". (Recitals)
So what?  Well, CSRM and Old Town Sacramento is the 6th most popular tourist destination in California, with the museum attracting over 600,000 paid entrants a year.  Many of those visitors are seniors and children.  It took World's Greatest Hobby 10 years to attract a million visitors, an excellent record.  The Gallery exhibit will be exposed to a million visitors in less than two years!  Those visitors will see and experience a world-class exhibit of the best of our hobby and some of our history.  This Exhibit is not the Howell-Day Museum but is a taste of what that museum might contain.  With tie-ins in the Museum shop, interested visitors will be able to find literature and resources about model railroading and the NMRA.
I can think of no better marketing tool for our hobby.  We could not buy this space or exposure at a world-class museum like the CSRM for any price, but the space is free.  We provide the exhibit, which we will own.  Yes, the exhibit price is daunting.  Yes we need your support and tax-deductible donations.  But with those dollars help ensure a future for our hobby and renewed importance for the NMRA.  There are so many benefits to this effort, it would take many columns to describe them.  Suffice to say, we are on our way.  We expect the Gallery Exhibit to open by Summer of 2018.  The Library should be open and functional later this Fall.
We value your membership and your feedback.   Whether you agree or disagree with me, we always welcome your thoughts, insights and comments.  As I always say.....those are my thoughts.....what are yours?

Board of Directors meeting in Orlando
The portion of the NMRA Board of Directors meeting that is open to all members will begin at 9:00 a.m. on Saturday, July 29, at the Rosen Plaza Hotel in Orlando. The meeting will most likely last all day and possibly resume on Sunday morning at 9:00 a.m.  Any NMRA member is welcome to attend, but please remember that there will only be room at the table for Board members and officers. Please see the hotel directory for the exact room location of the meeting.

The Annual NMRA Business Meeting (including "Ask the President") will be held on Wednesday, August 2, at 7:30pm in Salon 4 of the hotel. 

2018 Slate of Candidates and Nominations by Petition

NMRA Secretary

2018 Election Slate of Candidates
Pete Magoun
Vice President-Special Projects:
Gerry Leone
Vice President-Administration:
Clark Kooning
John Stevens
At-large Director North America:
Jim Gore
Mike Mackey
Eastern District Director:
Bob Hamm
Walton Liles
Pacific District Director :
Peter Burrows
Dion Koch
Robert Peterson

Message from the Secretary
Normally, the Secretary oversees the election process through the By-Petition phase, the ballot preparation process, and the ballot processing phase.  Since the Secretary is a candidate for one of the positions listed above, that responsibility has been passed down to the Assistant Secretary, Rick Coble.  Any questions about the election process should be forwarded to Rick at rvcoblenmra@gmail.com.

Nomination By Petition
The nomination process is now closed for those members who wished to submit their names to the nominating committees for consideration for the positions up for election in the 2018 election.  Members who wish to run for one of these positions who missed the nomination process deadline or did not wish to be subjected to the decisions of the appropriate nominations committees may submit a petition placing their name on the ballot.  Requirements for submitting by petition are contained in the EHB in Sec A 10.1 Paragraph 3 Nominations, Ballots, and Voting which can be found on the NMRA website.  All submissions by petition shall be received by the Assistant Secretary NMRA at rvcoblenmra@gmail.com no later than September 1, 2017.

New Member Model Railroad Directory Launches

NMRA Marketing Consultant

The NMRA is excited to announce the launch of our newest member benefit, the Model Railroad Directory!
Have you ever been curious if there are NMRA member layouts near you that you could visit?  Ever been on vacation and wondered if there are any layouts nearby?  Ever wanted to talk to other modelers about a different scale than you're modeling, or a particular prototype you're interested in?  Want to attend an op session, but not sure if there are any close by? Well, these questions and more can now be easily answered right from the Members Only section of our website, www.nmra.org.
Thanks to a group of dedicated volunteers, NMRA members have access to our new Model Railroad Directory, where you can search for layouts based on location, scale, railroad and other descriptions, as well as add your own layout to the Directory (as long as it is an operating home or garden railroad). Members can even include their own websites, photos, videos, and much more.
To access the Model Railroad Directory, visit www.nmra.org, log-in to the Members Only section of the site, click on "Member Home," and then on "Model RR Directory." Once there, you will have all the information you need to search for layouts or add your own. Who knows what you might find just down the road from you?  We urge you to join in the fun and connect with your fellow NMRA members!

Region and National Conventions 
(Only those Regional conventions occurring in the next three months are listed)
Newest Master Model Railroaders

Ron Einarson, MMR #593,  TLR

In Future Issues of NMRA Magazine

  • TrainFest Photo Contest
  • Model Railroad Directory
  • Hojack Line Crossing Shanty plans
  • "Mini-Meets"