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We are proud to announce big news: NNCG is now a member of the Forum of Regional Associations of Grantmakers. Thank you to Dave Biemesderfer and his wonderful team for welcoming us into the fold as a national philanthropy serving organization (PSO). With this partnership, our members will have opportunities to assist regional associations with professional development content and delivery, and Forum members will be invited to help identify areas where increased access to quality, diversity, and choice in grantmaker consulting will improve the field of philanthropy.

We're very excited about our plans for 2017 and beyond. Here are some highlights:
We've included additional resources from our partners:
Look for more to come in 2017, and - if you haven't already - let us know how you'd like to get involved to ensure that ethical, collaborative, and effective philanthropy creates extraordinary opportunities in our communities, and our world.


Terry Horton
NNCG Project Director
NNCG Webinar Series

Advocacy is the single most effective grant making strategy to achieve social impact and advance a foundation's mission.  Yet there's still a tendency to undervalue and avoid it by a majority of foundations, for a multitude of reasons based on misperceptions, fear and frequently impatience for results.   According to research funded by the Aspen Institute, while more nonprofits report engaging in advocacy over the last decade their participation and engagement are sporadic, narrow, thin and inconsistent, instead of consistent, wide, deep and impactful.   The number one reason cited by nonprofits is a lack of resources, including foundation funding.

In this interactive session we will explore some of the challenges and opportunities behind the gap that exists between the possibilities advocacy affords as a grant making strategy and the hesitation and reluctance of foundations to embrace it.  We will begin with some basic definitions and legal rules to establish what's permissible while also confronting myths and misperceptions.  We will also explore the benefits and possibilities of advocacy for grant making when its focused on mission fulfillment, including most significantly, the role of advocacy as the necessary partner to innovation.  Without advocacy achieving real social transformation is not possible. Advocacy provides both the scale and pathway to implement the solutions foundations fund.  In an age when having impact, going to scale and being innovative have become mantras in the field of philanthropy, understanding, and supporting advocacy is essential to success.

Laurel O'Sullivan & Meghann Beer, Advocacy Collaborative
Representatives from the Annie E. Casey Foundation

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Kris Putnam-Walkerly will share findings from her recent report "Findings and Lessons From a Field Scan of Foundations That Are Embracing Equity." at the Colorado Association of Foundations on January 26th.  

Informing Change, in collaboration with the California Health Care Foundation and Center for Care Innovations (CCI), recently shared several new resources on building the analytics capabilities of safety net organization, based on what we learned during the Safety Net Analytics Program, a 14-month, cohort-based learning program for health care organizations. Our case studies and field brief explore effective strategies cultivating data-driven cultures in community clinic contexts.  Find resources and learnings here.

Paul Connolly recently published an article in The Chronicle of Philanthropy titled 

Dr. Becky Lentz is teaching a graduate seminar on Social Justice Philanthropy in the LBJ School of Public Affairs at the University of Texas at Austin. The course counts toward the Portfolio Program in Nonprofit Studies.

NonProfitInformation.com selected Brian Sooy to write "The Marketing Matrix: Six Elements of a Nonprofit Marketing Plan," with a focus on engaging an organization's audience over the long run to develop deep affinity and meaningful relationships.

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