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Whew! It's been an intense few weeks regardless of your politics. For me, philanthropy has always been about the love of people, the love of human kind - and ideally about the joy of giving. It's not just strategic work; philanthropy is emotional work. NNCG is committed to being collaborative and inclusive. As our country struggles with divisiveness and an undertow of fear, there is a powerful call for philanthropy to lean in to the challenges our country faces, not retrench. How might we as consultants to philanthropy and as philanthropy-serving organizations help to hold the space for deeper conversations about racial equity, about coming together to solve complex challenges, about inclusion? How does community powerfully show up in the coming months and years? I've included some links to our colleagues who have started to answer these questions:
Let's buckle down to support more inclusion, more kindness, and more transformational philanthropy. That's what NNCG is here to support.

Terry Horton
NNCG Project Director
NNCG Webinar Series

Our series continues in December with How Funders can Effectively Support Volunteer-led Movement.

How can funders effectively support volunteers in movement building? This interactive session examines how volunteers and organizations can work together as part of a movement, highlighting a recent collaboration between Wikimedia Foundation and TCC Group. Speakers will illustrate what they have learned about how funders can work effectively as part of a shared-ownership movement, exploring different roles that volunteers play when cooperating with movement organizations and/or when acting independently. The webinar will also discuss the best ways to leverage staff and organizations for increasing volunteer impact. Participants will have the opportunity to pose questions to the speakers, or share relevant points from their own experience, before and during the webinar.

Deepti Sood, Senior Consultant, TCC Group

Winifred Olliff , Senior Program Officer, Wikimedia Foundation

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Equity: Philanthropy's New Buzz Word or the Key to Achieving your Foundation's Mission
January 19, 2017 - 2:00 - 3:00 PM Eastern Time

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In partnership with the William Penn Foundation, TCC Group examined seven campaigns - each with distinct goals and stakeholders. The respondents noted that while considerable attention has been paid to factors informing the development of sound campaign strategy, comparatively less attention has been paid to the structural and operational issues that undergird successful campaign efforts. TCC's research addresses these matters, and has launched its findings to help inform funders, advocates, and evaluators about advocacy campaign strategies. 

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