Creating a Welcoming Environment for Foundations at NNCG

Do you work with a foundation that might benefit from membership in NNCG?
If so, we hope that you will share our foundation membership opportunity!

Since its founding in 2006, NNCG has demonstrated an unparalleled commitment to expanding and directing the field of philanthropy towards meaningful change. Our mission is to increase the quality, effectiveness, and capacity of grantmakers by mobilizing and strengthening the work of ethical and experienced consultants.
That's why we began to invite foundations to join our network as foundation members in 2016. We realized that philanthropy consultants cannot have sustainable impact in the field without working in ongoing partnership with foundations as clients and peers. Our network's strength is dependent on how we engage philanthropy every step of the way.
Over the years, foundations have increasingly found a home among our network at NNCG. Foundation members sharpen their skills and capacity through accessing our webinars and learning community. They engage in rich peer exchange and sharing with consultants as well as other foundations that often tap consultant expertise to be more strategic about grantmaking. They stay abreast of emerging trends in real time, and, of course, have access to our NNCG Directory, the only directory of experienced, vetted philanthropy consultants serving all types and sizes of grantmakers.

We hope that you will share the foundation membership opportunity with your foundation clients and peers.  Click here to learn more about our foundation membership level and to find information you can share!

Contribute to Our Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Toolkit

We are developing a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Toolkit for Consultants! It will be a great resource, curated by our very own NNCG members, of "must-have/must-read" resources for consultants supporting grantmakers to advance a diversity, equity, and inclusion agenda.

If you have one or two recommendations for tools, publications, and materials that you have used in your consulting practice, can you send those recommendations our way?

What's are some of your favorite pieces that you use with your clients - whether it's for training, reflective practice, or level setting? It could be assessment tools or publications, frameworks or how-to guides.  You get the point.  In short, what's in your toolkit as a DEI consultant? And why?

Click here to share your recommendations.  Our form will be  open until November 15, 2018.

OpenForGood Means Being Open For All
November 7, 1p ET  

#OpenForGood, a new open knowledge movement being spearheaded by Foundation Center, is designed to encourage foundations to openly share their knowledge to accelerate the good they want to see in the world. Embracing open knowledge has many benefits including: reducing duplication of effort, helping others avoid failed approaches, scaling ideas that work, creating an equitable playing field so that critical knowledge is not only available to foundation insiders, and facilitating the lifting up of community-based expertise in ways that influence philanthropic strategy. A core principle of the #OpenForGood movement is that what you know shouldn't just be about who you know. 
Registration and Complete Details.
Sharpening Your Racial Justice Journey: Lessons from Grantmaking with a Racial Justice Lens
December 6, 1p ET  

Lori Villarosa, the executive director of the Philanthropic Initiative for Racial
Equity (PRE), will share lessons and insights from PRE's recent research to inform its upcoming guide, Grantmaking with a Racial Justice Lens.  This guide is an update to PRE's seminal publication, Grantmaking with A Racial Equity Lens, first published in 2007 in partnership with GrantCraft.  The webinar will highlight case studies and emerging themes around how individual grantmakers and grantmaking institutions are moving the needle to advance a racial justice agenda.  It will also reflect on how the landscape has changed or not changed since the first guide was release over a decade ago.  Finally, the session will include advice and reflection on how consultants can help grantmakers through strategic intervention, guidance, and partnership to advance their commitments to racial justice.   Registration and Complete Details.

Welcome New and Renewing Members!
NNCG Members in Action
Dawn Franks recently publsihed an E-Book titled Giving Fingerprints.    "You are as unique as the pattern of whorls and lines of your fingerprint. So is your giving style. Make your mark on the causes closest to your heart and maximize the impact of your gifts by discovering your distinctive, personal giving brand."
Want to speed up your grantmaking, streamline your operations, generate new innovations, transform your giving, overcome fear, and eliminate your scarcity mentality? Join Kris Putnam-Walkerly in her 2018 live streaming webinar series to dramatically improve your giving. Her 6th and final broadcast airs 10/30 at 12 PM EST. Sign up and receive a ton of free resources from the whole series, as well as downloads of previous broadcasts. Click here to learn more! 
On October 30, Sharmila Rao Thakkar is modering a free educational webinar titled  Funder-Grantee Relationships: Getting to Impact Together.   This webinar will highlight three real-life funder-grantee relationships that have found success in a variety of ways. By being creative, focusing on the bigger picture, and adopting the mindset that grantees are partners helping to further the collective philanthropic mission, these funders have forged successful paths to stronger, more impactful relationships.  Learn more and register today.

If you missed her September webinar,  The Funder's Role in Collecting, Tracking, and Using Data, the recording can be found here, as well as a free tool  Become an Intentional Data Collector: An actionable guide for funders .
Jan Jaffe of The Giving Practice recently released a guide to navigating challenging and potentially transformational situations in philanthropy.  It is based on interviews with dozens of practitioners in the field. The guide is free and can be downloaded here.  If you have a story about using a reflective practice with a client, we'd like to share it with the field on our blog. Contact Jan at j.jaffe@me.com.
Yvonne Moore, Principal Philanthropic Advisor at Moore Philanthropy was interviewed on  The Dr. Dionne Show  Podcast this past month .   Listen as Ms. Moore candidly shares her exciting experience advising and overseeing her clients' individual and family wealth-helping them to invest in causes around the world that are important to them; and also her description of "red carpet givers" who don't necessarily "give" for the right reasons.
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