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Dear NNCG Community,


As we're now in the second half of the year (I can’t even believe it!), the team at NNCG wants to make sure you’re aware of all the resources that come with your membership. We have a number of membership benefits available that I’d highly recommend taking advantage of, including discounts for publications and membership to other organizations. 


While there are many different resources we provide, there are a few I want to highlight. Some are available only for those who are Full NNCG Members, while others are available for all members.


  • NNCG Full Members will receive a 10% discount registration to 21/64’s 2-day Approach Training, a multigenerational approach to family philanthropy and enterprise. 


  • Full Members can also receive a 20% discount on new and renewed journal subscriptions when you subscribe to The Foundation Review, the peer-reviewed journal of philanthropy published by the Johnson Center for Philanthropy. 


  • Notably, we also want to highlight one of the best philanthropy tools that’s provided at a discount to NNCG Full Members. You’ll receive a 25% discount on the yearly Inside Philanthropy subscription to the online publication dedicated to bringing more transparency to philanthropy. This discount saves NNCG Members nearly $100 and provides access to up-to-the-minute news and information about philanthropy, guides to key concepts and issues in the field, and career and grants databases.


Find out more below in our Benefit Spotlight, too! 


Most importantly, all members - including Associate members - have access to our Virtual Cafes, listserv, and LinkedIn group. They’re places to learn from peers about growing your practice, strengthening your advising and consulting skills, solving common challenges, sharing resources, and finding opportunities to collaborate on projects.


Find out how to apply for full membership, and about these and other membership benefits on our site. NNCG Full Members can log in to your account to see the complete list of benefits and discount codes.




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Way-Ting Chen

Chair, NNCG Steering Committee

Benefit Spotlight

NNCG Members have access to many benefits from Inside Philanthropy.

Join NNCG and Inside Philanthropy on August 23 at 12:30 EST for a special "Ask Me Anything" conversation with Inside Philanthropy's Founder and Editor, David Callahan.  

The philanthropy publication, Inside Philanthropy has a simple goal: to "pull back the curtain on one of the most powerful and dynamic forces shaping society." The publication has built a reputation for digging deeply into our sector's activities and motivations - and providing accessible and timely information. In this Ask-Me-Anything style session, we will meet up with David Callahan to get his take on philanthropy's current priorities, where we are headed, and how Inside Philanthropy helps to increase transparency and accountability. 

If you are an NNCG Full Member, check out your 25% discount on an Inside Philanthropy subscription today by logging into your member account. 

Upcoming Programming


BOOTCAMP: Liberating Structures, Part 2.0 

September 13, 1:30 PM Eastern

This webinar is hosted by NNCG and 21/64 and will feature case studies of how philanthropy consultants and advisors have implemented Liberating Structures in their work. 

Lynda E. Frost of Lynfro Consulting will guide a lively discussion on Liberating Structures with a focus on case studies from philanthropy consultants. This is Part 2 of our two-part discussion on Liberating Structures.


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Members in Action

BDO FMA recently had three articles published in the Chronicle of Philanthropy. The series, Project Grants Need Not Be the Enemy, shares the work of a collaborative of 12 funders known as Funders for Real Cost, Real Change (FRC). They sought to tackle a question that has long plagued our sector: Can project grants be structured in ways that do a better job of supporting the financial and organizational health of grantees?


The series begins with an overview of the work of this collaborative, explores the impact of funder cost recovery policies on grantees in a global context, and concludes with a discussion of four options for project grantmaking that could better support the financial health of grantees.

Moore Philanthropy has lots of new resources, including Authentic Partnership and Reframing Riska two-part podcast with BuildUp Advisory and Moore Philanthropy on reframing risk and how the change in perspective impacts the way organizations work and center equity. Inside Philanthropy also has a new feature on Founder and Managing Director Yvonne Moore here.

Engage R+D’s new field guide for evaluators in philanthropy – created in partnership with the Kresge Foundation, the James Irvine Foundation, and the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation – is full of tips, tools, and techniques to help support evaluation and learning leaders in their dynamic and evolving roles. 

How can you respond with knowledge and compassion when your clients, colleagues and others share with you that they are experiencing mental health challenges? A new article on NNCG's site, by Lauren Wolkov, can help increase people’s awareness of such challenges and provides resources, including self- help strategies, free online assessments and sources for prevention, early intervention and treatment. 

Phila Giving has a new blog about how CDFIs provide a direct pathway to wealth creation in historically marginalized communities and are helping their clients incorporate this tactic into their giving strategies. 

This piece was inspired by inquiries from clients who are actively supporting BIPOC communities and have a passion to strengthen the economic infrastructure in communities of color— creating affordable housing opportunities, making financial counseling available, building community facilities, and more. 

Featured Member Resource


NNCG Members have access to resources and conversation via our LinkedIn group.

This is a wonderful tool for our members to stay in touch, learn from each other, engage in conversation and share ideas. We're always actively trying to encourage members to use the LinkedIn group more often. Request to join today to unlock this benefit!

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