August 2020
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Program Launch

Join us on Tuesday, August 18th at 7:00 PM for our virtual Program Launch!

This important informational session will cover upcoming training opportunities, including camping, popcorn, how to obtain a resource book, Council events, and more!

Registration is free, but required.
Youth Protection Training
Taken Every TWO Years

YPT is required for all leaders to register for the new program/charter year! If you’re expired you would have received an email reminder to accomplish your training.

Youth Protection training provides parents and leaders with resources for the Cub Scout, Boy Scout, Venturing, and Sea Scouting, Exploring, and STEM Scouts programs. The training is done online at and must be renewed every two years or whenever an adult changes leadership positions.
All registered adult members of the Boy Scouts of America must be current in Youth Protection Training.
  1. Go to (note the “dot” between “my” and “scouting”) and create an account.
  2. From, click on the Youth Protection Training logo on the right corner of the screen (or select “My Dashboard” from the “Home” navigation in the upper left corner).
  3. You should see options to take Youth Protection training. If not, select “YPT” from the menu at the top of the screen.
  4. Upon completion, print a certificate of completion and keep with your records.
  5. A copy of your certificate of completion is required any time you submit a new membership application.
Popcorn Unit Kernel Training: RESCHEDULED

Do you have what it takes to become a Popcorn Knight?

Our restructured training is designed to provide Kernels with everything they need to be successful in this year’s Popcorn Sale. Join us for info about:

  • Trail's End tech updates
  • New product line
  • Updated commission structure
  • Interactive portal demonstrations
  • 2020 Prizes/Incentives
  • ...and more!


Complete your training, achieve your Knighthood, and ride to victory with us in the Fall!

Wilderness Remote First Aid - 2020
Obtaining Wilderness Remote First Aid has been difficult during the COVID-19 outbreak. For summer 2020, the BSA has been working with ECSI to design a blended learning format that combines 8-hours of online learning with 8-hours of in-person skills testing. The platform is now live and ready for participants to begin the course. Information, for both participants and instructors, is available on ECSI’s website.
In addition, there are several options to satisfy this requirement for backcountry, wilderness and remote programs. The options are listed below:
  • The crew has at least one member with a current certificate of training in WFA
  • The crew has at least one member who meets the criteria for an extension from the issuing agency. It is incumbent on the individual to research and obtain the extension with the issuing agency.
  • A member of the crew obtains “just in time training” prior to arrival. This may become more accessible as states begin to reopen.
  • A WFA trained staff member accompanies the crew.
  • A crew member completes the 8-hour online course, followed by the 8-hour skills test (prior to arrival, or upon arrival) resulting in a certificate of training.  
Any BSA participant may take the 8-hour online WFA course as an awareness class but if they require certification, they will need to show competency by successfully completing the 8-hour skills check with a certified ECSI BSA WFA instructor. Current CPR/AED certification is the only pre-requisite for students.  
Additional information for both instructors and students will be available on both the ECSI website here and BSA Health & Safety WFA page.  
The fee for the eLearning course is $24.00 and includes a one-year e-book version of the ECSI WFA course book.
Traditional Wilderness First Aid: Postponed to March 2021

More information to come soon
April 9th-11th, 2021: Camp Winnebago
April 24th-25th, 2021: Camp Lewis

**Both weekends are required**

By taking Wood Badge, Scouters will acquire valuable tools such as listening, communicating, conflict management, project planning and leading change. Participants will better learn to understand and appreciate diversity and differences in our society. They will learn skills that will make them a better Scout leader. Units with trained leaders are able to deliver an improved program and a more meaningful experience for the youth Scouting serves.
By attending Wood Badge, the participants will internalize the 5 themes of Wood Badge: Living the Values, Growing, Connecting, Guiding, Empowering.
Powderhorn: POSTPONED to September 2021

More information to come soon
IOLS (Introdutction to Outdoor Leadership Skills)

IOLS requirements for training have been relaxed for all leaders for 2020.More information to come soon.
Open all Scouts and Venturers who are 13 years or older by 8/1/20

Participants will spend a week at camp working together in patrols. They will learn valuable skills like planning, goal setting, conflict resolution, communication, and more. Using the EDGE method, participants will learn how to teach Scout skills to the other youth in their units as they help them on their Scouting journey. When they return to their home, they will be fully prepared to take a leadership role in their units!

New episodes of the BSA Podcast and Cub Cast have been suspended indefinitely. To listen to the podcast archives, click below.

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