Welcome to Fall 2017!
Message from the Executive Director
As I take a break from working on the ABA report, it occurs to me how quickly our fall term is moving along. Things move fast and furious in our world, don’t they?  It is important that we take care of ourselves and that we feel appreciated. I recently read “The Happiness Advantage,” by Shawn Achor.  One prevailing idea that I took from the book is that no matter what your job title, you can make a difference. I want to encourage you to .... continue reading here
Summer Board Meeting Recap
This summer the University of Washington, School of Law hosted one of four annual meetings of the NNLSO Board. The board meetings are where your officers come together to develop AACRAO session programming, resources we can provide as an organization and general ways in which NNLSO can bring colleagues together. A few highlights from the summer meeting include:

Follow-up discussion from AACRAO 2017. If you have not reviewed or downloaded the session notes, they are posted on the web for your reference.
New session programming for the upcoming AACRAO Annual Meeting in Orlando 2018. The board collected ideas at the 2017 AACRAO Registrar's roundtable and is excited to have great presentations lined-up for Orlando. More to come! Stay tuned.
If you have never attended the AACRAO Annual Meeting, consider applying for a NNLSO first-time attendee grant to help offset conference registration fees. This year's grant recipients have each shared a few thoughts later in this newsletter about their first experience attending AACRAO, which was made possible in-part by the NNSLO first-time attendee grant they received for 2017.
Planning is really coming together for the NNLSO sponsored Regional Meeting in the Chicago area. If your law school is in the Chicago region, please join us on October 20th at John Marshall Law School. The registration deadline is tomorrow, October 6th. There is no registration fee and lunch will be provided! This is a great opportunity to collaborate, learn and meet colleagues in your area!
Vanguard Recipient 2017
NNLSO is happy to announce that Oral Hope of New York Law School was recognized as the recipient of the 2017 Vanguard Prize at the NNLSO Annual Business Meeting in Minneapolis earlier this year. Oral serves as Associate Dean and Registrar at NYLS.  Many of you may know Oral through your association with NNLSO.   He received this award because... continue reading here
2017-2018 NNLSO Board Members
AACRAO Session Summaries Available Online
NNLSO 2017 Session Summaries:
The New York Bar and California Bar Requirements and Procedures

Effective Communication in the Workplace

Roundtable: Law School Registrar and Admissions

How to Remain Sane While Pulling Together an Academic Schedule

Finding Your Happy Place by Hiring & Training Efficient & Motivated 
NNLSO Quick Survey
What do you want to know? The first NNLSO survey of this academic year will be a poll of what types of survey information the NNLSO Membership (you all) would like to know! Yes, a survey to discover what you would like us to survey! This will take less than 2 minutes to complete and has a fun twist to it! Check it out!
2017 First-Time Attendee Grant Recipients
"My experience as a first time attendee was informative and an opportunity that I genuinely appreciate. It is also beneficial to be able to put faces with names. 

As a new member of the Registrar’s office, I have a great deal to learn but the sessions offered provided a fulfilling introduction to my new role. 

I am eager to continue developing the relationships created at AACRAO 2017 and to enhance my knowledge, knowing that I have an incredibly strong support system in my fellow Registrars. I am excited about next year’s conference and those thereafter. Thank you for making me feel welcomed to the Land of Registrars."

Tracy Jackson

"Attending AACRAO for the first-time was amazing. Unless there was a NNLSO event, it was hard to choose which sessions to attend.

I found the FERPA sessions to be most enlightening as they used real-life scenarios to explain the intricacies of this Act.
As soon as I was back at work I told our Vice Dean that our entire institution needed FERPA training.
I want to encourage other NNLSO members to apply for the first-time attendee grant so that they can be exposed to this valuable information and more importantly meet the people behind the NNLSO emails."

Carrie L. Kazyaka
Thomas Jefferson School of Law

I had a great time at AACRAO and especially the NNLSO centralized sessions this past April. I got to spend time with fellow law school registrars who welcomed me to the group with open arms. I was about 5 months in at my new position and the welcoming was appreciated.  I was also able to take advantage of the first attendee grant, which was important as well. It was helpful not having to surprise the school with a conference expense being so new at the job. I look forward to attending the in the years to come.

Douglas M. Peterson
Registrar and Director of Student Finance
Roger Williams University School of Law
Annual Conference First-Time Attendee Grant Information:

The National Network of Law School Officers (NNLSO) is committed to the professional development of its members. NNLSO First-Time Attendee grants are available to encourage attendance at the annual NNLSO meeting held in conjunction with the AACRAO annual conference.

  • Awarded to applicants who have never attended the annual conference.
  • Grants are competitive and are intended to offset some of the cost of attending the annual meeting.
  • The deadline to apply each year is January 31.
Upcoming Dates and Deadlines
October 6 - Chicago Area Regional Meeting Registration Deadline
October 20 - Chicago Area Regional Meeting
December 1 - Vanguard Prize Nominations Deadline
January 31 - First-Time Attendee Grant Applications Deadline
Looking forward to an exciting academic year with you all!

NNLSO Officers and Board Members