Message from the Executive Director
Jerri Cunningham
Executive Director, National Network of Law School Officers
Greetings Friends,

In October, the NNLSO Board hosted a regional meeting in Raleigh, North Carolina at Campbell University School of Law.  What a lovely law school with great people – talk about southern hospitality! It was a great meeting. We had an admissions and registrars panel discussion, and presentations on assessments and compliance with ABA Standards, bar passage tracking, and communication. We ended the day with a roundtable discussion and a tour of the Law School. I encourage you to attend a regional or annual meeting if you ever get the opportunity to do so. Your colleagues are great about sharing stories, experiences and ideas. If you want to host a regional meeting sometime, please let me know. The regional meetings are a great way to bring professional development and networking closer to you... continue reading here
So much of life is about our outlook!
 “You’ve probably heard the oft-told story of the two shoe salesmen who were sent to Africa in the early 1900s to assess opportunities. They wired separate telegrams back to their boss. One read: “Situation hopeless. They don’t wear shoes.” The other read: “Glorious opportunity. They don’t have any shoes yet!”

From Principle #4, Falling Up.” The Happiness Advantage , by Shawn Achor, Enterprise Media, 2011.
Your Member Log-In Information
In addition to your subscription to the NNLSO discussion listserv there are many other great member resources on the NNLSO website.

Did you know NNLSO has completed an extensive national salary survey of Law School Officer positions?

Your member password is: 2018-2019
NNLSO Sessions for AACRAO 2019
NNLSO is busy preparing the following great events and sessions for our Annual Meeting in Los Angeles in Spring 2019. We hope you can join NNLSO at AACRAO for the following exciting topics:

Sunday, March 31, 2019
  • Welcome Reception
Monday, April 1, 2019
  • Business Meeting (and breakfast)
  • Law School Assessment Practices
  • Graduate and Professional Issues Committee Panel Discussion

Tuesday, April 2, 2019
  • First Generation Goes to Law School
  • Roundtable: Law School Registrars & Admissions

Wednesday, April 3, 2019
  • Self-Advocacy? What is it and Why Should I do it?
AACRAO Early Registration!
The deadline for early bird registration is February 22, 2019. Registration forms must be faxed or postmarked by that date to qualify for the early bird rate. 

Hoping to Attend AACRAO for the First Time?
I had the privilege of attending the AACRAO Annual Meeting in March for the first time and was grateful to receive the First Time Attendee Grant. Spending most of my time working with admissions and academic advising for international graduate law students, quite a narrow area, I was unsure how many relevant sessions there would be.  But I was pleasantly surprised to find plenty of sessions relevant to my daily work, and even better plenaries that challenged me to think of innovative ways to do my work better. There was a lunch speaker on Diversity in Education that was so powerful I asked my institution if we could invite her to speak to our entire school! I was recharged and inspired after the AACRAO Annual Meeting and I highly recommend anyone needing a reminder of the importance of working in higher education to attend.
Julie Sculli
Senior Director of International Programs
Brooklyn Law School

Apply for a First Time Attendee Grant!

NNLSO First-Time Attendee grants are available to encourage attendance at the annual NNLSO meeting held in conjunction with the AACRAO annual conference.

  • Awarded to applicants who have never attended the annual conference.
  • Grants are competitive and are intended to offset some of the cost of attending the annual meeting.
  • The deadline to apply each year is January 31.

To apply, complete the application form and send it electronically using the button provided. You must include an explanation as to why you are requesting the grant; a statement addressing why you should be selected; and a letter from your Dean supporting your application.
Nominations for Vanguard 2019 Extended
The Vanguard Prize recognizes the outstanding contributions of a member who is transforming academic services through:

  • Innovative Service
  • Outstanding Leadership
  • Effective Administration.

The NNLSO Executive Committee awards the Prize to recognize excellence and the innovative accomplishments of our colleagues in Records and Registration positions. The $500 award is earmarked for professional development related to the recipient’s office in any form that the recipient school approves.

The deadline to submit nominations (self-nominations are welcome) to Gaelynn Kuchar has been extended until December 31st! If you have a colleague who is deserving of this recognition, please let us know!
2019 NNLSO Nominations and Elections
Have you thought about being more active in NNLSO? 
It is time for us to nominate and elect new officers and board members.  

Board membership offers the opportunity to put your ideas to work. We hope you will consider running for a position or nominating a colleague! 
The following six  positions up for election: Executive Director, Communications Strategy Chair, and four positions on the Board of Directors. Important things to know if you are considering running for a position:
It is the responsibility of every officer and board member to:
Attend and participate in the AACRAO/NNLSO Annual Meeting held over three days each spring (Sunday evening through Wednesday Noon). Locations for the upcoming Annual Meetings are:
  • 2019-Los Angeles, CA
  • 2020-New Orleans, LA
  • 2021-National Harbor, MD

Attend the Executive Committee Meeting, which occurs on the Sunday that the AACRAO conference begins. It usually runs from 8am-3pm, local time.

Attend two day-long Executive Committee Planning Meetings each year, typically held in July and October. The location of each Executive Committee meeting is generally set a few months prior to the meeting. There is also a mid-winter planning meeting, which is conducted entirely online or via conference call and does not require travel.

Understand that the Executive Committee member's law school is required to pay all travel, accommodations, food and miscellaneous expenses to the meetings.  Nominees should have their school's support for fulfillment of the responsibilities of the office for the duration of the term.

Description of Duties for positions that are up for election:

Executive Director (Term is 3/2019 - 4/2021)

  • Perform the functions and exercise the powers customarily those of a chief executive officer of an association.
  • Prepare the agenda for all meetings.
  • Preside at all meetings of the Association.
  • Serve as the chair of the Executive Committee.
  • In the event that there is a vacancy in the Executive Committee the Executive Director shall appoint an individual to fill the vacant position.
  • Inform the membership of all activity of the Association.
  • Assume other responsibilities as directed by the Executive Committee or the general membership.
  • The outgoing Executive Director shall serve as an ex officio member of the Executive Committee for one year.

Communications Strategy Chair (Term is 3/2019 - 4/2021)
  • Oversee the standing Communications Committee.
  • Be responsible for the oversight of all NNLSO communications, including print, online, electronic and through social media.
  • Create and ensure Communications Committee adheres to a yearly production calendar.
  • Assume other responsibilities as directed by the Executive Committee or the general membership.
  • The outgoing Communications Officer shall serve as an ex officio member of the Executive Committee for one year.

Board Member (four positions open, Term is 3/2019 - 4/2021):
  • Determine topics of importance and interest that shall be presented to the general membership at the annual meeting; attends annual meeting and any other meeting(s) called by the Executive Director or the Executive Committee;
  • Plan the direction, focus, and activities of the organization.
  • Assume other responsibilities as directed by the Executive Committee or the general membership.

We’d love for you to take a more active role in NNLSO, so please consider nominating yourself or a colleague! Participation on the Executive Committee is truly both rewarding and fun. If you know of someone who you would like to nominate, please first contact that person to determine his or her willingness to serve and to make sure that they understand the responsibilities of the position. All dues paying members are eligible to nominate other members of NNLSO or themselves.

In closing, submit nominations via email to one of the individuals listed below by  January 17, 2019 .   You can also contact any one of us with questions. Be on the lookout for the election ballot of nominated candidates in late January!

NNLSO Nominations & Elections Committee

Connie Shipman, Chair               919-865-4660 
GaeLynn Kuchar                  801-422-4275
Theresa Gallo                 215-571-4716
Upcoming Dates and Deadlines
December 21 - Vanguard Prize Nominations (Extended Deadline)
January 17 - NNLSO Elections Deadline to Submit Nominations
January 31 - First-Time Attendee Grant Application Deadline
February 22 - AACRAO Early Registration Deadline
Looking forward to an exciting academic year with you all!

NNLSO Officers and Board Members