Dear Hawaii Republican:

During a fawning radio interview on Monday, closet Democrat and current House GOP Caucus Leader Beth Fukumoto told a local radio host -- the Mufi-loving, Democrat-voting Mike Buck -- that her " vision " of a Republican Party in Hawaii ( one shared by the three RINO's in the state house who support her as GOP leader ) is a vision in which nobody stands for anything except themselves ; that there should never be any expectations of elected Republicans to support or oppose anything ; and that conservatives in Hawaii ( and presumably everywhere ) are outdated hypocrites for not wanting to cozy up to Democrats .
It should be noted that Fukumoto did NOT deny a single one of the extremely serious accusations levelled against her by colleague Bob McDermott . . . neither in her radio interview nor in her exclusive statement given to the fawning and pro-establishment 'Hawaii Free Press' newspaper-turned-blog.  Those shocking accusations were reported in full by the Hawaii Republican Assembly over the weekend.
Hats off to McDermott for ripping the mask off closet Democrat Fukumoto and for exposing painful revelations which help everything to start making sense.  Now, we know more about why our defunct Hawaii GOP and its emasculated elected officials sit silently without raising any protest while Democrats destroy Hawaii, one failed policy at a time.
Tough questions need to be asked in light of McDermott's serious and now unrefuted allegations.  For instance, why are Fukumoto and her fellow RINO's in the House GOP Caucus purposely laying down and silently acquiescing to the Democrat agendaWhy have the House Republicans traded their collective job as Hawaii's loyal opposition in exchange for crumb$ from the Democrats for their districtsWhy does Fukumoto attack conservatives as well as the Republican base as sexist and racistIs she merely laying the groundwork before bailing to the Democrat Party like her predecessor Aaron "Ling" Johanson -or- is she planning to stick around and remain the House Minority Leader in order to help the Democrats keep our party under their thumb (which she has been doing for a year and a half now) ?!?

To HIRA, the answers seem obviousFukumoto thinks that Republicans in Hawaii are stupid enough to swallow her mumbo-jumbo and thinks we are too blind to recognize another self-serving and backstabbing closet Democrat in our ranks.  And Fukumoto is joined by party chair Fritz Rohlfing, immediate past chair Pat Saiki, national committeeman and woman Ted Liu and Miriam Hellreich, and party officers from top to bottom in thinking how rank and file Republicans are too stupid to notice or even care that this corruption is going on under our noses.
In Fukumoto's twisted Caitlyn Jenner ideal world of "transpolitical diversity", spineless Republican officials like her can simply choose to be pro-tax, pro-wasteful spending, pro-Obamacare, pro-illegal immigration, and otherwise subvert and sell out the GOP agenda while supporting Democrat policies left and right -- freely self-identifying as a Republican in the face of her liberal record while demanding her right that you respect her 'diversity'.
The ONLY way Republicans will displace Democrats as the majority party is to make a compelling case that Democrats are bad for Hawaii.  It's exactly how they grabbed power from Republicans 60 years ago.  But Fukumoto does NOT want her caucus or her candidates or the party to lead such a charge.  Rather, Fukumoto wants the GOP to stay quiet about the damage being done by Democrats in exchange for crumbs to cooperative RINO's who keep their mouths shut.
You deserve the truth One look at these eye-opening videos and you'll know why closet Democrat Beth Fukumoto masquerading as a Republican is more harmful to the Hawaii GOP than any dozen Democrats.
Here's Republican State House Caucus Leader Beth Fukumoto -- the person who almost switched parties along with "Ling" Johanson -- telling us in her own words how she feels about taxes . . . and about rail.


Just remember that HIRA has consistently warned you for years that the self-absorbed ambitious closet Democrat named Beth Fukumoto is really Hawaii's Nancy Pelosi in disguise . . . and that she will continue to sabotage every aspect of the Republican agenda for as long as we allow elected Republicans at the State House to put Fukumoto in any leadership position.

For those of you who want to change Hawaii with an unapologetically conservative Republican agenda, please join HIRA today.



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