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The CubARTbrothers, France

Creators of the 1st Show in the World around the Cube Puzzle!!
In this issue, The CubARTbrothers are in the spotlight!! This talented team of French performers have created an awesome show combining comedy , pixel art, super cubing skills and much more. 
Find out more about these fantastic entertainers and how you can support their new project, Avignon Festival 2015.  Thumbs Up!! The CubARTbrothers Be generous!!

Other hot topics are ' Hard Rock,' V-Cube's sturdy 5x5x5 known for its smooth performance, Corfu Town, top choice this month in the V-Collections series and the great, new V-Cube especially designed for the Allianz Arena Munich. Enjoy
The CubARTbrothers take V-Cube to the theatre!
2 Friends! 2 Passions!! 2 Artists!!! 
The CubARTbrothers, Dave and Mike, are versatile French actors with 15 years experience in the performing arts. They are kids of the 80's passionate about cubing, comedy and old movies with comic legends like Buster Keaton and Charlie Chaplin. They met working for Disney on a voice-over job.While each was CUBING AT BREAK TIME, they started talking and discovered all they had in common. This sparked a friendship, professional partnership and the inspiration for the 1st show in the world around the cube puzzle!
Talented comics and skilled cubers, fascinated by the extraordinary abilities of the human brain, they have created the perfect mix of performance, comedy, pixel art and animated optical illusion ... more than a show, a theatrical UFO!!!

Their spectacular, one-of-a-kind show is 4 years in the making - while they also worked furiously on finger dexterity -and is ready to perform LIVE at the Avignon Festival this summer (with a little help from their friends!!)
Taking the stage with the CubARTbrothers is a phenomenal structure of V-Cubes (between 600-1600!!!), 100 kg of brain power in the spotlight to 'twist' your mind around!!

Hard  Rock No better 5x5x5
V-CUBE™5 is a multi-colored, five layered cube that rotates smoothly on based axes.
V-CUBE™5 is the sturdiest five-layered cube available in the market.

Corfu  Town No Ordinary Cube!!
Discover  Corfu Town
Corfu   town is one of the most charming cities in the Mediterranean with a European ambience   highlighted by influences of the different cultures that inhabited the island   throughout its history and shaped its architectural legacy.
Corfu has many entertainment venues and is famous for its philharmonic   orchestra concerts performed in the town's lovely main square..

You don't want to miss this!
The atmosphere of Avignon is magical. Briefly the seat of Papal power in the Middle Ages, Avignon reflects this majesty today crowned by the Palais de Papes, a vast turreted fortress overlooking medieval squares.
Every July, the prestigious Avignon Festival brings the cobble streets around the Pope's Palace to life.
The Avignon Festival is one of the most important contemporary performing arts events in the world attracting thousands of theatre lovers.
The main courtyard of the Pope's Palace is the heart of outdoor performances on summer nights. There are more than thirty different shows performed during the Festival, but also readings, exhibitions, films and debates, which add to the inspiring cultural experience of the world-renowned Avignon Festival.

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The CubARTbrothers wiil be performing at the theatre "Le Palace"
thumbsThe CubARTbrothers Once a geek, always a geek!!!
Find out all the details about The CubARTbrothers Avignon Festival project on the following site www.ulule.com/thecubartbrothers

V-Cube fully supports our friends,The CubARTbrothers,  French artists who have created the FIRST SHOW IN THE WORLD AROUND THE CUBE PUZZLE (V-Cubes, of course.) 

The minimum they need to get their show on the road with its complex structures is 6000 euros and, if by chance, the FATES play their hand and they reach a maximum 40,000 euros -the amount needed to transform prototypes into easier structures for transport,
then ...in their own words, ' you become our gods!'

Thumbs Up!! The CubARTbrothers
Be generous, you could take home a V-Cube & ...much more!!
Our Cube for the  Allianz   Arena, Munich Germany
Widely known for its   exterior of inflated ETEE plastic panels and full color-changing color   exterior, the Allianz football stadium is home to two professional football clubs,   FC Bayern Munich and TSV 1860  München .  
It is
  the third largest arena in Germany and V-Cube has designed a super cube   available   in the Arena's gift shop!

Link to Allianz Arena, stadium

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