December 18

A Note from the Coach
I am not sure what has happened to my off-season but it is soon to be over. The Endless Pool installation is coming along but there is no way it will be ready by January as I had hoped. This just means that January will be a typical one for me of driving 30 min each way for a swim, but I do it because there is something about the power of January and the motivation to get moving towards goals for the season. I actually look forward to meeting my friends on the pool deck at 5AM! *I hope Carol Brunson & Ben Atkins are as excited as I am!

For now I will enjoy a few more weeks of holiday fun, traveling and a total change in the training routine. I hope you all do the same!

Coach Katie

Trimarni podcast: pre-workout nutrition, body image and a real food diet

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Hello active body!!!
If you want to take your training to the next level, you have to work hard. And if you want to work hard, you must keep your body healthy and well-fueled. An underfueled and undernourished body can't perform to its full potential. 

I'm sure that information is not new but the methods of improving performance have certainly evolved over the past few years. 

When it comes to pre workout nutrition, the purpose is simple. To prime the body for the upcoming workout. However, there are advocates and non-advocates of eating before a workout and with every "don't do it" statement there are at least a handful of reasons why not to eat before a morning workout. 

Well, I want to clear up confusion so that no athlete is limiting his/her health OR performance by not fueling properly before a workout. 

I hope you enjoy my podcast. You can listen to the attachment (MP4) OR you can access it on my personal or Trimarni facebook page. If you feel it was a good podcast and you learned a lot, please share so that others can learn from the information as well. I tried to keep the information simple to understand and even more simple to apply. 

Also, there is more in the podcast than just pre workout nutrition. I also touch on body image with a personal recent experience with an athlete of mine (one of my focus areas is helping athletes develop a healthy relationship with food and body), discussing real food and why athletes should appreciate sport nutrition and understand how to fuel properly around workouts.  

Thanks for listening! Have a great day!

Marni Sumbal, MS, RD, LD/N
Trimarni Coaching and Nutrition, LLC


ONGOING - CompuTrainer Classes Start at Greenville Cycling Center 

Dec 20th - Group MTB Ride at Dupont CANCELLED! (They are calling for bad weather) 


Dec 21st - 2:00 Group Track workout at Landrum High School 


January 3, 2015- Group Run- 8am-10am Caine Halter Family YMCA, Greenville, SC   


Jan 6th - First GROUP Track workout of the year! 5:30 AM Caine Halter YMCA 


January 10- 12th Annual Resolution Run (Half Marathon & 5K) (Travelers Rest, SC) (Register on Go Green)  

January 11- Group Mountain Bike ride- 9am-11am- Croft State Park, Spartanburg, SC  


January 17- First Annual MVCA Revolutionary Run 5k (Cowpens, SC) See details below


January 17- Charleston Marathon (Charleston, SC)  


January 24- In You Indoor Trichotomous TriathlonThomas E. Hannah Family YMCA, Spartanburg, SC   


January 24- Group Mountain Bike Ride- 9am-11:30am - Dupont State Forest, NC


January 25- Hot Chocolate 5K & 15K- Atlanta, GA 


February 7- Hilton Head Half Marathon- SC  


February 7- Save the Light Half Marathon- Folly Beach, SC


February 14- Myrtle Beach Marathon & Half Marathon- SC


February 14- Green Valley 8k & 10 miler- Greenville, SC

February 21 - Winter Challenge! (information below)   


February 21- Thrill in the hills Marathon & Half Marathon- Winder, GA


February 28- GHS Half and 5K (Travelers Rest-Greenville, SC) Early Bird Registration Ends January 1!

March 7- Run Hard Columbia SC Marathon & Half Marathon- Columbia, SC

March 8- Palmetto Bluff Half Marathon- Bluffton, SC

March 14- Parris Island Sprint Tri- Parris Island, SC

April 11- Assault on the Carolinas (more info below)


May 16- Clemson Triathalon- Clemson, SC (THIS IS A DATE CHANGE- SEE MORE INFO BELOW)  


May 17 - Chattanooga 70.3 


Past Results and Those Racing This Week:



Results from last week!


Huntersville Half Marathon, NC 12-13-14

Alicia Cleveland 2:41 - this marks her 6th half marathon this year and her 7th since having her baby. This half marathon allowed her to be inducted into the "Half Fanatics" Club (you have to do 3 Half Marathons within 12 weeks). CONGRATS!


Kiawah Half Marathon, SC 12-13-14

John Davidson 1:40 PR by almost 4 min!


Justine Waldrop (pacer) 2:35


Kiawah Marathon 12-13-14

*Jenny Davidson 4:22 (Notice she has her plan in the palm of her hand!) 



Chris Schendimann 4:22 (No, they did not run together, they don't even know each other!) (This was NOT his first!) 

*Amy Ashworth 5:11


*First time marathoners



Racing this weekend:

 No one that I know of! Tis the season to enjoy your family! 



Heart Rate Monitor apparel!

Are you tired of your heart rate monitor rubbing the skin off your chest? For you ladies there are some options. Did you know there are sports bras that you can fit your heart rate monitor strap into or that already have heart rate sensing technology build in? These are a great to have for long runs or hard workouts when your HR monitor typically likes to slip around. This would also make a great stocking stuffer...



I hope that your holiday shopping is going well! There are always great last minute accessories that the triathlete in your life will want. We've extended some holiday offerings and increased some others for even deeper savings on some great add-on products!!

Both our Lava Flow Pants for paddling, as well as our Lava Pants for your swim sessions are available for $75. The Vortex sleeveless is available for $99 if you're looking to add a sleeveless wetsuit to your collection.

We've also added our dry bag, which can make a great transition bag, as well as a great addition if you already have an inflatable board!

All these deals, and more can be found by clicking XTERRA Wetsuits  

As always, remember to use your discount code - CO-MALONE -at checkout to take advantage of these wetsuit deals!


As always, remember to use your discount code - CO-MALONE -at checkout to take advantage of these wetsuit deals!


From Infinit Nutrition
Do you have the stregnth to swim properly?

Click here to link directly to the newsletter.

The Strength to Swim Properly
By IREP Athletics   

The early vertical forearm in swimming is an elusive skill for most adult onset swimmers. It is the ability to latch on to the water soon after the hand enters the water and pull the body past an anchored hand in an efficient manner. The swimmer does this by internally rotating the shoulder allowing the hand and forearm to drop below the elbow before initiating the pull while the arm stays abducted out to the side. The swimmer should feel some resistance from the water medium in the palmar aspect of the hand and on the forearm. This feeling can be illustrated by imagining a driver in a car rolling down their window and placing their hand on the side view mirror. If they were to externally rotate their shoulder and lift their hand straight up (as if they were signaling a Right turn on a bicycle) they would feel a similar resistance on their hand and forearm.

A common problem for some swimmers is dropping the elbow below the forearm and hand and pulling with a straight arm. People simply do not have the strength to hold elbow in a high position close to the surface as the forearm and hand drops down during the catch and pull.

We can address the strength deficit with the exercises below:

Prone Scaption Series

All of the following exercises can be done on a Treatment table, flat weight bench, incline weight bench or on a stability ball:

"I"/ "i's" - the arms remain close to the trunk and are raised with the palms facing each other. The shoulder can flex and the arms extend past the head or the shoulders can flex bring the hands near the hips


"T" the arms are abducted with a straight arm. Weight may be added to the hand. This exercise can be done with thumb up and thumb down

"W" the arms are abducted out to the side with a flexed elbow creating "W' shape. The palms should face the ground

"Y" the arms are extended out in front of the head. This exercise can be done with the thumb up and thumb down.
Weight/Band Bent Over 90 degree Shoulder Abduction

Weights or bands are placed in the hands with shoulder and elbow both abducted to 90 degrees the weight is lifted straight up linearly. The hands should remain on plan and not deviate towards or away from the body.

Standing Shoulder Flexion with External Rotation Isometric Using Band

Shoulders are flexed overhead and arms are slightly internally rotated as if initiating the catch phase of the freestyle stroke. This isometric contraction should be held static for time.

Prone Resisted Abduction and External Rotation Isometric

Resistance for abduction can be placed around the elbow joint using a band or weight cuff. The use of a distal weight in the hand stressing the isometric external rotation can be utilized to emphasize keeping the shoulder high when initiating the catch phase of the swim stroke.

Full article can be found online at:

I.R.E.P Athletics is managed by Certified Exercise Science and Sports Medicine Specialists.  Scott Proscia, BS  ATC M.Ed ACSM-CPT and Anthony Ross, CSCS ATC M.Ed believe in providing custom cutting edge training programs based on scientific research. Each and every program is developed for the specific needs of the individual athlete. From first-time 5k'er to someone who wants to qualify for Ironman Kona, they specialize in developing a plan for you to Respond, Evolve, Perform.

Swim Team
Swim Team is practicing at the MTY from 5AM-7AM Tuesday and Thursday mornings now. They are in almost all the lanes on both ends of the pool. Hopefully you can find a lane or two in the middle of all of them.
Dec 18-Jan 4 - Practice most days from 6AM-6PM

Masters Swimming
I want to swim faster...

Greenville Splash Website

Keep in mind that if you want to swimmer better and faster and be more motivated to get in the pool you need to use the resources that we have available to us.

Greenville Splash has more workouts geared for beginners. They are trying to get another beginner type workout at Caine Halter in the mornings. If they have more people demanding it...they can!

They also have a coach that works great with beginners. She also coaches Thursdays at GHS YMCA from noon to 1:00.

Need more info about what is available? Contact Leslie!

Leslie Scott


 NEW Computrainer EIGHT-WEEK series starts January 5, 2015


Contact Greenville Cycling & Multi-Sport to qualify for a DISCOUNT OR 864.430.7871

Register today HERE  Space is limited!

TEN spots available per class

NEW - EIGHT new ErgVideo Courses!



Register today HERE Space is limited!

Contact us at: 



NEWS from Set-up Events Regarding the Clemson Tri:
Date changed to 5/16/2015

December 15, 2014 - NOTE the updated date for the Clemson Triathlon - Now May 16, 2015 At the request of the Clemson Athletic Department we have had to move the date of the Clemson Triathlon to Saturday May 16, 2015.  We are sorry for an inconvenience this may cause.  If you are currently registered and the new date will not work for you we will refund your entry fees.

Link to Set Up Events for this event is found here

Finish Strong and Carolina Triathlon for Winter Bike League (WBL)

Join Finish Strong and Carolina Triathlon for Winter Bike League (WBL) in Greenville, SC. The WBL consist of 6 training rides starting Saturday, November 15, 2015 through January 10, 2015. WBL is of true winter pace training rides ranging from 3-5 hours. All levels of cyclists are welcomed. Rides will be lead by Finish Strong and Carolina Triathlon.

Our first WBL ride will be November 15 pedaling at 10 a.m. from Carolina Triathlon. The shop will open at 9 a.m.

App for your smart phone:
Caine Halter YMCA Spin class scheduling has gotten easier!

Mind Body Connect is an app that lets you sign up online for the spin classes at Caine Halter.  You can scroll through and see what classes they have.  You can sign up for all sorts of classes this way. As January nears this is a great option for those of you who will be taking spin classes.

Mind Body Connect online

Assault on the Carolinas
Brevard, NC

This is a ride many of those on our team enjoy doing every year, but if you want to get in you

AOTC 2015 - Tentative Schedule of Event

(updated schedule will be posted early in the spring) 



Friday, April 10th, 2015

2:30pm - Carmichael Training Systems Doors Open for visitors and CTS Camp raffle entry

3:30-5:00pm - CTS warm up ride open to all riders.  Starts/Ends on East Main Street.

6:00-9:00pm - Early check in, rider packet / t-shirt pickup at American Legion, 56E Jordan Street (1 block south of start line).

CTS will be open for riders to enter a raffle for a CTS Camp entry ($1200 value).


Saturday, April 11th, 2015

7:00-8:50am - Check in and rider packet / t-shirt pickup at 56E Jordan Street (1 block south of start line).  There will be no day-of registrations.

8:50am - Ride announcements and rider line up, East Main Street.

9:00am - Ride start.

11:00am-4:00pm - Meals for riders provided

3:00pm - Drawing and end of ride celebration

1:00-4:00pm - Live music provided by Looking Glass EntertainmentBand lineup will be announced in March!



Items below are courtesy FOR SALE listings.
Please contact the seller directly for more information!

For Sale: X5 Speed Play Pedals
Contact: Kim-

For Sale

Mountain bike helmet.
Bell Super, Large, Comes with GoPro mount.
Purchased for Xmas last year.
Used about  dozen times, never touched the ground. Still has that "New helmet smell"



Tri Shoes
Louis Garneau, Ergo Air, Carbo Comp, Heel Retention System 90.
Size Euro 46, US 11.5
Look style cleat pattern.
Used 1 race season.

*According to Troy these DO NOT SMELL!!! 

Felt 2010 ZW5 Petite (Will fit 5-5'2" height - not taller!)
Contact Christine Cantrell - 864-431-6380

Group MTB Rides Coming up...
In case you don't want to ride alone or don't know where to ride!

The Winter Challenge Tri is February 21, 2015- starting in December we will be out on the bikes:


Sat Dec 20th - Dupont
9AM - CANCELLED - bad weather is on the way! 
Sun Jan 11th - Southside 9AM
Sun Jan 18th - Paris Mtn 9AM
Sat Jan 24th - Dupont 9AM
Sun Feb 1 - Southside 9AM
Sat Feb 7 - Dupont 9 AM (Katie leading)
Sun Feb 15 - Paris Mtn 9AM

Winter Challenge XII Off-Road Triathlon
7-Mile Trail Run, 6-Mile Kayak, 10-Mile Mountain Bike
Plus - Tri Relay and Run/Bike Duathlon Options!
February 21, 2015
Dome Farms, Springfield, SC

                       REGISTER HERE

Date:                   Feb 21, 2015
Location:            Dome Farms, SC


MVCA Revolutionary Run 5K
January 17, 2014

Malone Coaching teammate Ben Atkins is helping raise money for his children's school by ORGANIZING this event! Let's go out and support our teammate!
Organizer Info:
Mountain View Christian Academy





GHS Half Marathon and 5K


Half Marathon Start
Physical Address : Gateway Park - Travelers Rest, SC
Street Address : 115 Henderson Drive, Travelers Rest, SC 29690

7:30AM Start Time

Half Marathon Finish - 5K Finish & 5K Start
Street Address : 300 E. McBee Ave., Greenville SC 29601

8:00AM Start Time

Negative Split Club
2014 Members

You are invited to be a member of the "negative split club" by being given the challenge by your coach in your race description. There is nothing negative about this club. A Negative Split simply means that you ran the first half of the race slower than the last half which takes discipline and pacing. You have to submit your Garmin GPS file for verification. The reward? Usually a great race and we send you an awesome travel coffee mug!

Brad Fraedrich

Abby Russell

Adam Fisher

Will Cannon

Ben Atkins

Jan Garrett

Mary Biebel

Phil Zitello

Michael Vaccaro

Don Taylor

Carol Brunson

Mark Walter

Jen Genal

Bubba Gillis

Melissa Ludwig

Stacy Sargent

Paul Zimmerman

Jock White

Melinda Lindberg


*new member 



Malone Coaching
Katie Malone, Head Coach
Stay Connected
Lou Holtz was quoted as saying "Ability is what you're capable of doing. Motivation determines what you do. Attitude determines how well you do it." 

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128 Rolling Hills Circle




Dorman Centre - Spartanburg

120 Dorman Commerce Drive




Hillcrest Shopping Center - Spartanburg

1931 A East Main Street





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