The CFLUX-1 Automated Soil CO 2 Flux System : The dedicated, self-contained solution for long-term deployment & unattended operation.
No multiplexers needed!
Built-in CO 2 & H 2 O Gas Analyzers
Two independent infrared gas analyzers in each system means accurate measurement and fast response times regardless of where each system is stationed – eliminating problems associated with long distances between chambers and analyzers.
The need for multiplexing devices is eliminated.

Large Hemispherical Chamber (2500 cm 3 )
The articulating chamber is ideal for automated soil measurements with repeatable placement and the power-efficient actuator and electronics will precisely control the opening and closing of the chamber at user-defined time intervals.

Easily monitor from your phone or computer. Connect to a local computer with a router and monitor from anywhere in the world
Incorporated into each CFLUX-1 system, Auto-Zero eliminates the need for field recalibration and allows for fast warm-up, adaptation to changing ambient conditions and excellent stability and accuracy for both CO 2 and H 2 O.

Soil Moisture & Soil Temperature
Measure soil moisture and soil temperature and record along with flux data.

Software & Data Analysis
View sensor data and information via a computer or mobile device.

Data Storage
Store data directly to a USB Flash Drive or external data logger.
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