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Foster parents urgently needed! Have you ever considered fostering a child waiting in the foster care system? NOAS has pre-service training classes beginning in January. Pre-service education classes have been reduced by the state of Ohio to a 24 hour format. NOAS is offering these classes VIRTUALLY. Sign up by contacting Michelle Wolcott, Director of Training, at mwolcott@noas.com or 800-686-6627, ext. 126.


The 2021 COVID training rules for foster parents ended on Dec. 31st. For 2023 and going forward, parents may take up to one-half of their required continuing education using self-directed learning methods such as webinars, books, podcasts, etc. Self-directed training does not qualify for training allowances. The other half of the training hours requirement will need to be with a live trainer present, but can be taken in-person or virtually. 

Training opportunities with NOAS are posted on our website (NOAS.COM). If you have any questions about continuing training, contact Michelle Wolcott, Director of Training, at mwolcott@noas.com or 800-686-6627, ext. 126.

2023 Training Schedule


This innovative program prepares foster and adoptive parents to handle children with emotional and behavioral challenges. As a caregiver, you will have the opportunity to learn about the effects of trauma on the brain, and you will participate in ongoing discussions on how to better meet the needs of foster youth impacted by trauma. To register for this FREE, VIRTUAL, innovative, and helpful training course, email Sarah Moreton at smoreton@noas.com



NOAS has teamed up with Connect Our Kids bringing free innovative technology to Ohio’s child welfare workers. NOAS offers in-person or virtual training to connect our kids, including access to innovative people search and family connections tools. We will provide answers and assistance when using the Connect Our Kids tools. Additional hands-on training and one-on-one coaching are also available. For more information, contact Simone Gant at 330-980-4940 or by email at sgant@noas.com.

January is national mentoring month. The focus this month is on how we can all work together to increase the number of mentors to make sure young people in our communities have dependable people to look up to and follow in their footsteps. One of the goals of National Mentoring Month is to celebrate mentoring and the positive effect it can have on young lives.

NOAS recognized the importance of mentors, especially in the life of foster youth, and developed the IGNITE Mentor Program. The program matches both current foster youth ages 12-17 and former foster youth aged 18-21 with a healthy adult connection in their community.

We are currently seeking individuals to mentor our foster youth. If you have 6 hours a month to spare for a child in need, please contact Kaitlin Irgang at 330-980-4505 or email kirgang@noas.com.


Any families that are newly licensed for foster care after January 1, 2023 will need to take Resource Readiness training after licensure. 

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Our NOAS team participated in the Youngstown tree lighting and parade to share our “Recipe for Fostering.” We wanted to let people in attendance know of the urgent need for foster parents in northeast Ohio and how they can help. NOAS recognizes the importance of promoting the meaningful work we do for foster children.  


NOAS provides services available through Bridges, a post-emancipation support program in Ohio that extends housing and other supportive services to eligible former foster youth. These young adults are eligible to apply and participate at the age of 18, until they reach the age of 21. An audit was recently conducted by our regional coordinator and our Bridges program received a great score! Congratulations to our Bridges staff and thank you for your hard work and dedication.



Did you know that heart disease and stroke are still the leading causes of death for both U.S. men and women? It is estimated that someone has a heart attack in the U.S. every 43 seconds. Strokes strikes an American once every 40 seconds and can have catastrophic consequences for a person’s ability to function. 

There are a few factors that impact the body when it comes to the risk of heart attacks and strokes. Obesity is a huge health concern in the U.S., and it affects more people each year. A public health issue that has been receiving more attention lately is the impact of stress on mental, physical and emotional health. The good news is that preventive care can go a long way in helping people who might be at risk of developing these issues. 

To help prevent heart disease and strokes, doctors recommend routine physical activity, a diet full of fresh produce and limited alcohol consumption. In addition, make routine wellness appointments with your physician. For more information on heart attack, stroke and other health initiatives, visit nih.gov.


Meet Cheyenne and Angelique are bonded sisters who want a family to love them as they are and meet them where they’re at in life.

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Our Wendy’s Wonderful Kids recruiters matched a total of 7 kids in the month of December. This is really exciting for staff and our kids as it is proof that we can find the right family for these kids. Our recruiters are dedicated to finding forever families for children in foster care who are often overlooked. They work with smaller caseloads to ensure that every child receives the support they deserve. Well done WWK team!

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