Friday, October 30 , 2020
Roy Charles Brooks
Rodney Ellis
Dr. Helen Holton
Executive Director

Election Day is upon us. These children are the seeds we are charged to equip, prepare, and lead into a future we will not see. Just as we stand on the shoulders of those who have gone on to glory ahead of us it is our responsibility to love, nurture, and do all that we can to pave a brighter path forward for them. When we think about Harriet Tubman, Nat Turner, Martin Luther King, Jr., Fannie Lou Hamer, Elijah Cummings, and John Lewis, to name a few of the freedom fighters and foot soldiers who gave their all that we might live the lives we do today it makes the fight worthwhile.

As we approach Tuesday, November 3rd, it is incumbent upon each of us that we do all we can to save the soul of our democracy. Voting is a right we’ve fought hard for, a right we must not take for granted. Whether you’ve voted early or plan to vote on Election Day, what matters most is that you vote. Encourage everyone you know to exercise their right to vote. In the words of the late John Lewis, “It’s time for us to get into good trouble.” Vote like your life depends on it because it does.

As always we remain yours in service, 
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Voter Suppression is Real

We are four days out to Election Day and we continue to see various forms of voter suppression surface. For example, in Texas there was a mandate for ONLY one drop box for mail-in ballots allowed per county. This mandate was legally challenged and overturned by the court to allow multiple drop boxes in counties. This may have worked for smaller suburban or rural counties but when you look at a county like Harris County with a population of close to 5 million people, measures like the one drop box mandate is egregious. There was a similar order issued in Ohio. Thankfully, that order mandated by Ohio Secretary of State Frank LaRose was blocked by U.S. District Judge Dan Polster. Another example of active voter suppression that would have severely impacted many disenfranchised voting citizens.

In Florida, Governor DeSantis, earlier announced the need for ballot drop boxes to be staffed with guards. Imagine voter reaction, especially minority voters often adversely impacted by law enforcement, approaching the ballot drop box to see security guards or law enforcement in position as they approached to cast their vote. Florida’s law doesn’t provide clear interpretation on the issue, however, when Florida’s General Counsel, Brad McVay interpreted state law, he felt it meant that election drop boxes had to be guarded by election officials or law enforcement. People who are comfortable with drop boxes being manned by guards won’t have an issue, it’s the people who do have an issue and opt not to vote that experience voter suppression by such actions.

Another tactic of voter suppression that may not seem obvious, are the long lines people are enduring to cast their vote. In a global pandemic where America is faring worse than most other nations, the ridiculousness of not creating safer conditions for citizens to participate in the electing the leadership of our nation is voter suppression. How many working people can really take 10 or 11 hours to stand in outrageously long lines to exercise their right to vote.

As we approach the final days to Election Day, we cannot allow people to push us NOT to vote. By almost, any means we must press our way to vote. This year’s election is a mandate we cannot ignore. Take measures to vote and encourage others to do the same. Ask someone to stand in line for you if you don’t have the stamina. Bring snacks and water to help sustain you while waiting to vote. Have a fold up lawn chair. There are many tactics out here to directly and indirectly to get you not to vote. We must not allow anyone or any tactic to suppress our vote!

Technology in the New Classroom: Supporting the Whole Child

The COVID-19 pandemic uprooted the entire education system. Students and teachers are now starting to return to school, and whether the setting is a physical classroom, virtual, or hybrid model, the new school year is a big adjustment. Education in a pandemic has highlighted, along with the importance of internet connectivity and computing devices, issues of relevant curriculum, varying pedagogical approaches, and wellness concerns for both teachers and students.

The global pandemic has widened the already too wide gap in education for children of color. To address this reality a few of us put our heads together and last month launched the NOBCO Academy as a bridge to support our children from slipping further behind academically. Sunrise McMillan Elementary School in Fort Worth, TX is where we are piloting the Academy with afterschool Math and Language Arts tutoring. We’re beginning to see improvement in student performance already. Our goal is to see the NOBCO Academy supporting many more students in counties across the country.

Earlier this month US Tech Future hosted a discussion on these issues and possible solutions that families and educators can use in navigating the new classroom. We’re sharing the replay of the discussion featuring:

·  Steven Shaw, Community Engagement Director, Verizon
·   Alex Servello, Manager of Corporate Social Responsibility, Verizon
·   Carla Adkison-Johnson, Ph.D., LPC, Interim Dept. Chair & Professor, Western Michigan University
·   Gwendolyn B. Lee, PhD, School Achievement Coach, New leaders for New Schools
Thanks to Verizon and Comcast NBC Universal, two of their corporate sponsors, hosted “The Plug: Evolution of Next,” virtual summit.

We heard from leaders of the next generation focused on pushing the black community forward and are encouraged. Included below are some of the highlights from the summit.

Kelley O. Cambry, co-founder and CEO of Blues Studios, talked about different ways to keep kids engaged during these unprecedented times. Blue Studios is a STEM company that offers a wide array of online classes. There are coding and microbiology classes, and coming soon is a class on illustration. With a monthly subscription you can have access to these classes on your own schedule. They even offer STEM kits for DIY projects, so you don’t have to travel to a lot of stores to get what you need to participate; hopefully you’ll have many of the items already at home.

Another great speaker was, Sheena Allen, the founder and CEO of CapWay, an online bank. The difference between this bank and others, is that in addition to a place to put your money, you can learn how to be more financially literate. From teaching you the difference between a debit and credit card to learning about assets and wealth creation. You can even set money goals for yourself and send and request money between other users.

We also heard from Justin Dawkins, the CEO and Principal of Influx Digital, his session focused on giving capital to underrepresented entrepreneurs. Dawkins’ work really focuses on creating and maintaining black wealth. His company looks at founders and the aspects of their company and determines if collaboration with them is sustainable for the ecosystem. They look at the mission statement, sustainability of the company, and how to position the founder to stand out and be impactful.

These are just a few of the highlights from the summit. We gained new information while we listened to many powerful speakers. We were inspired by a new generation of leaders on how to do better and be better. We look forward to seeing more from this group of “nextgen” leaders.
NOBCO Moving Forward in a Virtual Reality

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic we find ourselves adjusting to a different reality. The transition moves us into a more technology-based workplace. Social media is becoming a more relevant and necessary platform for businesses, companies, and organizations to stay connected with their members, supporters, and friends. Interactions on social media help us to better serve you. You can interact with us on social media via Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and now YouTube and LinkedIn is coming soon. You can find us on Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter at NOBCO 1982 and on Instagram as nobco1982. 

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Creating Systemic Collaboratives to Improve Our Communities’ Future

Nov 30 — Dec 5, 2020
Orange County's Renee Price Earns NC County Commissioner of the Year
The North Carolina Association of County Commissioners recognized Orange County Vice Chair Renee Price as the state’s County Commissioner of the Year during their virtual annual conference.

Commissioner Price, was selected because of her unwavering efforts, performance and dynamic approach to serving the people of North Carolina. The Commissioner's innovative thinking creates extraordinary opportunities for the Citizens of North Carolina, and her tireless efforts makes great things happen, by leaving a far-reaching impact in improving the lives of the vulnerable people of North Carolina.