NOBLE Newsletter

Executive Update July 2016

Gregory A. Thomas
National President

Dwayne A. Crawford
Executive Director

A Message from the National President

Dear NOBLE Members,

The police involved shootings in Baton Rouge, LA and Falcon Heights, MN and the police ambush in Dallas, TX stripped the band-aid off of old racial wounds that have yet to heal and called our nation's conscience into question yet again. As I pointed out in a previous statement, " During these moments, we need to push forward and ensure that there are less incidents... and we have to "step up" collectively, (law enforcement and the community) to bridge this ever expanding gulf."

The opportunity for reform lies within both law enforcement and the community. On the law enforcement side, officers must conduct a 'gut check', asking themselves: Is this the right job for me? How do I address any inherent biases? Can I fully serve the community? Are my fellow officers fairly administering justice? What is the role of law enforcement guardian or warrior? 

Moreover, law enforcement executives must ensure that they are selecting and hiring the right people, administering penalty where needed and providing support, training, and guidance throughout an officer's entire career.

The community has a role to play here as well. Education is the first guard against potentially negative outcomes and NOBLE has been at the forefront of educating the community for some time. NOBLE's  The Law & Your Community program educates youth 13-18 on local, state, and federal laws, how to engagement with law enforcement during traffic stops and other encounters. Citizen engagement is also crucial. At NOBLE, are committed to law enforcement partnerships in the community and our local chapters actively and regularly encourage civic engagement through volunteerism and community service.

On Monday, President Obama, Vice President Biden and administration officials hosted law enforcement leaders from across the country at  the White House. We discussed best practices on reform, building trust between law enforcement and the community and recommendations of the 21st Century Policing Task Force. The administration is making a clear effort to address reform and build trust in the community and we, as an organization, must be at the forefront of these efforts.

In closing, as the NOBLE 40th Anniversary Conference nears, let us be mindful of our founding mission, the administration of equitable justice throughout every community in the country. With that in mind, I want to highlight some key events, among many others, that reflect NOBLE's goals on community police relations. 
  • Sunday, July 18th NOBLE will honor civil rights leader Jesse Jackson with a life time achievement award  during the Civil Rights Brunch. 
  • Monday, July 19th Attorney General Loretta Lynch will present the NOBLE Eric H. Holder, Jr. Award for Leadership in Law Enforcement to former Attorney General Eric H. Holder, Jr.
  • Tuesday, July 19th NOBLE will now host a town hall moderated by legal analyst and Huffington Post contributor John Burns to further discuss the issues that have occurred in recent days. 
  • Tuesday, July 19th NOBLE's 15th Annual Youth Conference where Hip-Hop entrepreneur and social activist Russell Simmons address our youth. 
  • Wednesday, July 20th NOBLE will lead a memorial march and service at Howard University to honor the fallen officers and to show its continued commitment to serving the community. 
Join us in Washington,D.C. July 16-20, 2016 at the Marriott Wardman Park Hotel as we celebrate 40 years of dedication and service to the community and lay the groundwork for the future.


Gregory A. Thomas
NOBLE National President 
NOBLE Local Chapters and the Community

2nd Annual Scholarship winners Gianna Kittle and Phillip Alexander, NOBLE Connecticut Chapter President Regina Rush-Kittle, Chiefs Martin and Riddick, Retired Chief Maria McBride, Daryl Roberts, LT Mike Epps, Retired Deputy Chief John Geters, and Scholarship Chairperson Yvette Strong members.

3rd Annual Bike Rodeo, held by Waterbury, CT PAL Club, under the direction of Waterbury Police Chief Vernon Reddick, LT Epps, and volunteers NOBLE Connecticut Chapter President Regina Rush-Kittle, members Chief Henry Martin, Retired Chief Maria McBride, Yvette Strong, and PAL youth members.

Honoring Pop Reddrick NOBLE Members: Mom Reddick, Past NOBLE National Past President, Dr. Oliver Thompson, BART and Past Southern California Chapter President Chief Kenton Rainey, NOBLE Member Kenneth Banner, Retired Chief of Police Chapman College and Past Southern California Chapter President, Retired Pasadena Lieutenant and Past Region 6 Vice President Rodney Wallace

NOBLE Member Chief Antonio Brooklen of Miami Gardens PD supporting a lemonade stand in his city.

2016 National Council Negro Women - Miami Installation ceremony: Sandra K. Gipson, NCNW President with NOBLE South Florida Chapter members.

The ABC's of Parliamentary Procedure
By Charles Fonseca

This is the third of the four (4) articles! The twenty-six letters, words and meanings, of  the Parliamentary Procedure Domain follows:

J is for
Justice--To carry out responsibilities with fairness and honesty
K is for  
Kindliness-- The quality or state of being benevolent
L is for  
Lay on the Table--To set main motion aside temporarily
M is for  
Main Motion-- To introduce business before the assembly
Making a motion-- The formal act of making a proposal for consideration
Majority vote-- More than half of the votes cast
Meeting-- A single official gathering
N is for
New Business-- New items may be brought up by a member making a motion
O is for
Orders of the Day-- A call by a member to return to the business in order
P is for   
Parliamentarian-- A consultant, who advises the officers, committee and members on parliamentary matters
Point of Order-- To call for the enforcement of rules
Postpone Definitely-- To postpone to a certain time
Postpone Indefinitely--To dispose of the question without a vote
Previous Question-- To close debate (You must vote to close debate)
Pro tem-- Acting temporarily as an officer

*** To be continued***