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September 2015

Gregory A. Thomas
National President

On July 15, 2015, in Indianapolis, IN, Gregory A. Thomas was sworn in as the 38th president of NOBLE.

President Thomas serves as the Senior Executive for Law Enforcement Operations in the Office of the Kings County (Brooklyn, N.Y.) District Attorney.


Dwayne A. Crawford  
Executive Director
NOBLE National President
Post 9/11 Congressional Hearing
On Tuesday, September 8, 2015, NOBLE National President, Gregory A. Thomas, participated in a congressional terrorism-related field hearing in Lower Manhattan, NY. The purpose of the hearing was to re-examine lessons learned in the post 9/11 world and the readiness to confront terrorist activities in the future.
Please see listed below a copy of President Thomas' testimony and C-SPAN video.

 National Chaplain's Corner
Rev. Dr. Barbara Y. Williams-Harris
Greetings to all of my NOBLE Family! In each newsletter, you will find a Spiritual Vitamin for the day which we hope and pray will encourage and inspire you to continue in the awesome work of NOBLE. The Chaplaincy of NOBLE is available to you, for you and about you. I look forward to meeting and sharing with you as your new National Chaplain. 

Spiritual Vitamin A
A - Always remember you make the difference
A - Acknowledge yourself when no one else will
A - Accept the fact that you facilitate positive change
A - Allow time for yourself and family
A - Aspire to see the realization of your dreams
Always Acknowledge, Accept, Allow and Aspire

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In  Memoriam

Retired Sergeant Carlton Irish died September 8, 2015. He was a member of the NOBLE New York Chapter.
George Sams
Former High Ranking Chicago Cop Dies at 87
Law Enforcement Officers Lost in the Line of Duty in September 2015
  • Fox Lake, Illinois, Police Lt. Joe Gliniewicz was killed on the morning of September 1 in Fox Lake, Illinois.
  • Deputy Sheriff Dwight Maness dies as a result of injuries sustained 11 months earlier after being shot multiple times.

Chief Edward Gilmore

Calumet City, Illinois Police Department

Nominated to be the US Marshal

Northern District of Illinois 


Captain Dabney-Donovan Promoted

Hallandale Police Department


Adopt-a-Bill Program helps us to focus on larger obligations.

As members of NOBLE you all unselfishly give of your time and experience, but another way you can practice generosity and support for NOBLE is to Adopt-a-Bill.  NOBLE is the only minority law enforcement organization with its own building; and this achievement is one that we are all proud of.  Along with ownership come recurring expenses; mortgage, insurance, utilities and communication services and one-time expenses that are necessary for the success of our mission.   You could help by participating in our Adopt-a-NOBLE Bill program where you could contribute towards the power bill or supplies. You could pay all or a portion of a larger bill or tackle a smaller one.      


You will receive a personal note of appreciation from the executive director and your receipt will assure that your contribution will go specifically to the bill that you indicate.  Your generosity will also be acknowledged in the NOBLE Executive Update and at our national conference as an example of demonstrated member responsibility.          


Remember to check with your tax consultant as your donation may be tax deductible.