Alexandria, VA. - March 5, 2021 - NOBLE's Reimagining Public Safety Task Force has published a roadmap for communities and their law enforcement agencies to reimagine public safety and make strategic funding decisions.
We are approaching the one year anniversary of the tragic death of George Floyd in Minneapolis, Minnesota, which shocked the conscience of the American people and revealed the harsh reality of police encounters, especially in communities of color. For many Black Americans, Mr. Floyd's death reaffirmed generations of police violence. For others, the incident challenged existing perspectives about police, race, and equality. Unfortunately, tragedies such as the Floyd case are not new or unique. Yet, this particular incident had a unique impact that sparked overdue discussions on race, police, and public safety.
NOBLE National President Lynda R. Williams launched the Reimagining Public Safety Task Force to provide a voice for law enforcement and a reimagined vision of the role, presence and responsibilities of police in America.
In addition to the Task Force and the Report, NOBLE is committed to working with local communities in support of their reimagination efforts. NOBLE recognizes and strongly believes this process must be local and community led. It is our hope that the roadmap developed by the Task Force will help cities to guide and encourage law enforcement leaders as we fight for justice and fair judicial outcomes for all citizens in every community in America.

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