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The State of Church Security 2014

New training initiatives for Gatekeepers in 2014


Our "Gatekeeper Program™" has been a tremendous success this last year. We are approaching two hundred certified and licensed security officers in dozens of churches across Texas. With that tremendous success comes a tremendous responsibility for each officer, church and the Gatekeeper family of companies.


We have learned lessons through this success of what it means to be a "Gatekeeper". These lessons of the huge consequences of what a miss-step in judgment might mean to both the officer and the church.  As we continue to grow in Texas and launch the program in other states this year we want to solidify some very important skills.


Over the past twelve years we have developed and deployed the "Three Strands of Church Security™"  methodology of (1) Policies and Procedures, (2) Team Players and (3) Systems and Tools. All of these are an integral part of the whole "Cord" of Church Security. However, the issue of lethal (deadly) force has the greatest of consequences on all parties involved; the Church, the Officer, the Agency (Gatekeepers Security Services) and the Bad Guy. 


I have been criticized by some for my continual focus on deadly force and the development of those skills necessary to be proficient in deploying same. I accept and embrace that role and responsibility. I will leave it to others to continue to progress in the other very important disciplines that round out the weaving of the three cords.


I believe that if all else fails, someone has to stop the killing. This is not a mission to be taken lightly. Not preparing oneself for what may be the eventuality will have devastating consequences when it happens. Balling up in a fetal position waiting for the Police SWAT team while your children are being slaughtered is not an option that I would embrace on any planet. Being afraid that I might get shot by the responding police is a chance I would take any day. Running toward the sound of the gun fire is my only option.


Some have said we should not train non-law enforcement/military individuals to be the "Gatekeeper" of our churches. While I believe that a Navy SEAL in every church might be optimal, there just aren't enough of them to go around. In our studies of the average size church in which a deadly force incident occurs we see a staff size of under four. These are not mega-churches, they are the average small town church. Most counties don't have enough officers (Sheriff and Deputies) to go around, even if the churches felt they could afford the cost of hiring off-duty officers to ride herd over the flock.


To that effect we continue our quest to be the best we can be and to develop methodologies that enhance our chances of success in stopping whatever deadly force incidents Satan throws our way.


In his book "Training at the Speed of Life™", Kenneth R. Murray describes the "Training Triangle" as a three-legged stool. His theory goes as follows;


Leg One - Skill Level


"I believe it is important to begin to find ways to move away from the archaic qualifications paradigm toward a competency-based demonstration of proficiency. O. Frank Repass, former Rangemaster from Orlando PD in Florida, and vice president of the International Association of Law Enforcement Firearms Instructors, (IALEFI) has developed a series of skill building drills and qualification exercises that are geared toward job specific requirements.  Building on Bill Roger's action time shooting principles, Repass has developed a One Hit Qualification program for law enforcement agencies.  Many who hear about such a program balk at the thought, believing that it is impossible to qualify someone with a single shot.


Let's consider what exactly we are attempting to demonstrate through contemporary qualification programs....we seek to demonstrate proficiency.  To demonstrate proficiency with a firearm, the shooter must prove that they can line up their weapon with a target and deliver accurate fire within a prescribed amount of time from a certain distance.  Repass has extensive research and experience demonstrating that if you can hit a five inches by ten inches target that is hanging at a bladed angle, from a "ready gun" position at five yards in less than1.5 seconds, you have mastered the use of your handgun to the level necessary for delivering swift and accurate fire under realistic conditions.  After you have "qualified", the rest of the time spent as the range can be dedicated to learning how to fight with your pistol." Kenneth R. Murray - "Training at the Speed of Life™"


Leg Two - Stress Inoculation


In 429 B. C., Brasidas of Sparta said: "Fear makes men forget, and skill which cannot fight is useless."


"Brasidas didn't need a scientist to describe the neurological processes underlying this truth.  He just knew that sometimes it didn't seem to matter how well-trained someone was if he was really scared.  This highlights the necessity to not only train people sufficiently in the correct skills, but also to inoculate them against the fear response by conditioning them to the event.  Reality Based Training goes a long way toward achieving this goal - mere words or academic instruction does not.  Words and great stories might inspire, but inspiration can be fleeing when faced with the possibility to being seriously injured or killed." Kenneth R. Murray - "Training at the Speed of Life™"


Leg Three - Killing Enabling Factors


"Dying is what we do if we must, and if we must, we do it well?  And killing is what we do if we must, and if we must, we do it well?  But it's not about dying and killing.  It's about doing a dirty, nasty job everyday of your life to the utmost of your ability, because you know if nobody did it, our civilization would no longer exist.  We are not all called to die.  And we are not called to kill.  But we are all called to serve our civilization in this dark hour." Lt. Col. Dave Grossman - Bulletproof Mind Lectures


Future Gatekeeper Firearms training:


In this new year we will be deploying a new standard of handgun proficiency qualifications for all Gatekeepers which will go well beyond the state requirement which they all have met. This new qualification standard is being developed based on current law enforcement standards at the local, state and federal levels. Quarterly qualifications will be implemented on an honorary basis and yearly proctored (supervised) qualifications will be mandatory.


Active Shooter training / Force on Force training:


We are also developing new "Force on Force" training which will simulate active shooter scenarios modeled around actual law enforcement SWAT tactics. These exercises will be using simulated firearms (RAP4) in your actual church buildings to get the maximum benefit for both stress inoculation and tactical maneuvering.




In conclusion we look forward to a great year of making tremendous advances in the skills of our Gatekeepers and the safety of our churches.  The year of 2014 will be one of enlarging our tents by expanding the "Gatekeeper Program™" into Colorado, Virginia and Oklahoma first, followed quickly by other states where churches have shown interest (TN, AL, WA, KY and others).


God Bless you all in this New Year!


God Bless and Highest Regards,

Chuck Chadwick


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