It is that time of year again. We are pleased to announce that our 10th Annual National Church Security Conference will be held in beautiful Colorado Springs, Colorado this year on August 8th - 9th, 2014 at New Life Church. It is hard for me to believe that we have been helping to protect our church families by providing the very best in church security education for the tenth year straight. We have an "All Star" lineup of speakers presenting this year.


Special sessions this year will include former United State Secret Service agent and Church Security Director Brian Gallagher of who will be speaking on Pastoral Protection. Talk about nothing but the BEST!


Another "BEST" with New Life Church's Security Director,

Jeff Kowell's demonstration of team security drills and exercises.


Carl Chinn will also be presenting a special session on the newly announced "Gatekeeper Program" being deployed in Colorado and other western states.  Carl will also be speaking about the New Life Church shooting of 2007.


Seating will be limited so you need to make your reservations without delay as we anticipate to sell out very quickly.


We hope to see you then.


Highest Regards and God Bless,


Chuck Chadwick 
  • VIRGINIA - April 25th and 26th - Carl Chinn will be speaking. Visit our Gatekeepers booth for more information about us.  Go to for speaker details.
Our Virginia licensing is official and we look forward to bringing Gatekeepers Security Services to churches in the next few months.
  • TEXAS - May 15th - Lawyers, Guns and Money Seminar - Compass Church, Colleyville, TX - FREE one day seminar with our friends from The Church Law Group and PSK Accounting at Compass Church with Keynote Speaker, Todd Lane.  We will post more information to register online.
  • MISSISSIPPI - May 17th - Carl Chinn will be speaking in Louisville, MS. Visit our Gatekeepers booth for more information about us.
  • TEXAS - May 24th - San Antonio - 1st Annual - NOCSSM Three Strands of Church Security - One Day Conference, at Omega Church,  with Chuck Chadwick and Carl Chinn, Registration is open online
  • TEXAS - August 8th and 9th will be our 10th ANNUAL NATIONAL CHURCH SECURITY CONFERENCE at New Life Church in Colorado Springs along with our new Western Regional Director Carl Chinn. Again, we will post more details for registration. 
  • KANSAS - Sept 12th -13th - Carl Chinn will be speaking in
    Wichita, KS. Visit our Gatekeepers booth for more information about us.
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Two men in the Chicago, Illinois area were arrested last week following their fraudulent scheme against a church. We'll call them "Crook 1" and Crook 2" (C1 and C2 -- I've grown weary of making criminal's names known). Here is how it went down;


In August of 2012, C1 assisted the True Light Missionary Baptist Church in an effort to get a SB

A loan for repairs to the church.  


By the time the SBA loan went through, C1 had been joined by C2 who had accompanied C1 on SBA meetings as a fellow "Officer of the church" (neither of them were officers of the church). C1 and C2 also opened a new "church account" in their own name. When the funds were released to C1 and C2, the men just cashed them (through their new bank account) for themselves.


That was $20,300 in cash skimmed from the church. It wasn't until the pastor called the SBA to check on the status of the loan that the fraud was discovered (the SBA informed him that the funds had already been approved and released).


In Gray Tennessee last Friday, another scoundrel (we'll call him C3) was arrested for stealing over $10,000 from a church. C3 was actually the church treasurer.


It seems C3 had at least 3 gigs going;


1.   The counted offering amounts were different than the deposit amounts (once somebody began comparing them).


2.   C3 had written himself checks from the church checking account.


3.   C3 had also issued himself a debit card on the church's bank account,


Think About it:

  • In 2000, the
    21st century started off with an extensive ponzi Scheme that recruited well-known Evangelical leaders who in turn (because they were truly convinced) helped the schemers draw in a multitude of believers. That ponzi scheme affected many of our
    national well-known church leaders. Good, solid, smart and effective leaders were caught up in it -- some losing their careers over it. That will be an entire TAI article itself some day.
  • Like other crimes -- fraud, scandal and deception can hit from the inside out, the outside in, or a convoluted mix
    somewhere in the middle.
  • The sign over the door that invites crime reads;


"It Won't Happen Here"