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An update from Chuck Chadwick.....Merry Christmas to all,


As the Christmas season is upon us and 2013 draws to a close we want to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and remind us all that Jesus is the Reason for the Season. I know this sounds very quaint, but with all the Santa Clause hype we are pounded with sometimes it is hard to focus on the real reason for our celebration of Christmas.


We want to thank the thousands of people who appreciate and encourage us in our mission of keeping our churches secure. Most of all we want to thank all our Gatekeepers that actually do the selfless work of "Gatekeeping". We are so grateful to those men and women that keep up the vigil of standing in the gap and would give the ultimate sacrifice to protect our innocents here in our homeland.


We especially want to thank our men and women of our armed forces, both domestic and abroad (law enforcement and military). Without you we would not be able to have the freedom to worship our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.


As 2013 draws to a close I would like to give you an update on the status of our mission to secure our places of worship.


NOCSSM, Inc™This year's national conference was a great success. The organization is growing stronger with hundreds of new member churches across America. We are working on posting the videos from our 2013 Called2Duty National Conference sessions to our web training resources for all members to access to further their church security training.


Gatekeepers Security Services, LLC™ - 


Texas - Our "Gatekeepers Program™"  has been a tremendous success in Texas placing hundreds of certified armed Gatekeepers to stand as the last resort against violence in our churches.


Virginia - We have applied for security licensing in Virginia and will hopefully be rolling out the "Gatekeepers Program™"
to churches in Virginia before the end of the year. 


Colorado - We are researching the security regulations in Colorado and hope to announce a "Gatekeepers Program™" 
that can be deployed in the first quarter of 2014.


Other states on our radar are California, Arkansas, Alabama, Georgia, Florida, Tennessee, Kentucky, South Carolina, Ohio, Florida, Washington State, Pennsylvania, Michigan, New Jersey, Kansas, Indiana, New Mexico, Arizona, Illinois and Delaware. 


Christian Security Institute™ - We are currently working on a national initiative that would bring consistency to church security team training. 


We are looking forward to deploying the "Gatekeepers Program™" model of training throughout the nation with high standards that will minimize the liability that churches face from their "Security Teams".  Special attention is being paid to each state's laws regarding armed security and insurance requirements.    


God Bless and Highest Regards,

Chuck Chadwick

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NOCSSM has complied an extensive collection of resource materials that can save you hours of work and show how other churches are addressing church security and safety issues.  Online Access to conference videos.


These resources are a "Tool Box" of Security/Safety oriented policies, processes, databases, articles procedures, templates, opinions, articles and case studies. 


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In This Issue
by Carl Chinn...

"Thanks for Nothing"


This week's TAI is from Internetmonk -- "Of Swords and Plowshares" . The author of that piece (Jeff Dunn) knows I do not agree with him.  If you go to his website be respectful, and do not be offended of the picture of Barney Fife depicting you and I.


Think about those in your church leadership, staff and congregants who may not want security in a church - much less guns. Even if your church has the endorsement of leadership, there are some detractors.


Many simply will not appreciate what you do unless they happen to truly need you (law enforcement lives with that reality all the time).


Guns in church are a particularly sensitive subject. I submit to you this writing which is critical of guns in church (and even has an undertone of not liking security there at all). In our world we have to be thick-skinned, so we read this as an education tool about how many feel about us.


Reprinted with permission from Jeff Dunn ( )


19 Nov. (2013). Of Swords and Plowshares by Jeff Dunn


I am old. Not so much old-fashioned as just old. So when I say I am seeing things now I didn't see growing up, there is a lot of water that has passed under the bridge of time. I'm not talking about the horseless carriage (I'm not that old), nor even the cell phone (but I do remember the bag phone).


I'm talking about churches using armed guards during worship services.


In the church I attended until recently, an off-duty police officer is hired to be present for both Sunday morning services. He wears a shirt proclaiming him a police officer, and his gun is clearly on display. He even passes the plate when ushers are in short supply.


I know a man who is the full-time bodyguard and security officer at a small mega-church here in town. He has his revolver concealed under his suit coat, and has an earpiece allowing him to listen to others who are watching video monitors and communicating any potential threats to the pastor. He walks the pastor to and from the stage area, making sure no one gets too close.


Then there is the largest church in my town. They employ a small army of uniformed police officers both inside and outside of the church building. They are unsmiling reminders not to make any sudden moves or, heaven forbid, attempt to take a child under the age of two into the sanctuary. (Really-you're not allowed to do that.) And as this preacher does not ever mix with the congregation, there are plainclothes security personnel to keep you on your side and God's anointed ones on their side.


I cannot ever recall seeing armed guards in a church service until after the turn of the millennium. There probably were some in some churches before then, but now it seems it has become a status symbol. You know, "My church has more guns than your church." Who wants to attend a church where there are no badges on display?


Yes, I know that there have been a few instances of people being shot while in a church service. But if you take all of the services conducted in our nation every Sunday, and multiply that times 52 weeks in a year, I think you have a better chance of being selected for the first mission to Mars than you do encountering a gunman in church this or any year. It would be a different case if you went to church in Egypt or Nigeria, but across our land, I am not sure I see the need for the sword in a worship service.


I wrote on Sunday about becoming vulnerable. What kind of message do we send when we have guards to put up the facade of all things being under control, of everything being safe? Is that what God calls the church to be?


I am going to let you flesh this out. What are your thoughts on armed guards in church services? A necessary evil in the world we live in today? Or is it an attempt to control what we need to leave in God's hands?


Think About it:

  • Do not disrespect those who disagree with what you do and how you do it - learn from them.
  • Steven Covey (Author of, "7 Habits of Highly Effective People") listed one of those habits as 'Seek first to understand, then to be understood". We are in the business of understanding. If you follow any kind of a"use of force continuum" (I prefer to call it a "response continuum") every step in that process comes with-understanding the agitator and the scene. We need to also understand those we are protecting.
  • Enjoy your work with true and pure joy. Smile.
  • Do your job well and truly hope that these people who do not like what you do can be right in the end and say, "I told you so -- thanks for nothing". What a great compliment for the end of our watch.
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