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Chuck Chadwick, President


After working through the Oklahoma state laws and security licensing we have come to the conclusion that armed church security teams must be licensed as armed guards in Oklahoma.


Regulatory Reference: Oklahoma Law - In Oklahoma the regulating authority is the Council on Law Enforcement Education and Training (CLEET).  Oklahoma law prohibits the carrying of a handgun in church as a part of a security team without Private Security licensing.


Oklahoma's version of concealed carry law, the Private Defense Act (SDA), does not allow the licensee to operate as a security guard or armed security guard.


From the CLEET web site:  


390:35-9-3. Failure to obtain license

Except as provided by law, no person, or in the case of an agency license refers to any corporation, company, association, operation, firm, partnership, institution, trust, or other form of business association, as well as a natural person, whether or not a resident of the State of Oklahoma, may be employed or operate as a security guard, private investigator, armed security guard, security agency or investigative agency until a license has been issued by the Council On Law Enforcement Education and Training.
THE SOLUTION State Security Licensing

Oklahoma state security regulations provide several levels of licensing of security officers: 


1.  Unarmed Security Guard.  Must complete 

Phase 1 - Basic training-20 hours 

Phase 2 - Security Guard Training-20 hours

2.  Armed Security Guard   - Must Complete

Phase 4 - Firearms-32 hours


Gatekeepers Security Services, LLC - Oklahoma License # 10SGA3833  (Gatekeepers) is a Oklahoma state licensed Security Company that provides security personnel to churches in a unique way.  As a part of our continued commitment to help provide security resources to churches, Gatekeepers has cleared a path for churches to   provide their own security with their own people.


Becoming a Gatekeeper - Upon acceptance into the program Gatekeepers will help the church train their candidates through local state licensed schools then carry their licenses to provide security services to their church.

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Highest Regards and God Bless,


Chuck Chadwick 


Lighthouse Investigations


The Trusted Name in Background Screenings


Welcome our new Resident Manager of Gatekeepers Security Services LLC in Oklahoma.  Frank and Kathy Gaynor have decades of experience in private investigations and background checks.  They will be introducing the "Gatekeepers Program™" to local churches/organizations.  Go to our website for more information.  


Lighthouse Investigations Lighthouse Investigations is a full service private investigations agency.  Lighthouse excels in providing in-depth expertise in all investigative areas.  We have "online" data based information systems to expedite information retrievals, background screenings, locating people, and assets. We take great pride in keeping our investigations strictly confidential and secure, keeping our clients updated throughout its course. You need investigators who are experienced, dependable, trustworthy, and efficient.  Investigations can be complicated and even dangerous. Trust seasoned professionals when you want the job done right. 


Their background screenings include the following: Social Security Verification; Nationwide Criminal Search; Nationwide Sex Offender Search; and Homeland Security Terrorist Watch List. Always run a nationwide criminal search, because people who have resided in only one state can still leave their home state to commit crimes in other states. We can assist you with all aspects of background screenings from the criminal check to in depth interviews, credit report and more.

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Contact - Frank Gaynor | 
Lighthouse Investigations |  Norman, Oklahoma  |  (405) 329-9990

 Also available in Colorado and Oklahoma with

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Gatekeepers Security Services is nationally known as the security experts with unparalleled experience and commitment to their customers' and security.  With decades of experience protecting the world's most valuable treasures, Gatekeepers provides a host of private security offerings.   The roots of Gatekeepers were formed by protecting some of the largest churches in America. 


Ten Things - Item 1


I recently offered the following ten things as subjects to be part of any church security program development process. I will take the first week of each month for a season to delve deeper into individual subjects. This week we will cover the first of the following ten;

  1. Confirm executive support
  2. Do some sort of base-line readiness evaluation
  3.  Start with what you have...where you are
  4.  Keep it simple
  5.  Keep it legal
  6.  Know your insurance agent and policies
  7.  Network with your community
  8. Train & drill
  9.  Develop policies & procedures
  10. It's jazz -- not an opus



I spoke yesterday (Saturday) where an event attendee told me afterwards that they protect their congregation without the pastor's knowledge. I am well aware that it continues to happen that way in many places all across America. This can be a very tough subject - and one that hits close to home for me.


The little country church of 200 +/- people where my 91-year-old mother attends in Kansas has a pastor at the helm who refuses to allow any time, money or effort be spent on the subject of security because his mentor (a man he maintains great appreciation of) discounted and even dismissed the subject of security. He is a good pastor for mom, and I hope he retires at a ripe old age someday and can tell me, "I told you so" having never encountered anything more than a distracting sneeze in a service.

But I also know a good law-enforcement officer who is faithful and ready in his congregation.


My wife and I put on about 50,000 total miles between our 2 vehicles per year. The last accident we had was in 1995. So one could say we didn't need those seatbelts in the last million miles. We've not even had a fender bender in that time - so the seatbelts were an unneeded expense and activity and the air bags a much less needed expense. What could we have done with all that money and effort?


If each one of those individual trips involved getting into and out of the car 2 times, I could estimate it took 10 seconds of my life for every one of those trips to buckle up. Over the 20 years of getting in and out, that adds up to a 40 hour workweek I have burned up entirely with no benefit in a useless activity over time.


We hope to go another 50 years without ever needing either seatbelts (for the smaller incidents) or air bags (for the big events), but we will continue to purchase vehicles equipped with them and we will use the seatbelts.


Think About it:

  • Pastors, Board Members and non-profit leaders; We are not asking that our ministry focus on security. We never show off the seatbelts in our car no matter how fast, shiny, new or rare the car is.
  • If you want to start a program in your church - get your elevator speech established in your mind. Go over it many times. Pray about it. Be ready for that short opportunity to mention this subject to your ministry leader.
  • If you've been operating "under the radar" get that short presentation ready as well. You need to have the discussion. You may choose an analogy different than the seat belt / air bag parable, but have one ready.
  • Make sure your leader knows the other 9 points of the big ten. Make sure they know you are going to keep it simple, legal and in step with your insurance. Be ready to put the list into your own language, but try as best you can to get that leadership endorsement.
  • A one-time statement in the form of a letter to the membership, statement on the website, or inclusion in the church operating policies is a good confirmation to ask for from your leader.
  • We focus on the 1% or less of folks who intend harm so our ministry can continue to operate without distraction.
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Carl Chinn, Western Regional Director for Gatekeepers Security Services, LLC in Colorado.


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