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We want to thank all the attendees of the 9th Annual NOCSSM Conference - Called2Duty 2013 at Covenant Church in Carrollton, Texas.  We had a stellar slate of speakers and the testimonials truly warm our hearts to know we are striking the cords of awareness and the need for trained church security officers in our churches and schools.  What a compliment to get a plug from Chuck Norris in his newsletter.  Click here to check it out

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October/November Regional
Security Training
What to expect.

Levels 2-4 security training begins on October 9th at CSI.  We will be scheduling our quarterly In-Service Training in November and Chuck will be bringing the ACTIVE SHOOTER topic.  If you are within 90 days of your Commission and PPO expiring, sign up for our November 9th Re-Qualify/Renewal class. View full schedule.

Think About Carl Chinn
Qualified or Called?
  • When Peter and John were hit up by the lame man in Acts, they didn't have to say, "we will go pray and consult then come back and let you know what God has to say". No - they said, "Look at us! Silver or gold I do not have, but what I do have I give you. In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, walk."[i] There are times when you know what is right to do, and you just do it. While I did pray and consult about it, I also made a decision based on confidence in my calling.
  • The most important thing I have ever taken on is a task shared with many of you. As a 19-year-old kid, I stood beside a 16-year-old girl in 1978 assuring God and the world that I would cherish and protect her as long as we lived. I was not qualified to make that statement, but I was sure called. When we began having children we were certainly not qualified. By God's good grace she is still beside me and we now enjoy 5 grown and married children, and 11 wonderful grandchildren. There is no greater joy than those times we are all together. To see our family truly enjoying each other is a testament that even when we are not qualified to start a journey, He is faithful to finish that journey with us.
  • We live in an age that says, "You must have a degree", or "you must have experience in...", or "you must first..." to do this or that. That's a good way to do it - but it's not the only way. There are multiple stories all through the scriptures, throughout history, and in current lives of God using people who were called before being qualified.
  • I agree with qualifications and credentials. Paul said, "study to show thyself approved"[ii]. However, I believe some are first called then have an obligation - a duty - to work diligently to become the best they can towards that calling. That is why I believe in training, but I never look down my career nose at someone new to our field who is called to be a sheepdog. No matter how much training you get, there is someone with more who is eager to throw you under the bus of disrespect since you don't have as much as they do.
  • You won't want to miss the 10/27 "Think About It" (incidentally - that will be the 100th TAI). I can divulge more information then. I will study the situation there every day in ways that will help all of you make your places safer, and to get American churches prepared for the scattered terrorism I truly believe is coming here.
  • Pray for the safety for those I am protecting. I wish I could divulge details, but that wouldn't be good OPSEC right now.
  • In the meantime, I say to all of you in your endeavors - Godspeed.
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Access to Members Resources - NOCSSM has complied an extensive collection of resource materials that can save you hours of work and show how other churches are addressing church security and safety issues.  Online Access to conference videos.


These resources are a "Tool Box" of Security/Safety oriented policies, processes, databases, articles procedures, templates, opinions, articles and case studies.

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Legal Defense Program
CHL and Private Security Officers

The Texas Law Shield Private Security Officer Legal Defense Program is a program by the legal services company, Texas Law Shield, LLP (organized pursuant to Texas Occupations Code Chapter 953). Under the program, if you are one of our Private Security Officer Legal Defense Program Members who has an on-duty "use of force," your lawyer will represent you in any administrative hearing, grand jury proceeding, or trial in Texas: criminal or civil.

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Systems & Tools

November 2nd 
Two Identical Sessions

Detailed "Best Practices" developed over almost a decade of "Real World" experience in some of the nation's largest church.

Includes an in-depth review of church systems and tools:Click here for more details and to register.


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King of Kings Worship Center
Three Strands - One Day Conference

WHERE: King of Kings Worship Center

WHEN: January 18, 2014

LOCATION: 219 Mt. Airy Road, Basking Ridge, NJ 07920

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